Project Earthling©


  • A Macro-Economic Reform and a Global Banking Reform.
  • This initiative brings about trade and economic equality for all 193 countries. It Truly liberates the world.
  • This initiative delivers TRUE Independence / Freedom to 193 countries in the World.
  • End of slavery in the world. Finally, the world has economic equality.
  • The step that delivers a fully balanced world and 100% equality across countries.
  • This should have happened 200 to 300 years ago. the correction must happen right now.

What is Project Earthling(c)?

It is introduction of a brand new worldwide international trade, international business, foreign exchange, and each country national reserve currency called ‘Earthling’. 

It is also a world banking reform by which each country bank for international wire transfers, need not convert their local currency to multiple other country currencies. All international wire transfers will happen only in Earthlings currency. So banks will ONLY convert their local currency to Earthlings and vise versa. 

Attached is a brochure that introduces Project Earthling(c), a macro-economic and macro-banking reform.

One possible Currency symbol
Another possible Currency symbol

Images of Project Earthling(c) introduction brochure.

Project Earthling(c) delivers true freedom and real Independence to 191 world countries, and 9 billion people.
Project Earthling(c) also a world banking reform. International Trade and Business banks, ITB banks will be organized.

The copyright issued by Indian Copyright Office for Project Earthling© to author Srinivas S. Devathi.

A subsequent copyright application filed with Indian Copyright Office with description and upcoming WORLD INDEPENDENCE DAY. This was given a Diary no. 12050/2024-CO/L, for Literary work, filed on 18-4-2024.

I request everyone to read this document in great detail. This is the future of Planet Earth, 191 world countries, and 9 Billion people, Transformation to take effect on World Independence Day.

usd V/S EARTHING COMPARISON. Attached as image.

usd V/S EARTHLING comparison which must be reviewed in detail by all 193 world countries and their citizens.

Visit websites and to know more about Project Earthling(c).

The significance of Project Earthling© to the world and humanity, cannot be overstated.

Cannot put a price on true freedom and real independence (end of slavery) for centuries and millennia to come.

Project Earthling© 10-years Valuation Cycle.

Earthling valuation cycle. Holds its value for 10 years.

Press release to worldwide media houses on 18-3-2021 from Bangalore Press Club:

Press release on Project Earthling(c), a macro-economic reform. 

A macro-economic flaw that has made all importers in the world (importers from all 192 non-USA countries) pay more than what they should have due to a manipulated USD ($ – US Dollar that has been artificially kept strong against all other world currencies) has gone unnoticed for 240 years, and it must be fixed right now. THIS IS AN ONGOING FRAUD / FLAW DUE TO WHICH ALL IMPORTERS FROM ALL 192 NON-USA COUNTRIES ARE PAYING MORE ON THEIR IMPORTS THAT ARE PRICED IN USD ($). IT IS SAME AS THE 192 COUNTRIES PAYING MORE FOR THEIR IMPORTS. Realize that USD is the local / domestic currency of one country USA, which has been intentionally monopolized across the world as a global transaction / deal making / bribing / commodity pricing currency (several commodities). Hence, I introduce a new currency that is not a local / domestic currency of any one country, and is purely a international trade and business currency, foreign exchange currency, and national reserve currency. This new currency is named as ‘Earthlings’. Symbol of Earthling is given in the attached document A1. Earthlings currency will put an end to two varying frames of reference and all commodities will be priced in Earthlings which will in turn hold its value for a period of 10 years, at the end of which its value will be reset (either strengthened or weakened for the benefit of world economy) to a new value which shall remain for another period of 10-years. 

The execution of 62 sale agreements, one each with each of the 62 world countries, will be tracked and followed by the entire world. All 62 sale agreements will be executed as tri-party sale agreements, after ‘Project Earthling(c)’ goes live, and GEC (Global Earthling Council) is organized, and has appointed its team of designated signatories.

The execution of 62 sale agreements for the full value of 93 Trillion Earthlings, is upon the direction and orders of the Honorable court. So, the timeline of their execution, is bound by the procedures of Indian judiciary, introduction of Project Earthling© at WIPO, coordinating the schedules of 62 country leaders and designated signatories for the execution of the 62 sale agreements, media publications, broadcast, and discussion of the subjects. The 62 tri-party sale agreements will be executed in a way to bring at least 20% of the value in first year of the sale agreements execution, with the balance distributed to be paid as payments payable to me over the balance IP tenure years. The last payment would be remitted in year 2033, and I shall distribute the wealth final checks according to my Living will allocations by Q1-2034.

Details of 62 sale agreements for liability claim of 93 Trillion are in the file attached here.

Because of Project Earthling©, organization of New World Order is inevitable. The New World Order will be paid for in world neutral currency EARTHLINGS, and I have introduced the following New World Order Councils, that include GEC Global Earthlings Council, GI 50 Council, G 193 Council, Judicial Council, Medical Council, Records Council, and Intellect Council.

