Will the 192 countries free themselves from the Pentacage?

The direct answer is YES. They will.

By taking the Macro-Economic reform ‘Project Earthling(c)’ LIVE when the reform is brought for its decisive voting at WIPO assembly.

AND by taking the Macro-Governance reform ‘United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c)’ LIVE when this reform is sequentially brought for its decisive voting at WIPO assembly.

What is Pentacage?

The Pentacage would have never existed on planet Earth if Project Earthling(c) would have exited 250 to 300 years ago. What is Pentacage? Review the rest of this webpage for the detail.

USA has put the other 192 world countries in a CAGE on planet Earth, just for their fun, entertainment, diabolical plans, and animal instincts feeding their devious wild imaginations.

The number 192 could be considered approximate given some support they garnered from few of their closest allies over the past century, all because of their method of choosing allies, ‘A neuro-linguistic method of choosing friends, allies, business partners, and further programming them and others by this method’.

The Pentacage has been broken and all 192 countries have been rendered fully free and independent countries. Rejoice and celebrate the freedom and independence over the next decade as it is experienced by each of the 192 countries and all its citizens. Thus, I propose that the World independence day be marked by switching over from AD years to FE years.

The FIVE prong approach explained here constitutes the Pentacage. The same is available in the Public enemies webpage at this website.

Visual representation of the ‘Diabolical plot’ of USA, and some US citizens I had to work with at offices in USA.

Here are some visuals of how USA, UK and their citizens lead by Heidi Pote, Chrys Anetz, Ken Harvey, Randy McDaniels, Mike Comprelli, Roy Stansbury, Bill Schreiner and their pets (some home grown animals who they give treats-bribes) have attempted to use ‘Five prong’ supremacy plan, to control all 191 world countries; thus creating 191 slave countries. The ‘Five prong’ approach includes using any tactic to control the world countries like slaves; the five chosen supremacy areas to control being Political, Financial, Pharmaceutical, (poison) Ivy league, and filmy.

The psycho diabolical plot of usa-uk. The PENTACAGE.
I have retired usa by ‘Project Earthling(c)’. I have delivered freedom and independence to all 192 countries. Pentacage broken.
It is a free world. No more slavery on Earth. All usa, uk poisonous tactics have been neutralized. World free off Pentacage.

Has the Pentacage been broken on Planet Earth?

The approach, and strategy has been defined. The 192 countries must vote at one of the upcoming WIPO assemblies when the macro-reforms are presented for their decisive voting. They will be voted in by a Thumping majority.

Full perspective on Pentacage. How it has been ended?

usa-uk out of racism, hatred, jealousy, and superiority complex have used their monopolized currency usd as a weapon against all the 191 world countries in the form an applied ‘Financial lever’. With that at the core of their world domination agenda, they design a five prong approach, PENTACAGE, to target, attack, control, and monitor the activities of all 191 world countries and keep them in slavery. The unlimited printing of usd is used as a source to drive this pentacage approach on all the world countries, their government actions, their national activity, and their citizens.

The pentacage five strings that are attached to the ‘Financial CONTROL lever’ to control the world countries like puppets, in the order of their significance and exercised authority are given here:

  • Political authority or force exercised by washington dc on the other countries, their governments / leaders.
  • Corporate command or authority exercised by new york and its corporations on the other country corporations / businesses. Depending on the balance of corporations compared with political authority of the target country – capitalism balance, this string could become the first thread of attack.
  • Pharmaceutical control or authority exercised by new jersey and its pharma companies on the other country leaders, citizens, and pharmaceutical corporations. This is a lethal string they have used by way of which the full range of drugs and poisons they have at their disposal have been used against the country, their leaders, and their citizens, and if required on the target country billionaires, military, or their corporation executive teams. The advances usa-uk pharma companies have can control the human being by drugs from inside while they can exercise authority of pharma companies of other countries directly.
  • usa-uk boast about their prestigious higher education institutions, particularly business, economics, and technology schools and call them as ivy league schools. These are nothing but branded, tagged as prestigious institutions whose motives are to ensure all the world countries are intentionally derailed, destroyed, sabotaged, and given negative advise, all of which will ensure the target country will remain uneducated, illiterate, poor and will take into the direction of corruption. These are poison ivy league schools that intend on spreading venom and poison across the world countries to keep them slaves.
  • los angeles, california boasts of its hollywood which is a group of psycho, diabolical, devious mindset baldwin psychos. This string has been used to take nixon technology and invade into all 191 other world countries, invade into their private lives and professional lives to target and control their citizens and corporations. The same has also been used to invade into government offices, leaders, rulers, military if required. This string of baldwin psychos peep into bedrooms, bathrooms, create live porn content for other strings, and alternately use the video feed to manipulate peoples lives and thus control target country and its citizens.

The above is the rouge regime in old world order forcing themselves on the 191 world countries using the unlimited printing of usd to drive the pentacage and its strings to ensure all 191 world countries will have no progress, no economic growth, no development of businesses, and thus remain poor slaves.


I invite the 191 world countries along with the rouges usa-uk to vote for the macroreforms Project Earthling(c) and United Nation Global Governance Model 2020(c) at a decisive voting meet at WIPO. The macro-economic reform Project Earthling(c) will put an end to the usd monopoly built by usa-uk over the last 245 years, by introducing a world neutral currency Earthlings which is not a local domestic currency of any one country, and thus perfectly suited as the currency for international trade, international business, foreign exchange and as a national reserve currency.

With the ‘Financial CONTROL lever’ taken out of the equation, the five strings of pentacage become useless and will die along with the usd monopoly. Subsequently, when United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c) is taken live, the world countries will breath fresh air of freedom and independence where all countries are equal, and all forms of slavery has ended on earth. The unbiased governance with access to judicial council, and medical council, in the Group Influential 50 – GI-50 council, and Group 193 – G-193 councils will result in 193 countries all of which become ‘HAVE’S’ in future.

You can read about macro-economic reform Project Earthling(c) at my website webpage: https://srinivasdevathi.com/project-earthling/
You can read about macro-governance reform United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c) at my website webpage: https://srinivasdevathi.com/un-global-governance-model-2020/