Timeline of his inventions

In the image you see the timeline of Srinivas Devathi’s inventions.

Timeline of Inventions.

Srinivas Devathi’s work and inventions triggered racism, hatred, and jealousy within his then employer and client capgemini usa and hsbc bank usa. They further involved j&j, janssen pharmaceuticals, white house, presidents and prime ministers of usa and uk. This resulted in combined racism, hatred, and jealousy of usa and uk against Srinivas Devathi, his work, India, and religion Hinduism.

usa-uk started off with hatred, racism and jealousy, which converted to GREED for 930 Trillion wealth sitting in the center of the World.

List of his inventions

Srinivas Devathi has a list of inventions which are introduced here.

January 1999 at Capgemini India Office:

After joining the company, in the training session I made valuable recommendation to their corporate operational philosophy, the founding ideologies or pillars of the company operation. It demonstrated to the company that I was thinking at company operations level and at an executive level. The company management were quick to recognize my skill, talent, work ethic, creative abilities, management and leadership qualities.

Comments / Reaction: Only later would I come to realize the deep seeded racism, hatred, jealousy, and superiority complex that is among american citizens and psychotic ego among the corporate leadership. And that they did not like a Hindu Indian young man giving advise to them. The usa christian catholic white supremacists Mr. Ken Harvey, Ms. Heidi Pote, Ms. Chris Anetz (of HSBC Bank USA); Mr. Roy Stansbury and Mr. Bill Schreiner (of Capgemini USA) were determined to target my life, and if possible kill me, and made it their psychotic mission to destroy me, India, and religion Hinduism.

Inventions between years 2000 to 2006:

I had some new business ideas, innovative concepts that were recorded on my computer. Upon pursuit, these ideas and concepts might have resulted in reasonable amount of wealth and possibly some awards and felicitation. Some of this work has been stolen by usa corporations, usa citizens, combined usa. I left all of these, since it is not worth pursuing. I go to court for justice only with what I can prove beyond any reasonable doubt. It is likely that people involved in stealing these were paid out / cashed out for their fraud. Unlikely that any of them will turn approvers in court.

I have no reason to pursue any of these in court given that the court fee on 93 Trillion Earthlings/$, which is only a conservative liability claim for my invention patent US 8,910,998 which could also be reset to a higher value, is over 465 Billion Earthlings/$.

Given the import bill fraud debt which usa owes to 192 world countries, they would also be relieved if I do not pursue any of these losses in the court. It seems to be a logical step to move forward by letting these go for usa and me. Summary of usa import bill fraud and their debt:

While usa is already in a debt hole, wherein the debt must be paid back in Earthlings currency to 192 world countries, for the ‘Import bill fraud’ committed by manipulating their local domestic currency usd-$ and in a planned methodical way building its monopoly across world as a currency for international transactions, thus cheating all 192 world countries. This debt to be paid back to 192 world countries, subject to the decision of 192 world countries on applying any interest to the debt amount, may take a projected 300 years for usa to pay off and become debt free.

Given this fact, I am confident that usa would not want more of their fraudulent activities, and negative tactics they have used against me and the world countries, prior to Q1-2007 (between years 2000 and 2006) to become subjects of ‘additional liability claims from 192 world countries’. usa, usa corporations, american citizens must also factor in the upcoming certainity that GEC when formed will record usa national treasury opening balance – cash component as ZERO.

Thus, I think, they would, in their own interest keep the starting point as Q1-2007, for all legal interactions related with me in court.

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Quarter one of 2007:

Invention patent US 8,910,998 – Systems and methods for altering the color, appearance, or feel of a vehicle surface. I bought a used silver Nissan Altima, out of non availability of any other car in the color I was looking for and in my budget. Trying to find an easy way to get the car color changed, I come up with the two layer system design with a transparent exterior which could be attached to each of the exterior surfaces of the vehicle, to create a thin fluid tight space, into which we could inject, drain, clean/dry, and re-inject a different color, and repeat this process as many times as we want, thus altering the color of the vehicle repeatedly. After working through few designs, I document five designs that are described in the patent. I was quick to come up with a two layer polymer resin transparent exterior system design given its ease of industry applicability as compared to shell design, and I anticipate that it will be the most widely adopted design off the five designs detailed in the patent. The patent was drafted in Feb 2014 and filed on March 27, 2014. Replica PCT international application was filed on July 15, 2014.