A strategy document authored by me is attached here.

The Launch of Project Earthling©; will be so significant to humanity, that the years could also be reset to start from ONE. It marks the time of World getting real freedom, real independence from USA and UK’s regime and tyranny. The World, its 191 countries, it’s 9 Billion people are truly liberated, at the time of launch of Project Earthling©. It marks the end of slavery in all forms.

Nearly 2021 years ago BC (Before Christ) came to an end. And the years were marked as AD; Anna Domini.

When Project Earthling(c) goes live, the years could now be marked as FE. FE stands for Freedom to Earth; Freedom by Earthling; Freedom to Earthlings; Freedom to World / Earth by launch of Project Earthling©.

FE stands for Freedom to Earth; Freedom by Earthling; Freedom to Earthlings; Freedom to World / Earth by launch of Project Earthling©.

2021 must be the last AD year. And must also be called as the 0 FE year.

The 2022 AD will be reset as 1 FE year. And could increment from there onwards.

Is the World ready for FE years? I think they are more than ready to put an end to slavery in all forms, live in a real and true World with full freedom and independence. I think this point of liberation, freedom and independence is about 300 to 500 years too late. We must make it happen now.

Tentatively planned launch of the first Earthling Foundation (public) trust initiative, which will be broadcasted and followed worldwide, Year 1 FE. Visit webpage for Earthling Foundations.

Project Earthling(c) detailed description, the forced applied levers of rouge old world order on 191 world countries and 9 billion people, and the resulting EQUALITY AND END OF SLAVERY is described the copyright file attached in this page for ‘Project Earthling World Independence Day’, I present the schematic visuals of the levers used by rouge old world order, and how the Macro Economic reform takes the world into a LEGITIMATE WORLD here.

Rouge Old World Order Political Lever
Rouge Old World Order Business Lever
Rouge Old World Order Financial Lever
Rouge Old World Order Economic Lever
Project Earthling ends the rouge old world order, and delivers LEGITIMATE WORLD
Project Earthling delivers EQUALITY ACROSS WORLD

Problem Definition

The current global trade situation is as given below.

  1. All the important global trade commodities are priced in USD.
  2. Most of the global business deals are predominantly executed in USD.
  3. And USD is the local / domestic currency of one country USA.

This has resulted in globally traded commodities being subjected to fluctuations based on two moving (varying) frames of reference. The USD strengthens or weakens based on its demand and other factors. The commodity price fluctuates based on its demand and supply.

Secondly, global trade between countries (import / export) and forex transactions happen in so many different currency exchanges. Currency A has to be exchanged to currencies B, C or D and vise versa. The many to many currency conversions add complexity to central banks and other banks. In general, forex transactions and global trade are subjected to multiple currency conversions, is complex and not standardized.

Persistence of the problem and its effects in last 240 years:

  • 240 years is an approximated post USA independence time frame; when USA formed its own government, USD rolled out and started its reign. Apparently, US Dollar existed in other forms for a few centuries before they got independence, however, that era may not be fully relevant to this discussion.
  • In these 240 years, USA has controlled, manipulated and extorted wealth from all other 192 countries in the World, by making USD the standard for global trade and transactions / businesses. They monopolized USD as the currency for international business deals and transactions.
  • Over the last 240 years, USA has cheated all 192 countries in the World, cheated all humanity by enforcing this flawed system, by which they selectively delivered development to their chosen countries and denied wealth, growth and prosperity to the other countries. The stark demarcation in developed countries and the rest of the World is visible to everyone.
  • USD has been kept in artificial demand over the last 160 years, based on monopoly and its globalization. Wall Street and all major banks (say a dozen) in USA are directed and governed by ‘Goldman Sachs’. Goldman Sachs have manipulated the global economy by keeping USD demand artificially high over the last 160 years, which resulted in its continuous strengthening over most other global currencies over this time period. It must be understood that during the USA market crash of 1920’s and even the 2008 Housing bubble burst that was induced, USD did not show a sign of weakening, except for an induced blip for a week or two.
  • The above point must be understood by all 192 countries very clearly. Let’s take five sought after global commodities for discussion of this point. Crude oil barrel, Gold, Wheat, Natural gas, and Coffee. These commodities have been imported by most global countries at the global trade listed price. All the countries that bought these commodities at such a listed price have been cheated, have been made to pay more than what the commodity’s real price was (based on its true demand and supply); because an always strengthening USD against most global currencies (in which the countries imported or bought them) resulted in “Exorbitant, unrealistic, inflated” import bill(s) to those countries. The same analogy must be extrapolated to all globally traded or sought-after commodities in the World.
  • USA has taken 192 other world countries for a ride, by cheating them with this “two moving frames of reference”, and all countries have been ripped off with exorbitant import bills, due to USD being kept in artificial high demand. All 192 countries have been cheated by USA, and their USD for the 240-year period, in almost all imports that were priced in USD, that a country has ever made.
  • USA has made the world nations, world leaders, global organizations look like idiots, morons and cheated them by exorbitant import bills for not one or two years, but for a sustained period of 160 to 240 years.
  • Should the 192 countries ask for reimbursement of all these losses incurred by them over 160 to 240 years? The answer is YES. Will USA reimburse for the losses related to unrealistic import bills now in year 2021 or years to follow? The answer is THEY MUST. The ‘Import bill fraud’ lawsuits must be filed by 192 countries after ‘Project Earthling(c)’ is taken live. The factors that are relevant to ‘import bill fraud’ lawsuits are (a) Principle of transference – Importer must claim fraud payback from exporter. The exporter will transfer the claim to USA as their pricing in USD and the manipulated USD caused the fraud. Effectively, the exporter could be kept out of the equation, and all importers can directly file fraud suits against USA. (b) In the existing ‘International court of justice – ICJ’ structure, countries can file suits against countries, while an individual business (importer) cannot. So, each of the 192 countries must cumulate all their imports from at least the past 100-years (more depending on data availability), and file a suit against USA, one per each country, if ICJ would be the forum for equity and justice across 193 world countries.
  • The World must first correct the flawed system. Set things right. Introduce Project Earthling©, get it voted in by 193 World nations and take it live by Japan time 00:00 hours of Jan 1st, 2022. This will first put an end to USA’s abuse of the World nations by using their currency USD. And all the globally traded and sought-after commodities will be priced in a non-fluctuating reference currency called ‘Earthlings’ which will reflect the true, real price of each commodity based on its demand and supply, without any artificial currency demand and its related inflated pricing linked to it. No country will be cheated on its import bill in the future. All countries will pay what the commodity being imported truly deserves.

A graphical representation of the problem of 160 to 240 years. How USA cheated the entire World on their import bills. 160 years – Approximate time since Goldman Sachs was formed. 240 years – Approximate time since USA became an independent country.

All countries paid more than what they should have on most of their import bills for the last 160 to 240 years.

Background Thinking

If you look at last 2 to 3 centuries, USA has had a vice like grip on the world and would not let go. They want to control everything, everyone, dictate terms to everyone across the world. If you look at last 160 years in particular; USD became the standard for global trade and transactions, making it the most sought-after currency. This allowed USA to become a ‘Mint based economy’; to print as much as they want and inject into the global trade system, with no checks or balances of any kind for themselves or their country’s GDP numbers. It is evident in:

  1. The military arms / weapons stockpile they have amassed over decades. The fire power is enough to destroy earth. Their military is stationed in so many countries, despite the costs involved.
  2. The number of wars they have waged across the globe and yet with no dent to their economic condition, when you factor in the military and war expenses.
  3. The standard method of bailing out all Corporations / Banks in USA by injecting money into the system. E.g., 2007-2008 Credit crisis due to Housing bubble burst; they bailed out all banks by printing money.
  4. Most of the USA Corporations are bloated with surplus funds and cash, because of available credit, as Banks could be bailed out anytime.
  5. Despite all the expenses as listed above, USA economy has not weakened for many decades now. And USD does not show a sign of weakening, due to the global demand; and more importantly its manipulation after achieving monopoly.

One must think where all this money spent came from without having a negative impact on their economy. Their economy does not have a downturn and their currency has not weakened. It always seems to strengthen against most global currencies. In fact; it is said that waging wars is a means of driving GDP numbers by producing more weapons (e.g., Lockheed Martin stock price earnings). They have had this kind of a run because USD has been a standard for global trade for so long. Simply put, they have made all the other countries look like dumb idiots / morons for so long. Should the World continue to deal with this imbalance on Planet Earth? Should USA continue to dominate and in doing so, block all other countries growth prospects and development opportunities? I, an Indian citizen realized that such a global environment is not conducive for India to become a developed country. This needs correction, if the aspirations of 1.32 Billion Indian citizens must be met and realized. Since this is a global problem, the same thought applies to every non-USA country, and my efforts are set in the direction of doing what is right for all the 192 non-USA countries. I am interested in making India a developed country by year 2050 (Goal year 2050), and while doing so show the right path for ‘progress & development’ to other countries that are looking for economic growth, peace & prosperity.

The Solution

A new global trade & commerce currency, international business currency and foreign exchange currency, which is not the local / domestic currency of any one single country.

