The psychopathic leadership filled with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders) of USA and UK to keep the rest of the World countries (191 of them) as slave nations is a disease. That disease has stolen good life, decent living prospects for people in the 191 countries.

Their combined control, grip and dictatorial leadership on 191 world countries is nothing but, venomous negative shade ambition to destroy peoples lives and countries just because they are of different color, or religion or race. That has resulted in this broken world, tortured planet with widespread poverty and lack of basic amenities in many developing and poor countries. In the last 600 years, it has been USA and UK that wanted ‘rest of the world’ to be in poverty and joblessness. They wanted to exercise control in a way to retain supremacy.

Here is a perspective for people all over the World. Maybe this perspective will be an eye-opener for USA and UK.

  • 99.9% of world population live in one country all their lives. Maybe the decimal fraction could vary on actual statistics or data.
  • In such a World, over 99% of human beings do not know, do not understand, do not bother; do not care about how the people in other countries live their lives.
  • Further, they have very limited control to no control on peoples lives in other countries. (USA and UK which had such control have abused it).
  • To put it another way, citizens of country A do not mind how the citizens of country B are living. Whether they are living an affluent life, a comfortable life or struggling with poverty and joblessness.

In summary, no human being minds or opposes the possibility that people in other countries could lead a comfortable life with amenities.

The above line has only been opposed by USA and UK.

Project Earthling© delivers a model wherein countries become independent, they could build their own country and shape their own future.

Understanding the above positive perspective will open the eyes of negativity filled USA and UK.

Without a doubt, the 191 other countries welcome ‘Project Earthling©’ and ‘United Nations Global Governance Model 2020©’ as they understand the above positive perspective.

The perspective explained and the work of Srinivas S. Devathi and India will get worldwide support.

Initiatives / projects launched by Srinivas S. Devathi to achieve the visionary ‘Goal year 2050’ for India will have its cascading effects to 100 or more countries. A schematic visual showing how the cascading effect will work is shown here:

Cascading effect of work done in India for ‘Goal year 2050’ across 100 or more countries.