Goal Year 2050 for India

This goal will be soon renamed to ‘GOAL YEAR 30 FE FOR INDIA’. FE stands for Freedom by Earthling years.

This ‘Goal’ is to be renamed to ‘Goal year 30 FE for India’, when Project Earthling(c) goes live and Global Earthling Council, GEC is formed. FE stands for ‘Freedom by Earthling’. It would mark the end of AD, Anna Domini years, and start of FE, Freedom by Earthling years.

Links to Two Youtube Videos wherein Srinivas S. Devathi introduces Goal Year 2050 for India and early plans for his Earthling Foundations.

Srinivas Devathi introduces LIVING WILL for 93 Trillion Earthlings wealth. The LIVING WILL has been executed, legalized and submitted to the court.
Srinivas Devathi speaks of Goal Year 2050 for India and Earthling Foundations.

Cascading effect of my work to the world countries.

The cascading effect of my authored macro-reforms and the upcoming work for ‘Goal year 2050 for India’ to the world countries will eventually make all the 193 world countries ‘HAVE’S’.

This resulting world will be a far better world with all countries being ‘HAVE’S’, and further with equality in all forms put in place by the neutral world trade, world business, forex, and national reserve currency ‘Earthlings’, and the right governance model delivered by ‘United Nations global governance model 2020(c)’ to all the 193 world countries.

There shall be no slavery of any form in this new and better world. There will be equality, and Justice will be delivered to countries when they genuinely approach Judicial council.

Attached is a brochure about the ‘Cascading effect of my work to the world countries’. The strategy, blue-print, guidance, and direction when embraced will end poverty on Earth.

Initiatives / projects launched by Srinivas S. Devathi to achieve the visionary ‘Goal year 2050’ for India will have its cascading effects to 100 or more countries. A schematic visual showing how the cascading effect will work is shown here:

Cascading effect of work done in India for ‘Goal year 2050’ across 100 or more countries.

90% wealth allocation for achieving Goal Year 2050. Here is a visual showing the wealth allocations by Srinivas S. Devathi for Goal Year 2050 according to his Living will in force.

90% wealth allocation for Goal Year 2050 for India.

Distribution of 93 Trillion wealth across India.

Image showing the distribution of 93 Trillion wealth across India.
Distribution of 13.95 Trillion across the states and UT’S of India in proportion to their population.

All of India and its future has been integrated with this lawsuit and claim.

OS 4961 of 2018 is now OS 2487 of 2021 in the Honorable court.

India now part of the lawsuit.

Projected timeline for the execution of 62 sale agreements, to be tracked and followed by the entire world

Projection two-year plan to conclude the execution of 62 sale agreements for the full value of 93 Trillion Earthlings. I am working towards achieving this timeline. However, I am bound by the procedures of Indian judiciary, introduction of Project Earthling© at WIPO, coordinating the schedules of 62 country leaders and designated signatories, media publications, broadcast, and discussion of the subjects. I plan on coordinating and working with all these stakeholders to achieve the following timeline. I am optimistic that the world (all 193 countries) will go along with me in this objective of delivering ‘Real independence and freedom to all countries’, and for the combined good and brighter future of all of humanity.

The 61 tri-party sale agreements will be executed in a way to bring approximately 20% of the value in first year of the sale agreement, with the balance (approximate 80% of the value) distributed to come in as payments payable to me over the balance IP tenure years. The last payment would come in year 2033, and I shall distribute the wealth final checks according to my Living will allocations by end of year 2034.

Planned two-year timeline for the execution of 62 sale agreements.

Details of 62 sale agreements for liability claim of 93 Trillion are in the file attached here:

Access the full details at 62 sale agreement details own webpage: https://srinivasdevathi.com/details-of-36-sale-agreements-for-liability-claim-of-93-trillion/

Tentatively planned launch of the first Earthling Foundation (public) trust initiative, which will be broadcasted and followed worldwide: June or July of year 2023.

Role and profile of Srinivas Devathi for next 30 years.

Profile of Srinivas Devathi for the next 30 years.
Role for next 30 years.

