Srinivas S. Devathi, Inventor and Author

This is Srinivas S. Devathi. I write directly addressing all 192 world countries, and all 9.5 billion human beings on earth. I am excited, and energized to write about four of my worldwide transformations. These transformations would deliver economic growth, prosperity to all of you; will deliver true independence, real freedom to all of you, will deliver economic, business, and trade equality; and further will deliver the right, correct, and futuristic world governance model that will ensure ‘Right to life’; and also deliver exciting new versions of sports that you can all have good time watching in decades to come. 

1. My invention of ‘Repeatable vehicle color change technology’ with patent number US 8,910,998, ‘Systems & methods for altering the color, appearance, or feel of a vehicle surface’; recognized worldwide by Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT international application PCT/US2014/046619. The same invention applied to other sectors such as electronic devices and electrical appliances, recognized worldwide by PCT international application PCT/IB2016/050993; applied to furniture, or walls, recognized worldwide by PCT international application PCT/IB2016/050994; and also applied to fashion accessory, recognized worldwide by PCT international application PCT/IB2016/050995. 

This invention of mine, the first design shown as figure number 3 in the patent which is expected to be the most widely adopted popular design; along with four other designs outlined will allow all of you to lead colorful lives by personalizing the vehicle you own and have great interior decor options. And getting a new color theme for any occasion or for no reason at all, will be just a matter of few minutes work. This invention of mine will deliver economic growth to your country, help your local businesses thrive, and will get your country to start to build your own wealth in Earthlings currency. You can read more about my invention at my website webpage

2. My authored macro-economic reform, Project Earthling(c) is a copyright issue from Indian copyright office. This is the most powerful transformation that the world has seen yet. It would rectify a macro-economic flaw, a worldwide negative impact proliferating anomaly, inequality inflicted upon humanity and 192 countries by design, lawlessness proliferated across the world by usa, and abuse of international water lawlessness by bribing anyone in all 192 non-usa countries by suitcases filled with usd-$ or bribing any citizen by a suitcase of usd-$. Earthling is the future currency of the world. 

My authored reform is given a registration number L-81033/2019 by Indian copyright office and the reform has been distributed to worldwide media houses and to united nations and its organs. The reform ends the monopoly built by usa for their domestic currency of usd-$ across the world. Now usd-$ will only become a local usa only domestic currency. The question to ask is how did other 192 world countries allow the usd-$ monopoly across the world over the last 240 years? I solve it by bringing a neutral currency ‘Earthling’ which is not a local domestic currency of any one country, and would be the standard international transaction currency, and the future national reserve currency for all 193 countries. The benefits of this reform to the world are numerous. Visit my websites, and for more information. Access details on the reform at my website webpage:

3. My authored future world governance model, United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c) is a copyright issue from Indian copyright office. This is a derivative of the macro-economic reform Project Earthling(c); and while being a derivative, the reform sells itself and commands the support of all 193 countries. The abuse of international law by usa, the crimes against humanity committed by usa, human rights violation by usa, usage of money power, political power, pharmaceutical power, ivy league tag abuse, or hollywood popularity abuse; in a five prong attack on all 192 non-usa countries that has gone on for 240 years would be put to an end, terminated, and a new ‘Right to live’, ‘Peace and prosperity’ oriented GI-50 and G-193 structures would govern the world. 

This governance model will put an end to lawlessness in international territories. This governance model will give voice, rights, independent thinking, independent voting rights to each of the 193 countries at the world stage. No country will be left out. No country will be ignored. No country will be attacked. No country will be abused. No blood sucking vampires are coming to harvest your organs. No wealth of your country will be plundered or stolen. No women from your country will be taken as sex slaves. No incorrect economic models will be given to your country to keep you as slaves. No financial or political lever will destroy your country. You can read more about my reform at my website webpage:  

4. My PCT international patent application PCT/IB2016/050325 with a WIPO publication ID of  WO2016120766. I hope that this publication will energize, and bring enthusiasm to every person in the world, and all 193 world countries. The publication is such that it evolves 30 current day sports into ‘Next generation version of sports’. It defines 30 multi-prop sports with different weightages given to each prop. This includes props such as puck, ball, or shuttle-cock. The publication is the future of all field, outdoor sports. It brings a whole new level of strategy and game plan into the sport, while physicality of the sport is balanced, for enhanced entertainment from the sport to people all over the world. This publication will be appreciated by men, women of all ages worldwide. 

Nothing brings people together like a sport at the venue where it is being played or to the televisions. The groups of people gathering to watch the sport could be families or friends. This publication and the 30 new sports defined by me will be governed from here in India. Over the years to come, I would like to know which ones among the 30 sports I define become the most widely adopted across the world. I sense each country will select a few out of the 30 sports, to embrace within their country. You can read about the publication at webpage:

Srinivas S. Devathi

Indian citizen

Inventor and Author

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