  1. A new global Trade currency, import / export standard currency which is not a domestic currency of any single country in the World.
  2. I have called it as ‘Earthling’. The currency symbols as I have envisioned are given at the top of this webpage. In common usage (terminology) Earthlings could be called as ‘Ellies’.
  3. Earthling will hold its value for a period of 10 years. At the end of 10 years, a council of global economists will either strengthen it or weaken it depending on the needs of developing and economically backward countries. And it shall hold that value for another 10 years. The cycle will repeat.
  4. First valuation of Earthling could be same as USD when rolled out. Earthling will not have a decimal such as paisa, cent or penny equivalent.

In such a scenario, all global trade (Import / export between any number of countries) will happen in Earthlings, global commodity pricing will be done in Earthlings. The commodity prices are against a single frame of non-fluctuating reference. The pricing truly reflects the commodity demand / supply situation. In turbulent economic times, it will be the safest currency to offload wealth into. What better than something that holds the same value for 10 years. Investment bankers will like such an instrument. Investors can ride turbulent times with much ease.

With this solution, countries will not be cheated on their import bills anymore. The World must make it a priority to take Project Earthling(c) live by Jan 1, 2022.

No more cheating of USA, with the two moving frames of reference.




Srinivas S. Devathi introduces Project Earthling(c) – A macro-economic reform and a global banking reform.


Srinivas S. Devathi introduces few of the benefits and advantages of Project Earthling(c) to the World.


The problem: While all the World countries (non-USA) would record their opening national treasury balances on ‘actuals’ (the real value as of that date), there is no starting point reference for USA to declare an opening balance due to their unlimited currency printing for over two centuries.

Recommended Solution: USA must go on actual – real balance as opening national treasury balance which will only be their Fort Knox gold reserve. And not claim any cash component since it is directly linked to the unlimited printing for over two centuries. This will immediately be approved by all 192 other countries. Fort Knox gold reserve was estimated at 380 Billion $ few years ago.

If USA does want to claim a cash component, on top of Fort Knox gold reserve, they must expect intense opposition from 192 other countries, given all the events of last 240 to 600 years. Further, such a claim is unlikely to be approved by 192 world countries in an approval vote.

The opening balances of all other countries: The opening national treasury balances of all countries would be recorded by GEC. It must be understood by all the World countries, that opening balances will range from Zero to small balances of 1 Million, 10 Million to moderate balances of 100 Million, 500 Million, 1 Billion with few countries declaring opening balances higher than 1 Billion.

GEC National Treasury balance components. What constitutes National Treasury?

You can also read it as ‘GEC National Wealth balance’. So, what cumulates into National treasury reserve?

The answer is simple. “Wealth” only. Examples of what adds into national reserve: Cash reserves, commodity reserves built by cash (e.g., Fort Knox gold reserve in USA)

What does not constitute national treasury or national wealth reserve?

Natural resources / reserves, minerals etc., (in earth). It is not ‘Wealth’. Or at least not translated into wealth. Examples are: Estimates of iron ore reserves, oil reserves, minerals, or metals in mine sites, or similar.

GEC National Opening Balances in Earthlings, for 193 world countries when Project Earthling(c) goes live. This is the projected real outcome depending on the history of last 250 years and approvals of 193 countries. 

GEC Opening Balance for 192 non-USA world countries: The easiest option for the 192 World nations would be to just record the actual (current day) opening balances for their countries with GEC.

GEC Opening Balance for USA: Given the unlimited printing of USD ($) for over 245 years by USA, the 192 World countries will not allow any opening cash balance for USA in Earthlings. So, USA GEC Opening Balance shall be ‘ZERO’ cash component. The Fort Knox gold reserve will be recognized as non cash component by GEC, given that it has been well documented and recognized by all world countries.  

Other factors pertaining to GEC Opening National Treasury Balances of 193 Countries. Several options have been considered by me, and I finally recommend the following factors to be taken into consideration by 193 countries at UNGA.

1) The current day rich countries got rich because they have cashed out on all their past inventions which is the very reason they got rich.

2) It is the turn of India to cash out and get rich now, by my invention US 8,910,998.

3) For USA, I recommend the following as their final national treasury opening balance. Go on actuals – declare only Fort Knox gold reserve. If they attempt to claim a cash component, they must expect that it will not be approved by the 192 world countries. Whatever USA opening national treasury balance is or their claim is must be subjected to an ‘Approval voting’ by 192 non-usa countries.

4) USA must also expect the ‘Import bill fraud’ lawsuits for the fraud they have committed for the past 160 to 240 years; after project Earthling(c) goes live.