To drive Development & Progress in INDIA

Being a visionary entrepreneur, and after inventing the ‘Vehicle color change technology’, I was posed with several roadblocks and challenges. The first of which was the problem of the wealth this invention would create across the globe. It took me several years of work and analysis across geographies and sectors, to run through the inventions potential. It turned out that the potential of the invention is in the order of 10’s of Trillions of Dollars (A Trillion being a thousand Billion). When the entire opportunity potential over 100 years is computed, the opportunity size goes into 100’s of Trillions of Dollars. As per inventor’s IP rights, the Inventor typically controls major portion of contracts and agreements executed for downstream business rights.

I concluded that with such a path breaking and transformative invention which will transform the planet earth, I have the responsibility to ensure such wealth is properly used in the world. To put the invention in a different perspective, a painter’s rendition of earth would be a colorful planet in future as opposed to the blue planet image that we are used to seeing.

I spent some time on evaluating the World as it stands today; the positions of Developed countries, Developing countries and Least developed countries. After analyzing all the nations in the World, I concluded that defining a goal, a set objective alone would help focus all my energy to attract wealth from across the World and channel it in right direction. Being born and raised in India, it became easy for me to define this objective. India is such a big nation and should have become a global leader long ago and provide guidance to nations across the globe. I say this based on India being home for 1/6th of World’s population and yet, India does not fare very well on poverty, health care, life span and quality of life indices. Further, India’s GDP to population ratio is very low. Just to put it in perspective, USA with 1/4th of India’s population has a GDP of 18.5 Trillion $’s. Based on that ratio, with our population India’s GDP should be 74 Trillion Earthlings / $. However, it is currently at 2.6 Trillion Earthlings / $. Of course, this is just based on proportions and ignoring all the other variables, which are plenty. Keeping the 74 Trillion Earthlings / $ number aside for a moment, I realized we could easily set ourselves a reasonable goal for next two decades, to get India to become a 20-25 Trillion $ economy.

After such a review and analysis, it became easy for me to create a specific goal with the wealth the ‘Vehicle color change technology’ creates. That’s when I decided to set a goal year 2050 for India; through a series of initiatives spanning the next 20-25 years in the form of Earthling Foundations work. The goal is to make India a developed country by year 2050; or at least complete bulk of the work required for it by year 2050. While doing so, if we could provide guidance to other developing and least developed nations, it would be our way of giving back to the world. Most of my Earthling Foundations work in India shall be executed as private side projects. Of course, the Indian government will get significant boost when I pay 20% of all wealth attracted as Capital gains tax to them. An additional 25% will be divided between central government and 29 state governments to execute projects as public side projects. My general guidance to Governments would be to spend the contributed funds on digitization of all government functions to enable ease of doing business, making govt offices world class, building airports and world class infrastructure. There are a few slides which give the potential of ‘Vehicle color change technology’, that you can access by clicking the button at the top of this page.

Click the PDF file download button to see the Cool Car Technology valuation details

Approach and details of how we will get to goal year 2050

As I am the inventor to such a ‘Wealth generating technology’; the onus is on me to show the way of how it must be handled and how the wealth must be rightfully spent. Simply put, as the world is posed with such an unprecedented challenge of such wealth creation, the responsibility falls on me as the inventor. I am happy to show the way and lead India and the World, on how to roll out this technology.

The content in this page is only the high-level approach and guiding plan / strategy. The detailed plans of each individual initiatives will follow over the next 25 to 30 years, as each initiative rolls out.

If you have seen the slides in the deck linked to the button at the top of this page; you would realize that this technology has created an conservatively estimated global economic activity of 930 Trillion Earthlings / $ in the next 100 years and I am looking to raise 93 Trillion Earthlings / $, by selling or assigning the worldwide IP rights and control of downstream businesses to each of the individual countries. This 10% cash out model is very reasonable. In fact, inventors who negotiate aggressively, have even claimed 15 or 20% of total activity. The final liability claim could be reset to a higher price subject to input from competent authorities. The sale price could be reset to higher final value such as 220, 230, 240, or 250 Trillion Earthlings / $.