Comments / Reaction: A break-through invention that has altered the status quo on Planet Earth. The invention spans countries, religions, regions, people of all race / color, other applicable sectors, and caters to the core human liking for colors. The appeal of everything around you as an exciting visual appeal today, and a renewed, refreshed alternate, different, more exciting visual appeal tomorrow, was unthinkable in the prior world. The ability to change color of your vehicle (and surroundings as an extended application) in few minutes opens up such possibilities for creative minds and people of interior decor. The possibilities are infinite. This invention will make the lives of all 9.5 billion humans on earth more colorful. All 193 countries will reap economic benefits from this invention. USA wanted to block this work of mine, however given its worldwide impact, their attempts have failed. The invention delivers increased economic activity and thus economic growth to all the world countries, while making me the richest man in the world.

Monetary value: Sale price of invention is at least 93 Trillion Earthlings / $. It could now be reset to 200, 220, 230, 240, or 250 Trillion. Let me see what competent authorities have to say.

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June-August of 2014:

Next generation version of American Football sport was conceptualized and outlined. The same technique was extrapolated to 29 other World sports to evolve them into next generation of world sports. The priority application was filed on Jan 30 2015. PCT international application was filed on Jan 22 2016. Next generation version of Golf yet to be filed.

Comments / Reaction: Sports moves people across the World. To play professionally or for leisure or for fitness or for fun. It also gets people out, to go and watch sports. Playing games and sports is at the core of human life and these next generation sports will be loved world-wide. The next generation sports deliver enhanced entertainment, excitement, thrill and last minute finishes taking entertainment value and sportsmanship to whole another level. The old versions maybe rendered obsolete soon, at least in a few sports. The next generation sports will reach every human on earth either physically or lethargically; physically or strategically. The PCT international application is expected to be one of the most liked, loved, and most followed publications across 193 world countries. Invaluable to sports lovers, sports followers, and all humans.

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January 2019:

I authored Project Earthling©, a macro-economic reform and a world banking reform. It will Reset the global economics. It delivers true equality, real freedom, and real independence to all the World countries. It delivers economic equality, economic freedom, trade equality, and business equality to all the world countries. Further it ends all forms of slavery in the world which stem from economic / financial slavery. This macro-reform allows me to build India’S own national treasury of at least 93 Trillion in Earthlings currency.

Comments / Reaction: Books will be written on its benefits to humanity and World. The benefits will resonate across all 193 world countries for centuries and millenia to come. The reform will be praised by citizens all over the world. Lack of languages to write and praise the macroeconomic reform.

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June-August 2019:

I authored United Nations Global Governance Model 2020©, a macro-governance reform that will define the new world order, which will deliver the right way and the futuristic way of correctly governing the World countries. The governance model includes the councils of Group Influential 50 – GI-50 council, and 193 country member council – G-193 council. These councils will deliver a governance in which no country would be ignored, with access to economic growth opportunity framework, while ensuring peace, prosperity, security and well being of all countries. Medical council, and Judicial council are example councils in the new world order that will have 193 country member delegates, with others to be detailed. The full organizational structure, vision, objectives / goals, operational protocol, schedule of events, schedule of activities of the councils will be detailed by me in months to come. The divisions and other councils will also be defined in this time. GEC – Global Earthling council by way of paying for the governance model, will become integral to the operations and function of new world order.

Comments / Reaction: The new world order will bring in a non-existent framework of international law, while delivering the right governance. It eliminates all the horrors of old world order and saves humanity. Lack of languages to write and praise the macro-governance reform. Books will be written on its benefits to humanity and World. The benefits will resonate for centuries and millenia to come. Authors would also look to do a thorough comparitive analysis of the old and new world orders. The history of events in old world order, its horrors, its negative ideologies, and wrongdoings might also be covered by them.

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Years 2018-2019:

Given my invention, the wealth that would be brought into India, I had to provide a direction and define how the wealth would be allocated and spent for the progress of India, and simultaneously how it would also deliver cascading, replicating benefits to many other world countries, say at least 100 or more poor countries of the world. Thus, I defined Goal Year 2050 for India, executed my LIVING Will for 93 Trillion Earthlings wealth, defined the organizations / legal entities Earthling Foundations public and private trusts, Indian Economic Council, First Trillion group of companies and Third Millennium group of companies.

