Positive energy of the world shall prevail

The negative tactics used by combined USA and UK against my work has been outlined in several webpages. At an individual person level, given my Indian citizenship, my religion (Hindu), my Indian Hindu name (Srinivas S. Devathi), my origin (Indian with copper skin tone); the reasoning for USA-UK acts against me are their excessive racism, excessive hatred, excessive jealousy, excessive fear of being second, excessive fear of losing the control on 191 world countries, excessive psychosis of keeping 191 countries as slaves, excessive hatred against India, excessive hatred towards religion Hinduism, excessive jealousy of Indian citizen becoming the richest man in the world, excessive jealousy of India becoming the richest country in the world by its treasury holdings, excessive fear of losing the leadership role in the new world which is proposed by me by which all countries will become equal.

The abuse of planet earth (all 191 other countries) by USA and UK, is documented across the last 600 years of world history. USA in the last 240 years and combined USA and UK over the last 600 years have used every negative strategy that is available to target every country in the world, destroy them, their chances of any economic growth, progress, peace and prosperity.

My worldwide reform of Project Earthling(c) will be embraced and voted in by each of the other 191 countries in the world. With this reform, all the world countries will become truly independent, achieve economic equality, trade equality, real freedom on a planet that has been tortured and inflicted with suffering by the rouge regime.

Now, the positive energy, healthy frame of mind, of all these 191 world countries shall start to show its effect on USA, UK and will gradually cure their mental diseases, vices, and help them get better over the decades to come. The positive energy of the world will prevail to deliver a balanced and healthy planet.

Here is another reason why the entire world will support the work of Srinivas S. Devathi and that of India. The positive work and positive energy will reach all the world countries.

Initiatives / projects launched by Srinivas S. Devathi to achieve the visionary ‘Goal year 2050’ for India will have its cascading effects to 100 or more countries. A schematic visual showing how the cascading effect will work is shown here:

Cascading effect of work done in India for ‘Goal year 2050’ across 100 or more countries.