Over the last two decades I have understood the world to its finest detail, traits, culture, nature and psychology. I am going to be blunt in this paragraph. The World according to me is divided into ‘White supremacist countries’ who want to be the richest and who want to control all countries in the World and everything that happens in the World; and the rest (Non-White supremacist countries). If you have seen my photograph, by look and nature I am a complete Indian citizen with copper/honey skin tone. For over a decade and half; my work has been blocked by the White supremacist countries as I am not of their ethnicity. Which is one of the reasons, I moved back to India, as I was smart and quick to realize that they would not allow me to succeed in their country and in fact that I would be killed over there to steal wealth coming out of this technology. To list the white supremacist countries, they are USA, Australia, UK, Canada and New Zealand; all of who are controlled and instructed by USA (DC and NYC). These are the English-speaking white supremacist countries in the world. Most of the rest of the world are relatively plural in nature, wherein the plurality comes either from being multi-lingual or multi-religious or multi-ethnic. India falls into this category; however, India is special as it has over one Billion Hindus. There is no country in the world which is home to such a large group of people belonging to one religion. So, India is very special, and I am proud to be a Hindu born and raised in India. Further India is both multi-lingual and multi-religious. So, certainly we are not white supremacist; as we have people of all colors in the country. Now, India with 1.2 Billion Hindus off the 1.4 Billion total population has two choices; one report to a White supremacist country and become a slave nation for all its future; or take a tough stance now and become a free thinking, independent country which could show the way, direction to many countries in the world in future. I want to build India to be the latter. A world leader by itself, not reporting to any country and providing alternate POV’S, solutions and directions to World problems to build a better planet. This is the reason I am looking to firstly sell or assign all IP rights and control of downstream businesses pertaining to 62 world countries and bring the wealth into India. A legal court matter will bring me this opportunity very soon. Let’s assume I raise 20 Trillion Earthlings / $ by selling or assigning of IP rights and control of downstream business rights of some of the 62 countries. So, lets take this 20 Trillion Earthlings / $ as an example number for rest of this discussion. Note that it could be even more capital raised depending on the package they choose to buy. Off the 20 Trillion Earthlings / $, I would distribute 45% to Indian government and 29 state governments in India. Another 45% of the wealth, will be spent directly on India progress and development initiatives via Earthling Foundations work as private side projects. With the balance 10% of the total wealth (2 Trillion Earthlings / $) as my personal wealth, I shall remain the only Multi-Trillionaire in the world. Note that this entire transaction will be in ‘Accounted money’ held in Banks or legitimate money.

45% Wealth distributed within India. Here are the key points pertaining to how the 45% (9 Trillion Earthlings / $) wealth is distributed and my guidance on how it should be spent.

  • A check will be cut for Indian income tax department, directly handed over to the Finance Minister which would be for 20% of the total sale proceeds, as capital gains tax. This would be for 4 Trillion Earthlings / $.
  • Another check will be cut for Indian government and handed over to Prime Minister. This would be for 10% of the total sale proceeds at 2 Trillion Earthlings / $. The reason would state ‘Contribution towards India’s progress and development’.
  • Another 15% of the total sale proceeds at 3 Trillion Earthlings / $, will be divided into 36 checks, one per each state (29) or Union Territory (7) in India. The reason would state ‘Contribution towards your state’s progress and development’. I have decided to divide the wealth in proportion to the state’s population. The break-up of the funds received by each state, Union Territory is given in a table at the bottom of this page. The numbers have been divided as per 2011 census data. Each state check would be handed over to the Chief Minister of each state. J&K check will be given to Prime Minister.

