93 Trillion – LIVING WILL

Living Will Executed on 22-08-2022.

Living Will Executed on 22-08-2022 with Enclosures.

The Living Will expiry date is set to 31-12-2034, the end of the last year when the 20 year patent IP rights protection term ends.

The Living Will ensures that the percentage allocations of the wealth and the receiving parties remain the same despite a price reset to any higher price upon competent authority input.

Living Will Addendum for Year Ending 2022. Executed on 29-12-2022.

The Living Will executed on 22-08-2022 will be accompanied by a Living Will addendum which will be versioned with updates, yearly. This is a 12 year plan for wealth distribution to the end recipient parties, with 13 addendums published in all by end of year 2034. In the attached Addendum EOY 2022, you see that ‘Wealth receipts’ and ‘Wealth distribution’ are yet to start.

Living Will Addendum for Year Ending 2023. Executed on 29-12-2023.

I executed the following ‘Living Will Addendum for End of Year 2023’ on 29-12-2023. Waiting for the court orders, for the execution of sale agreements. The wealth receipts and wealth distribution according to the Living Will to conclude by end of year 2034, year 10 FE, Freedom by Earthling years.

Images of Living Will Executed on 22-08-2022.

Page 1 of Living Will executed on 22-08-2022
Page 2 of Living Will executed on 22-08-2022

Living Will executed on 12-11-2020. Earlier, past version.

Srinivas Devathi introduces his executed and legalized Living will.

Srinivas Devathi introduces LIVING WILL for 93 Trillion Earthlings wealth. The LIVING WILL has been executed, legalized and submitted to the court.

Srinivas Devathi introduces Goal Year 2050 for India and early plans for his Earthling Foundations.

Srinivas Devathi speaks of Goal Year 2050 for India and Earthling Foundations.

Mention of inheritance laws pertaining to Intellectual property such as Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright.

According to Indian laws and most of the world country laws; Intellectual property in my name CANNOT BE inherited upwards in the family tree, nor can be inherited by my siblings or their families. The inheritance of intellectual property can only be downwards in the family tree, such as spouse and children. I want to state that I do not have any legal heirs, as my divorce with Smt. Vindhya Yalmuri concluded in July 2012 with us not having any children. In effect, my deceased father, mother, sisters cannot inherit my intellectual property. Because of the divorce the same applies to the divorced ex-wife. Given this, I established the ‘LIVING WILL’ attached in this webpage.

90% wealth allocation for achieving Goal Year 2050. Here is a visual showing the wealth allocations by Srinivas S. Devathi for Goal Year 2050 according to his Living will in force.

90% wealth allocation for Goal Year 2050 for India.

Distribution of 93 Trillion wealth across India.

Image showing the distribution of 93 Trillion wealth across India.
Distribution of 13.95 Trillion across the states and UT’S of India in proportion to their population.

In summary, 90% of all wealth from the sale of US 8,910,998 patent, recognized worldwide by PCT/US2014/046619 (90% of 93 Trillion Earthlings / $) is pledged for making India a developed country by year 2050. I the inventor am taking only 10% of the wealth (10% of 93 Trillion) as my personal wealth.

Test-tube babies and possible illegal claimants:

During my stay in USA between 2007-2010 and again in 2014, USA captured all my information and detail to the last body cell or blood cell. They have all my finger prints, both palm prints, foot prints, have collected my urine, stool samples, my hair follicles, skin cells, scalp cells, blood, retinal scan, dental records; for DNA, they have my spit sample, mucous sample, tear drops. They have mapped my DNA, RNA and have all medical scans, images, x-rays of all organs in my body, head to toe.

A doctor will have to corroborate this fact. I believe at room temperature, sperm cells in semen die within seconds or maybe minutes after release. Semen left over in discarded condoms may not be useful to create ‘Test-tube babies’. This is my guess. Doctors will have to corroborate this.

I have tried hard to remember how many times I have discarded used condoms with my semen floating in it in the trash can, and immediately after left the house or motel? And what are the chances that someone entered my house or motel and picked up those condoms and froze the fluid to create test-tube babies? This has been difficult retrospective analysis. If semen discarded hours before (in room temperature) could be used to create test tube babies, I am 100% positive that I may have many test tube children in USA. As far as my biology knowledge goes, this seems not possible (at least after hours of exposure to room temperature), however a medical expert will have to answer this.

Legal implications if I have many test tube children who will come to claim wealth when they become 18 years old, along with their mothers:

My answer would be that they would not be my legal heirs (despite DNA match reports). Let me explain myself. The test tube kid’s mother has not physically slept with me, not had sexual intercourse with me and has not satisfied me physically. Nor does she have my approval to have my child. Given these facts, I do not consider such test-tube children as my legal heirs. My current active Living Will clearly states that I do not have any Legal heirs as of today and that is a factually correct statement, despite USA having created test-tube babies out of my stolen semen.

All of India integrated with the lawsuit, by the executed Living Will.