Features / Advantages

  1. World Bank and IMF will seize to exist. So would the need for any world regional banks.
  2. All global trade commodities will be priced in Earthlings. All export items of all countries will be offered while priced in Earthlings. It will be a single global trade market, for each country’s export items.
  3. All global fund transfers (international wire transactions) will happen in Earthlings, thus simplifying global trade / transactions. E.g., Whether you are transferring funds to Europe, China, Japan or Korea, you always do the international wire transfers in Earthlings, despite their local currency. The recipient Bank upon funds receipt in Earthlings, could either hold them in Earthlings or convert it to their local currency, as per its preference. Global banking is simplified. Many to many currency conversion headaches are removed for Banks.
  4. Earthlings will be printed only in 2 or 3 mints, all located in a single location. These mints will be monitored by representatives from all countries (at least one from each country).
  5. Most forex reserves held by each country must be in Earthlings.
  6. Investment Bankers who trade in currencies, can be allowed to do so, on a single global standardized platform.
  7. Each country will have to hold only their local currency and Earthlings as Foreign exchange reserves. If their Central Banks want to hold some reserves in other currencies (purely from an investment or holdings vantage point), they could do so.
  8. At international airports, point of departure, the forex stations should allow buying Earthlings against local currency. At the point of destination, forex counters should be able to convert Earthlings to the local currency of that country. So, most international travelers could only carry Earthlings and travel to any country and shall do fine upon landing.
  9. Global banking is simplified. Many to many currency conversion headaches are removed for Banks.
  10. Most importantly, this brings economic and trade equality to planet earth. World will become a single market place for most exporters.
  11. It gives equal opportunity to all countries and brings balance to global trade.
  12. Countries with no currency today, should come up with their own currency which is at a certain proportion against Earthling, to enable them to do trade or generate wealth from what they could export.
  13. All developing and economically backward countries benefit significantly from this. USA and its economy will also be subjected to checks and balances.
  14. BRICS can take advantage of this new system and can be much more competitive on the global stage, as undue advantage of USA that has gone on for centuries is eliminated.
  15. Allows India and China to get to number 1 or 2 positions in the economic scale in few decades. This reform is the most important to the flawed global economic system that is existing (and prevalent) today. Without this reform, BRICS and other countries aspiring to develop stand no chance.
  16. Each country must have a special ‘International trade Bank’ which allows bulk (high value) Earthling transactions for registered global traders who do import / export of goods, to other entities in other countries who are in turn registered import / export traders in those countries. As another thought, all registered global traders who do import / export of goods must showcase their products online on their website, for bulk import / export deals ONLY and ‘not for retail sales in the local or any foreign country’. This allows the registered global traders to be transparent to the government, CB, and the International trade Bank in the country.
  17. All banks should allow international wire transactions in Earthlings, in smaller amounts with a cap, for regular citizens. This will be subjected to amendments by GEC over time.
  18. Local or domestic business; whether online or offline, must be conducted in the local national currency only.
  19. This will regulate international trade and forex transactions. E.g., USA can still print Dollars for themselves; UK can still print Pounds for themselves; however, they cannot use them (their local currency) for international trade directly.
  20. The initial exchange of each country’s holdings into ‘Earthlings’ will be on record with GEC (Global Earthling Counsel); and such information will be fully transparent to all country’s governments. Along with such data, the international trade numbers (done in Earthlings) of each country will also be on record and available to all nations. This curbs all fraudulent activities funded by bribes using any one local currency in a different country.
  21. All international airlines could price their flights in Earthlings and the local price could easily be computed by the customers at the exchange rate to Earthling (at the time). It makes their pricing and offering easy and simple to all, instead of pricing at individual country currencies.
  22. All global ‘Money based rankings’ could be done in Earthlings. For example, Forbes richest people listing cut-off could be by Billion Earthlings or more, GDP (nominal) of countries will be listed in Earthlings (GDP-PPP (by Purchasing Power Parity) will seize to exist as a national economic indicator), Global movies earnings and rankings could be in Earthlings, International hotel stay pricing could be in Earthlings, International tourism packages pricing could be in Earthlings, Global commodity pricing could be in Earthlings, International products or services pricing by exporters could be in Earthlings, International sports tournament prize money could be in Earthlings.

Investment Banking after Project Earthling goes LIVE

  1. Local investments will be made in local currency. Foreign investments would be done in Earthlings into a foreign country, as per the respective country’s government regulations. Most of the investment banking activities shall continue as they are today; to invest in commodities, shares, stocks, mutual funds, other instruments.
  2. The key advantage for any investor would be to off load his wealth into Earthlings in turbulent economic times. Investors could stay conservative or go aggressive in investing outside Earthlings, based on their risk appetite. With Earthling as an option, investment bankers also get a sense of relief during turbulent economic times.
  3. Currency trading could still be allowed on a single standardized global platform which could be accessed by special authentication given to investment bankers.
  4. Each country central bank could invest their treasury holdings into 5-year or 10-year Earthling bonds that gives a yield of 0.2, 0.5, 0.8 (mostly under 1%) for their investments. Since this would be offered to all countries, no one country would complain about it. GEC Earthling bonds may only be offered to country CB’S or even the rich people from around the world. If they do so, the terms of investment, yield return offered could be different for CB’S and rich people.
  5. The Earthling bonds could be offered by the ‘Global Earthling Counsel’ or ‘Global Economic Counsel’ that is responsible for printing Earthlings. As an alternative, a GEC bank fully in control of GEC, could be set-up under the ambit of ‘United Nations’, governed by all country representatives, to manage ‘Central bank investments into Earthling Bonds’.
  6. Rich people from all across the world need not look at putting money into ‘Hedge Funds’; which (despite the algorithms and past trend analysis) are effectively and essentially backed by USD (and the uncontrolled printing). GEC, and the Earthling bonds provide safe investing option to the world’s richest people. They could  invest into the Earthling bonds through their national CB’s or even directly.