The work of ‘Goal year 2050 for India’ will be directionally alligned to eliminate poverty on Earth. It will become the strategy, plan, guidance, and direction for at least 100 poor countries to emulate, and become developed countries in decades to come.

Comments / Reaction: Goal Year 2050 for India will have resonance across the world countries. Work of Earthling Foundation public trust, partial work of Earthling Foundation private trust subject to corporate work confidentiality and intellectual property, economic policies and reforms by Indian Economic Council will be followed by all the world countries. Bulk of this work will be executed in the eye of world media and I expect extensive coverage of the work and initiatives. Books will be written about most of this work. The benefits of my work will cascade and positively impact all the world countries.

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Srinivas S. Devathi speaks about his invention among the list of inventions given above, which will create the most economic activity and value in a given block of 100-years. His invention patent number US 8,910,998 would be called as the invention of the century. Many people think it will be recognized as the invention of the millennium.

Srinivas S. Devathi speaks of the magnitude, enormity and the reach of his invention patent number US 8,910,998. His invention would impact the lives of every human being in the world by way of personalization and has positive economic impact to all 193 countries in the world.

Patent number US 8,910,998 will be called as the invention of the century. Many people think it will be recognized as the invention of the millennium.

How my Inventions happened. A write up on source to creativity and inventiveness – Srinivas Devathi

To all media houses; to all law firms; everyone:

I had sent a document dated April 28, 2018; and some e-mail communications around that date about ‘How the inventions happened’. In that document, I speak off a two stage / two phase approach to my inventions; in an Inception and then Conception phase. However, I must say after much introspection, the Inception phase is a non-existent phase. It is just the Conception phase, which is the Eureka moment when the invention happens; solving a particular problem. You must note, an invention always solves a problem and only when it does, will it have any market potential, business potential or revenue and income viability. I make this statement because typically for an invention to happen (solve a problem), there is a lot of earlier information, data, knowledge a person needs to have which kind of elaborates to multiple inception points / multiple data points of knowledge. Without all this prior information, knowledge and data, one will never be able to solve a problem or have a Eureka moment. Hence, this document about ‘How the inventions have happened’ overrides the earlier communications (of mine) about ‘How inventions happened’. I shall disclose the same to media houses when I formally talk about this and certainly there will be books written about this subject in detail as well.

In my case, most of my inventions have happened when I was trying to solve a problem that I was facing resulting in the invention. Among other inventions which could be called as accidental inventions by some (which happened when I was not consciously trying to solve a problem), by a process called “Thought crystallization or thought culmination, resulting in the Eureka moment”.

A simple way of explaining this is; a farmer is very unlikely to solve a mechanical engineering problem or come up with new Electronic system invention. Similarly, a computer science student is unlikely to come up with new economics theories / practices. You get the message / theme.

Essentially, there must be foundational knowledge pertaining to the field you invent in or have a Eureka moment in. The foundational knowledge comes by learning, studying the subject or at least capturing relevant information in the field / subject by your reading practices.

At some point all the information you have, all knowledge you have, all data you have, all thoughts from the data and knowledge, content you have (which could be everything you have studied in your school, college, read in papers, magazines, captured as information via news or other medium, etc.); might culminate in you solving a problem or having the Eureka moment (when you are not trying to solve a problem). Without the content, it is unlikely that you will ever solve a problem, invent anything, or have a Eureka moment.

My study in field of Mechanical engineering was prerequisite for my Vehicle Color Change Technology invention in Q1 (Quarter one) of 2007.

Lot of reading about businesses / corporate world / economics through papers, magazines and following them regularly was the prerequisite for authoring Project Earthling© and United Nations Global Governance Model 2020©; so that the 93 Trillion deal is enabled and completed. I authored this content when I was trying to solve the problem or answer the question ‘How do I enable the largest deal in the world covering many country IP rights to my invention of ‘Vehicle Color Change Technology’?’.

I endorse ‘Thought crystallization’ / ‘Thought culmination’ resulting in the Eureka moment; with the required knowledge to achieve the same; as the final core reason for inventiveness and creativity. However, it must be clearly understood that the following two scenarios are fairly normal in the World. A scholar with a lot of knowledge and information in one field may not be creative enough to deliver an invention or solve a problem. And at the same time, a naturally creative person may not have knowledge, required information in any field to come up with an invention or solve a problem.

Srinivas S. Devathi, Serial Inventor, Oct 27th ,2019; Bangalore, India.