A strategy document as outlined for a UNITED INDIA. This unites Indian Government, Its Ministry of External Affairs, Indian UN Team, 1.32 Billion Indian citizens, 29 State Governments, Union Territories and Patriotic Indian media houses to build India’s treasury of 93 Trillion in Earthlings, by building consensus across 192 countries, on the proposed solution and transformative ecosystem as recommended by Inventor & Author Srinivas S. Devathi.

The expected 18 applications value broken into 62 sale agreements totaling to the full value of 93 Trillion Earthlings / $s. USA is expected to resolve the fraud outlined in the lawsuit, and complete the 22.5 Trillion sale agreement first. Following this, the other 61 sale agreements will be executed. The deals sorted by ‘Deal value’ are given in the image here.

List of 62 sale agreements.

Visit the webpage https://srinivasdevathi.com/details-of-36-sale-agreements-for-liability-claim-of-93-trillion/ for the full break down and details of the 62 sale agreements / 62 sale deals that will be the final resolution of USPTO fraud and breach of Patent Cooperation Treaty which has been signed by 153 countries. The webpage is in the dropdown list of CJI tab in the menu options at the top of the page.

Role and Profile of Srinivas Devathi for next 30 years.

Role of Srinivas Devathi for next 30 years.
Profile of Srinivas Devathi for next 30 years.


1 – My divorce with Smt. Vindhya Yalmuri concluded in July 2012. The two pages of Divorce Decree are attached here. We did not consummate (a mutual decision) and hence I have no legal heirs from that relationship. It must be noted that the invention did happen when we were married (Q1-2007) and some events post invention (in my marriage) were questionable. Unless, legal introspection (of some events I mention), is required into the married life following the invention, the divorce is well documented. Additionally, I would like to add that “PRIVACY INVASION IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW”.

1A – A sub point to my married life and divorce is a speculative encroachment of ‘Hollywood’, some people in California with the backing, support and finance of USA Corporations (HSBC Bank USA, Capgemini USA, Janssen Pharmaceuticals USA – The people include Ken Harvey, Heidi Pote, Chris Anetz, Bill Schreiner, Roy Stansbury, Mike Comprelli and Randy McDaniels) and involvement of several NRI’s working in these companies or related to or friends of Smt. Vindhya Yalmuri (understand that an NRI by nature and citizenship is an anti-India person or can even be termed as an anti-India terrorist). There is a possibility that Smt. Vindhya Yalmuri was bribed or forced to approve a ‘Contraception technique’ of having me shoot outside, which I went along happily with. And further this possibility could go into negatively framing me globally (or at UN), by USA. I am not aware of such attempts as no one has confronted me with such video footage. However, given the rampant lawlessness of USA, wherein minorities are used as porn trash, and that USA corporations, their executive teams, White House, USA Presidents, first families do rampant ‘Privacy invasion’ and peep into (mostly) minority family bedrooms and bathrooms; such a possibility does exist. It is one possible way of framing me negatively at United Nations (in front of 193 countries) to target my invention or IP rights. However, if such a possibility exists, I shall hold the right to provide my response (at United Nations to all 193 countries) to such ‘privacy invasive content’ shot in USA by Americans to steal my inventions. The motive is crystal clear to all World nations and all 9.5 Billion humans. It is possible that, to steal 93 Trillion wealth, such attempts (privacy invasion into bedroom, bathroom, drug the subjects and frame them) are very much possible given the greed of USA and UK.

2 – POA issued to my father by me and then spouse Smt. Vindhya Yalmuri, only for a specific ‘Commercial Property in Ramagondanahalli, Bangalore’ purchase transaction in year 2009 and to handle any bank related activity. As per my knowledge, my father did not exercise (or use) this POA document for executing any other legal paperwork on my behalf between the years 2010 until his untimely death on Jan 1, 2018. He was admitted to ICU about four times before he passed away. I am putting this POA in public domain, as any and all legal papers or instruments executed by him from 2010 without my knowledge are ‘null & void’ despite him being the ‘nominee’ on few of my other legal instruments such as SBI bank account and LIC policies. I additionally state that he has not left a Living Will of his, nor mentioned anything about it to me. I also state that any legal instrument executed by him, without his signature, however, with his fingerprints must be considered null & void. The four-page POA is attached here. This POA has expired with his death and is non-transferable & non-assignable to anyone else.

I only have three blood relatives, and they do not have any claim in my wealth that goes against my executed living will. Any property assignment to them, shall only be executed in a way of new and separate legal instrument. No one else in the World can get involved with me or my wealth legally. (BY LAW).