Countries / Geographies

Let’s look around the World and think which Countries would support this reform. The answer is every country other than USA will give full support and vote for the implementation of this macro-economic reform. Once this is done, World will be a truly competitive space where talent, capability and effort will be truly rewarded. And World will get a break from USA that is constantly blocking, constantly using negative strategies at all other countries to stop their progress, development, and economic growth. Myself and India will take the lead to drive this initiative through UNGA and get it implemented by the result of the decisive voting.

Global Impact

In this section, I am presenting how USA has dominated the World by using their currency USD in the last few centuries. And what ‘Project Earthling(c)’ will do to the World and key groupings of Countries.

G7 Nations

The G7 (Group 7 nations) that have had the control, say, influence on most of the global subjects / issues in the last century or two, are internally controlled, dominated and bossed over by USA. It is a well-known fact; however, no one has done anything about it. Let’s take groups of countries within G7 and discuss them:

The 5 G7 nations Germany, Japan, South Korea, Italy and France have a common issue. They are smaller nations by population (in the context of India, China and USA); however, are technologically very advanced and developed. Secondly, they have wealth which is primarily held in global currencies of USD, Pounds, Euros, Yen or Renminbi. Within these currencies, USD dominates their holdings. Though explicitly not stated outside, these national wealth reserves held in USD, is the primary (core) lever that USA uses to control these nations, influence their decisions on all global matters and command them with no outlet of sorts. Just imagine, if all these countries held their wealth and reserves in ‘Earthlings’, the dependency on USA and USD is eliminated. The very lever with which these nations are controlled is removed. These nations will truly become free, independent and leaders on their own. They will start to vote and voice their real opinion on all global subjects and issues. Is this not good for the World? Think again, it is the best thing that can happen to the world.

The 2 Asian G7 countries Japan and Korea can also be called as ‘Captive Countries’ of USA. This is again because their wealth is held in USD; and USA is one of the largest markets to their products. These two factors have made these countries to become ‘Controlled territories’ of USA. Project Earthling will liberate these two countries and they can get out of being ‘Captive Countries’. What better, when all trade is done in Earthlings, which they can hold in their own banks, their voice in the world stage would be much clear, much louder and independent on all global issues and subjects.

The 2 G7 nations that are English speaking white supremacist countries are UK and Canada. Historically, they have been younger brothers of USA and always nodded to whatever they have been asked to do. I will go onto add two more countries into this bracket; Australia and New Zealand. These two nations are island countries with scanty population and no major role/participation in true global activities or events. However, these 4 English speaking white supremacist countries are younger brothers of USA and act as per the orders received from White House. The common connecting bond is religion, English language and the supremacist feeling among them. Hopefully, with Earthling going live, these 4 younger brother nations ‘grow up’ to be independent big brothers and can truly voice their opinion on global subjects and issues in future. Even in this case, Project Earthling will liberate and make countries independent.

Non-G7 Nations

India and China: Unlike all the countries that have been discussed above, India and China are the two most populated countries in the World. The trouble comes right here. With such large population and vast resources; the nations cannot accept being ‘Captive countries’, always controlled, dominated and commanded by USA. As an Indian citizen, ‘Project Earthling’ evolved from that very feeling, wanting independence for my country and true freedom, to build our own wealth and treasury; which is independent from the control levers of USA or their siblings. Project Earthling enables just that. I am sure every Indian citizen will rally their support to me in this initiative. I also think every Chinese citizen shares a similar sentiment and will rally their support to ‘Project Earthling’. If not for this project, to begin with India and China cannot dream of becoming 20-25 Trillion economies in the next few decades. Post ‘Project Earthling’, India and China can aspire to become the largest economies in the World and not be ‘Captive Countries’, by holding USD; but be free countries by holding reserves in Earthlings.
BRICS Nations: It is a representative group of ‘Developing countries’. There could be other countries added to this list, which are in a similar mold to build up their economies. Project Earthling will firstly free these countries from all clutches of USA; eliminate all roadblocks to their progress and development and finally enables them to hold their own wealth, treasury reserves in Earthlings. This makes them independent and free countries; competing on a level playing field and they can accumulate their wealth by true production of products and services. This analogy extends to all other developing countries in the World.

