Q1-2007 timeline starting point

As I have achievements, success stories spanning my entire life, there is work done by me in years 2000 to 2006, which was stolen, taken from me by American citizens, American corporations or combined USA. I intend to leave the work prior to Q1-2007, for the sake of planet Earth, for the sake of humanity and for the decentralization of the world, while I bring the full value of 93 Trillion Earthlings into India.

While usa is already in a debt hole, wherein the debt must be paid back in Earthlings currency to 192 world countries, for the ‘Import bill fraud’ committed by manipulating their local domestic currency usd-$ and in a planned methodical way building its monopoly across world as a currency for international transactions, thus cheating all 192 world countries. This debt to be paid back to 192 world countries, subject to the decision of 192 world countries on applying any interest to the debt amount, may take a projected 300 years for usa to pay off and become debt free.

Given this fact, I am confident that usa would not want more of their fraudulent activities, and negative tactics they have used against me and the world countries, prior to Q1-2007 to become subjects of ‘additional liability claims from 192 world countries’. usa, usa corporations, american citizens must also factor in the upcoming certainity that GEC when formed will record usa national treasury opening balance – cash component as ZERO. Thus, I think, they would, in their own interest keep the starting point as Q1-2007, for all legal interactions related with me in court.

Visit the page ‘List of my inventions’ to read more about the timeline. I want to execute the following deal at the earliest:

USA patent US 8,910,998 sale agreement for value of 22.5 Trillion $. Srinivas – Hirshfeld agreement.

USA patent US 8,910,998 sale agreement: This is the only expected two-party deal executed in $ currency.

Name of the deal: Srinivas – Hirshfeld agreement.

Value of the deal: 22,500,000,000,000 $.

Sale deal is executed in: $ currency (USD).

Seller: Inventor Srinivas S. Devathi, Inventor to patent US 8,910,998 ‘Systems and methods for altering the color, appearance, or feel of a vehicle surface’.

Property being sold: Patent US 8,910,998 and continuation application 14/535,867; including all rights to 100-year downstream businesses that emerge from my invention, for USA territory.

Recipient of IP rights and buyer: USA, represented by Mr. Drew Hirshfeld, Director of USPTO, or represented by President of USA, Mr. Joe Biden or his designated signatory or their UN delegate. No third-party payor in this deal. It is a sale agreement between the seller and buyer.

Country: USA receives and controls economic activity and wealth of 202,500,000,000,000 Earthlings. 

By executing Srinivas – Hirshfeld agreement, the leadership / government of USA will receive full control of intellectual property and full ownership of downstream businesses for their country / territory, the value of which is at an estimated 202,500,000,000,000 Earthlings of economic activity expected to be created over a 100-year period by a conservative estimate. This economic activity received via this agreement will translate to wealth for usa, and contribute to building and growing their national treasury reserve wealth held in Earthlings currency.