As the old saying goes, “Success has a lot of claimants”. “Failure has no claimants”. In my case, over the last decade (since the Vehicle Color Change Technology invention in Q1-2007), many people have attempted to become “Illegal claimants”, “Unlawful, unjust claimants”, “False claimants”, “Claimants by creating & fabricating lies, false stories, false audios, false videos, false audio-visuals, created videos post drugging me”. The list of people involved in this “Illegal false claimants” begins with every American Citizen, every UK citizen (thanks to the coordinated way they all work and dance to the tunes of USA Corporations who are defendants in the court case) and due to their bribes in India, the USA defendants have tried to influence many from Bangalore University, many from Indian IT Industry, they may have influenced my childhood friends, possibly college friends, might have influenced even my divorced wife & her family. They might have even tried to reach out to some of my cousins & their families to influence them negatively. Do not believe illegal claimants and/or their illegal, false statements. Stick to the true fact of me being the true inventor to Vehicle Color Change Technology.

Additionally, I would like to add that “PRIVACY INVASION IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW”. The USA defendants (individual people names listed in court plaint) and their allies (some NRI’s who are experts in privacy invasion and generally used by USA defendants as pawns) might have attempted to invade my ‘Private life’ and manipulate it. They have not confronted me with such content, as their “RAMPANT LAW BREAKING” would become visible to the entire World, all 9.5 Billion people and all 193 countries at United Nations. I would be happy to expose their treachery to the entire World, all 193 countries at UN.

Anyone and everyone who have attempted to be “Illegal claimants” to my invention or its wealth, who might have done privacy invasion or attempting to do it, who might have or attempting to drug me and/or frame me, will all be taken for their mental evaluation and psychiatric treatment, to cure their diseases of lack of logical reasoning, for privacy invasion, attempting illegal fraudulent claims and most importantly anti-India (treason) sentiment or actions.

In case of ‘Privacy invasion’, law breakers are the ones who physically installed cameras or bugs or other devises to invade privacy. Such law breakers are firstly adults who are legally accountable and responsible for their own actions. And such law breakers cannot hide behind some fictitious stories, random stories, fabricated stories or lies that they seem to believe or make others believe. A law breaker is a law breaker who is punishable by law. Its like a murderer, criminal or thief justifying his actions (of law breaking) by citing random reasons. The truth is ‘you broke the law’, you cannot hide behind random reasons and will be punished by law.

The above legal statements have been made to provide clarity to everyone in the World about my invention of Vehicle Color Change Technology, and that I am the TRUE INVENTOR and the ONLY inventor. Many have tried lies, creating false stories, drugging me to frame me and much more to make ‘illegal claims’ and all such claims must be rubbished, and the truth must be known to the World. In the end LAW SHALL PREVAIL IN THE WORLD.

Citizenship and patent application filing addresses:

Srinivas S. Devathi has always been an INDIAN citizen and will remain that way all his life.

He needed a local address to file the priority patent application with USPTO. Using a ‘Virtual office’ service provider, in this case Regus, he rented a ‘Virtual office’ which receive all correspondence mail, telephone calls on the renters behalf, depending on the plan you choose with them. I rented a Virtual office with Regus – 111, Congress Ave, Suite 400, Austin, Texas – 78701, USA. I rented their services from January of 2014 until February of 2020. The priority patent application for USA territory 14/227,859, the PCT International application PCT/US2014/046619, and the USPTO continuation application 14/535,867 were filed using this rented ‘Virtual office’ address, as my correspondence address with the PTO. On these applications the correspondence address will be changed to my permanent residential address as required.

He has used his permanent Indian residential address for filing the three PCT applications for other sectors filed on 24-2-2016.


It must be understood by people all over the World that the citizenship of the inventor is what matters in global IP rights and whether or not the country of his citizenship signed ‘Patent Cooperation Treaty’.

In this context, India has signed the Patent Cooperation Treaty and I am an Indian citizen. Thus, all the IP rights and its related proceeds from the inventors global IP rights will come to the Inventor and into the country of his citizenship. So, I would receive all 93 Trillion Earthlings / $ as the liability claim payment from USA defendants and will bring the wealth in to India.

Status of 153 PCT contracting state applications, by virtue of PCT application PCT/US2014/046619 filed on 15-07-2014.

Application numbers, filing dates, status and details by national stage and regional stage applications.

Status of 18 applications covering a total of 62 countries.

Sale price (Liability of USPTO) by individual national stage or regional stage patent applications.

Click the PDF file download button to see the Cool Car Technology valuation details

Mam Program:

Given my ‘Intellectual Property’ and its conservative valuation at 93 Trillion, of which my personal wealth is at 10%, 9.3 Trillion, I can very confidently state that ‘Marriage’ (again) is ruled out in my life.

This has made me define the ‘Mam Program’, which is a ‘paid Internship program’ to my choice of select Indian citizen (living in India) Hindu young women (20 to 25 years of age) who would spend one-month time with me, for an internship payment of 10 million Earthlings per month. This will be a legally run program by law. Though unlikely, only time will tell, if I build a mid-term or long-term relationship with any of these interns. Even if I did, it will be a repeat / renewal of the same monthly arrangement. In the recent past several young women have attempted to draw my attention in a competitive manner. I request that young women do not get into fights over getting into the Mam program. This program would be run as a very secure and private program in order to avoid fights out of competition.

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