European Commission / European Union: The European Union can continue to function as a union / commission without any significant changes, in the Post Earthling world. One adjustment could be that they need not mandate or request the union nations to adopt Euro as currency. I think an estimated 19 off the 27 EC countries have embraced Euro currency. All the trade between the union nations can happen in Earthlings. This allows the union nations to retain their old currency or switch over to Euro if they choose to.

Here is a ‘Point of view’ – In the money based (capitalism) ideology, any two countries operating / doing local business (retail transactions) using a single currency are really one and the same country. 

All other countries in the World: The key benefit to all nations in the World, is that now it shall be a truly decentralized World, with no one commanding country. However, hopefully UN (United Nations) truly evolves into a global democratic body and becomes the center for discussing and resolving all global issues in future. That shall be the so called ‘Leader body’ or ‘Global governing body’ wherein each country can voice its opinion and vote in the right way on all global issues. UN must develop as a truly democratic body with one vote per country on all global subjects and issues. Such a world will enable conducive environment for all other countries in the World, whether Asian, European, African, middle Eastern, South American, or non-USA north American. They can all independently develop their economies, cumulate wealth in Earthlings and become responsible nations aspiring to get rich.

Final Summary

In the end, global economic order will become proportional to global population order. Project Earthling is the first step in that direction. To eliminate roadblocks and truly decentralize the world (all countries); and make it an even platform for everyone to compete and do business in the right way.

The best part: is that when all countries hold their wealth in Earthlings, in the 10-year cycle when Earthling is either strengthened or weakened by ‘Global economic council or Global Earthling council’; no one country would complain; as what happens to you is what happens to everyone in the World. When no one complains, everyone could maintain peace. I hope this project of mine, now puts Earth on the right orbit of development, peace, progress and prosperity to all nations in the World. 

UN truly becoming an independent ‘Global governing body’; ‘Global monitoring body’ and ‘Global initiatives body’. Democratic voting at UN on all subjects global must become standard, at one vote per country.

1) Project Earthling will decentralize the World and will ensure that no one country’s currency will work in another country. This truly brings equality to the World and puts a stop to financing “Questionable activities”, in another country. 

2) The governing body that monitors the ‘Mints printing Earthling bills’; (e.g., Global Earthling Counsel); will come under the control umbrella of UN. Will be monitored by all country representatives. This ensures right printing of funds (Earthlings), right spend of funds on global initiatives and all other global projects.

3) UN will truly evolve into an independent global governing body. This was much required and is about 200 to 300 years too late. I hope UN makes a note of this and moves this initiative forward. Project Earthling will ensure that World is an equal place and UN becomes the true, strong global governing body with one vote per country on all global matters.

4) All UN expenses could directly be reimbursed by GEC (Global Earthling Counsel), against the local currency annual (financial year) expenses of running their offices at an individual country level. This allows UN to expand their offices network across the world, hire more (as per requirements) to ensure clean global governance.

5) Additionally, a strong ‘United Nations’ as a true global governing body will ensure tabling the right subjects for discussion, debate, research, analysis and making decisions on all relevant, key and important global matters. For E.g., The first subject that could be now discussed, analysed and ‘Voted on by 193 member nations for enforcing or rolling out’ is ‘Project Earthling©’ itself.

6) On a global scale few such important subjects could be tabled for discussion and debate of all 193 member nations. And on such subjects which are relevant to the World – all 193 nations, a democratic voting method (at one vote per country) could be used to make decisions and taking action pertaining to the subject. Examples of such subjects could be: a) Enforcing human rights across the World; b) Ensuring every country has a voice at UN to speak and discuss the problems they might have; c) Managing energy demands of the World between various sources (oil, thermal, natural gas, chemical – electric, wind, solar, etc.); and throttling investments and research in one technique over the other or even finding a new renewable source, and the downstream effects of such decisions on 193 countries; or similar. These are some examples of global subjects / issues which could be tabled for discussion at UN for all 193 nations to weigh in their opinion and even vote on the subject matter and related action.

Each Country Earthlings reserve equation

Current Earthling reserve = Last year ‘Earthling reserve’ – Total FY Earthling reserves spent on national development work – Total FY imports + Total FY exports plus or minus Citizen activity.


Citizen activity is international travelers (incoming and outgoing) exchange of Earthlings to local currency and vice versa at forex counters; and plus or minus Non-business citizen remittances in Earthlings (incoming and outgoing) through Banks.

The data of FY imports and exports will be available with the ‘International trade bank’.

