What does the only Trillionaire on Earth eat?

I have been a vegetarian all my life. While I have deviated by eating veg omlettes in my life for few years, I am currently fully and strictly vegetarian.

For several factors which are beyond the scope of this webpage, I eat only two times in a day, the block of 24 hours.

Afternoon around 2pm. I have what constitutes my lunch.

This has over the last few years comprised of two Indian rotis and a curry. The curry is generally a type of dal curry, or vegetable curry. Occasionally I choose legume curries such as channa or rajma curries. Rarely, I have chosen mini-meals. This is followed by a beverage 500 or 750 ml.

Evening around 8pm. I have what constitutes a light dinner.

I have mostly ended my days with fruit salad and ice cream, or just ice cream. There have been evenings when I have opted for a small portion of rice (biryani or dal mixed with plain rice), or a dosa. Sometimes followed by a beverage.

While there is no one imposing a food plan upon me, given my executed Living Will which is in public domain, and has been in public domain for few years now, my food vending restaurants, and myself seem to feel at ease when I eat light meals.

I always eat in food restaurants by paying money and retaining the receipt of what I eat. This has become a pattern after years of exploring variations in my food consumption, times of when I eat, and where I eat.

Where have I been eating in Bangalore?

I have consumed food in the restaurants on the airport road, restaurants on MG road, Residency road, Lavelle road, old airport road, 100-feet road, New BEL road, Cunningham road, Vijaynagar, and Malleshwaram. The restaurants where I have eaten include A2B, Indraprastha, 1947, Bharatiya Jalpan, Palki, The Imperial, and others.

Recently, my frequency of visits to ice cream parlors Corner House and Lake view have reduced. I am opting for rice or dosa in the night, with a beverage.

Can you serve food to the Trillionaire? The answer is NO.

A Trillionaire cannot eat food given by anyone, anywhere, despite whether they are his friends or relatives. Hence I do not eat at home, or anywhere else where I am offered food that is not paid for which might put the person giving the food at risk.

A Trillionaires negligible concern would be, what nano-particle substance could be in the food I am about to eat or the drink I am about to consume which might alter the course of his schedule, his activities, and thus alter the course of India, and that of 192 world countries.

Srinivas S. Devathi, in year 2016.