Will the 93 Trillion sale price be reset to a higher number?

While I have chosen a conservative 93 Trillion Earthlings / $ as sale price, I have requested some of the competent valuation authorities in India to do their independent evaluation and come up with their final sale price for my invention US 8,910,998 patent worldwide IP rights, recognized worldwide by PCT application PCT/US2014/046619. India does not have an ‘Asset valuation authority’ currently in place and I intend to establish one in the near future. The idea is to bring the accurate amount of wealth, while being conservative and responsible on handling such wealth. My website webpages clearly show that I deal with such wealth with great responsibility, with directing the wealth to achieve Goal year 2050 for India, which will in turn result in its cascading effects to at least 100 other world countries. 

My valuation and the categories assigned to the ranges is given in the image here. 

Table in the center gives the ranges of sale price by defined categories. I have chosen 93 Trillion as the sale price. Subject only to competent authority valuations and the sentiment of Hindus living in India (and Nepal, the only other Hindu country in the World), the final sale price might be reset.

While I expect that most of the competent authority valuations will come in the conservative-realistic and realistic categories defined by me and given in the table above; when the proper text book estimation techniques and methodologies are applied, the sale price goes into the aggressive and exaggerated categories also. I am eagerly waiting for the selected competent authorities valuations. The most popular reset sale price numbers are: 

120 Trillion

140 Trillion

150 Trillion

170 Trillion

200 Trillion

220 Trillion

230 Trillion

240 Trillion

250 Trillion – USA-UK sale price estimate is at this number or higher.

You can write to me about your chosen sale price, and the method by which you arrived at such a sale price, by sending a message to Srinivas@coolcartechnology.com

In the context of sale price estimate, USA, UK, along with their allies Saudi and UAE have used different numbers as estimated final sale price numbers and attempted to use negative tactics by forming alliances with select few in India by bribing them in USD-$. Their attempts have failed. Their worldwide IP rights sale price estimate is at 250 Trillion.

Their attempts have failed because there is only one inventor to ‘Repeatable vehicle color change technology’ which is patented in my name as patent US 8,910,998. And hence there is only one final worldwide IP rights sale price that will be selected by me, thus executing the 62 sale agreements the value of which will total to that final chosen sale price.

Visit the website webpage https://srinivasdevathi.com/usa-uk-negative-tactics/ to read about the negative tactics used by USA by using superseding sale price estimates.

Thus, I am waiting for sale price estimates to be given by other competent authorities in India, so that I get a perspective on what others in India are thinking about the final sale price.

Depending on ‘Competent authorities’ input, the final liability claim could be reset to a higher final sale price. The breakdown of the higher sale price if chosen is given in these two files.

It must be understood clearly that a price reset will only be done with a strong vocal support and endorsement from multiple competent authorities within India and what could be termed as unanimous consent of Hindus living across India. When such a point is reached, the final sale price could be reset to a higher number. If such a point is not achieved, I shall move forward with the set 93 Trillion sale price number since I do so while changing the world order and making India the richest country in the world by its treasury holdings. After USPTO fraud elimination in court, and receiving inputs from competent authorities in India, the decision will be taken by me.