GEC policies will be subjected to amendments over a period of time. The formula may adjust according to some policy changes or amendments. GEC may give development loans (packages) by recording it as a loan & liability against the Country’s financial records. Some countries may take the loans (once they see & understand my Earthling Foundations work and upcoming initiatives in India) and want to emulate the work in their country.

Roll-Out Steps

The procedural steps involved in launching ‘Project Earthling’ will be as follows.

Step 1 – The initiative must be introduced at several global forums, such as Economic Forums, WTO, UN (UNGA), and informed to all country governments and (central banks) CB’S.

Step 2 – Discussions and voting. The introduction would lead to discussions at many levels. Post discussions, a UN voting must be conducted, with one vote per country on the subject. This initiative will be voted in. A governing body must be established (name (e.g., Global Economic Council), governing team (e.g., One member from each country) and other details (e.g., role, responsibility, scope of work, charter, etc.)).​ Record opening national treasury balances of all 193 countries.

Step 3 – Once the initiative is voted in, we need to design the currency bills. (a) Billion, Half Billion, Million and Half Million Earthling bills for CB holdings and exchanges. (b) 10000, 5000, 1000, 500, 100 Earthling bills for citizen (international travelers) exchanges only. There shall be no other denomination (for e.g., currency bills of 50, 10, 5, 2 or 1 used for local purchase transactions). As no country allows purchase/sale (or local / domestic retail businesses) by using Earthlings. It is only an International trade currency and foreign exchange currency and not for domestic trade or business.

Step 4 – Mint(s) that will print Earthlings shall be set-up in a single location. These mints will be governed by all countries (their representatives); and will be under 24*7 surveillance. The location should ideally be in India, or Europe. City to be selected.

Step 5 – Flushing USD from all non-USA countries. Earthlings shall be printed to replace USD holdings of all countries (their CB’S). The exchanged USD should be retrieved and trashed / shredded (as in truly replaced). The replacement amounts will be equal to the recorded opening national treasury balances (see step 2).

Step 6 – Monitoring country treasury balances and controlling Earthling printing. Begin of normal – regular GEC operations. After replacing the reserves of each country (their CB’s) by Earthlings, GEC would be highly restrictive in selling Earthlings to countries. Based on the analysis of trade requirements of nations (categories of nations), adjustments could be made to GEC policies over a period of time.

The entire reform could be rolled in about 1 year. This baselines the World economic situation with a much better balance and gives equal opportunity to all countries in global trade and economic growth. All countries can aspire to develop and get rich, without any roadblocks.

Baseline National Treasury reserves when Project Earthling© goes live

Simple objective: The Central bank starting balances when Earthling goes live must be a true, real reflection of the existing world and each country’s economies and their real earnings. This is the objective, when Earthling goes live and Countries across the World baseline their Central bank starting balances with GEC. Real reflection of true earnings is the key phrase. It must be understood that the rich countries today got rich because of their inventions which they cashed out on, thus getting rich. So, all the past inventions and discoveries have been cashed out by the respective countries. So, any retrospective additions to national treasury opening balances will be refused and denied by 193 UN countries.

Key Factors related to the ‘First entry’ and ranking of National treasury balances:

  • India must become the richest country by treasury holdings when this deal is complete, due to the sale of worldwide IP rights to my invention US 8,910,998.
  • India is earning the wealth by this Invention of their citizen. So, Inventor and India are claiming the wealth rightfully, and cashing out in a cash out model.
  • With such wealth, India will move towards ‘Goal Year 2050’; and in doing so, procure products and services from most countries in the world, thus delivering business, wealth and growth to many countries in World.
  • USA on the other hand has been printing USD for themselves and for the World (as much as they want) and mixing it into the Global trade, banking and business system for past few centuries. So, when Project Earthling© goes live and each country’s National central bank balance / holdings (treasury reserve) are recorded (e.g., Official on the record starting balance as of Jan 1, 2022); what would USA’s starting balance number will be? There is no reference, there is no starting point due to the unlimited printing of 200 to 300 years. Hence, Fort Knox gold reserve will be the only recognized national treasury balance for USA. That or any number they claim must be subjected to decisive voting of all 193 countries.
  • UK, Canada, Australia and NZ starting balances must also be validated by the global community. Needless to say; they must be on actuals and they will certainly rank well below USA.

Role and profile of Srinivas Devathi for next 30 years.

Role for next 30 years.
Profile for next 30 years.

Abbreviations used

BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (Developing countries group); CB – Central Bank of a country; GDP – Gross Domestic Product; WTO – World Trade Organization; IMF – International Monetary Fund; WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization; UN – United Nations; G20 – Group 20 Countries; G7 – Group 7 Countries; USA – United States of America (Country); USD – US Dollar (The currency of USA).

95 slides of information presented to Indian media houses on 13 Jan 2020.

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