With the funds paid to Central Government, here are my points / guidance on how the wealth must be spent:

  • Large national infrastructure projects. These could be building World class multi-lane National highways, Railway metros in towns/cities, dams or other. World class means the project outcome should come with 100-year warranty. We have failed in this space, as per history.
  • Build swanky world class government offices, for Indian businesses to come and meet with Government ministers. This should include destruction of old, poorly maintained, or crumbling buildings and building brand new ones.
  • Spend on modernizing all construction to be world class. Heavy machinery should be a sizable component in Government spend. They should route these funds to private heavy machinery companies. Private companies should train Indian citizens across the country, to become proficient in doing construction using heavy machinery which saves millions of man months of labor in the long run. This would cut down on the construction cycle time and deliver better efficiency and productivity. This point should get 300 to 500 Billion Earthlings / $ in allocation from the government. Training Indian youngsters in operating heavy machinery is key to build India in next few decades. Further, the number of machines bought to drive construction across the country is an important factor.
  • Spend on driving ‘Electric Mobility’. Indian govt should be looking to source 50% of their incremental transportation sector energy requirements from ‘Electric source’.
  • All government offices should have their own websites to list the services they provide. They should also provide all services on a digital platform. Primarily resulting in 100% digital government operations and transactions.
  • Complete ease of doing business via digital framework.
  • The above can be ensured by building the largest data centers for the projected / estimated data growth in the next 100 years. This should include Production, back-up, Disaster Recovery etc.

With the funds paid to State Governments, here are my points / guidance on how the wealth must be spent:

  • Build swanky world class government offices, for local / national businesses to come and meet with Government ministers. This should include destruction of old, poorly maintained, or crumbling buildings and building brand new ones.
  • All government offices should have their own websites to list the services they provide. They should also provide all services on a digital platform. Primarily resulting in 100% digital government operations and transactions.
  • Complete ease of granting all permissions and connections via digital route.
  • The above can be ensured by building the large state government data centers for the projected / estimated data growth in the next 100 years. This should include Production, back-up, Disaster Recovery etc.

My modus operandi as the first ‘Multi-Trillionaire’ in the world. How I intend to spend the remaining 55% share of my wealth.

As it pertains to my share of 55% of total wealth; 10% of the total wealth will be my own personal wealth. 45% of total wealth will be spent on India’s development and progress, as private side projects via Earthling Foundations initiatives over the next 25 to 30 years. 5% off the 45% (pledged for Earthling Foundations private projects) at 1 Trillion Earthlings / $, would be spent on building three private streams of companies as given below:

  • Private Military equipment manufacturer: I want to incubate and manufacture artillery (military equipment) within India, for future; and privatize it. Only private companies can hire the best and manufacture top quality gear. To drive this initiative, 500 Billion Earthlings / $ is pledged. If funds are needed for immediate military upgrade, I could also use these funds to procure artillery directly or contribute to Defense ministry. We could get to a point where we can upgrade our Air force, Navy and Army military requirements ourselves. The objective here is that we achieve self sufficiency in our own national security needs, rather than becoming a military super-power, given that we are already a nuclear power.
  • Private Airport building company: A country as big as India should have 800 to 1000 airports. This should include 25 to 40 International airports which are truly world class, another 250 domestic airports which are mid-sized and 500 to 700 town or rural airports which are single concourse airports with 10 to 20 gates maximum. 300 Billion Earthlings / $ could be assigned to this. This is to make flight travel synonymous to the red bus / rural bus travel, over the next 2 decades. This could be done as a Private construction company initiative. The reason, only a private party can bring in World class work into India and Government has struggled in this space as per history.
  • Private World class Heritage site tourism company: 200 Billion Earthlings / $ would be allocated to build a private company to make all ‘Heritage sites’ in India truly world class. If you have visited a World class tourist attraction, the amenities, facilities will speak for themselves. In India, no tourist heritage site is anywhere close to being World class. This fund will upgrade all heritage sites to becoming World class and ensure it has nearby airport access. This will significantly boost tourism income and each heritage site will pay for itself and make more money to the government. Investment in operations and maintenance is a key factor where we have failed in the past. ​

40% of the total wealth is pledged for Earthling Foundations initiatives for the country. In this work, the role of the Government would be to ensure all permissions granted with no red tape or delays; and provide necessary connections at the earliest. I shall guide and mentor the government(s) accordingly.

  1. A new bank shall be created, to hold the pledged 40% wealth ear-marked for Earthling Foundations work.
  2. For reasons known to the world, I must refrain from having any financial transactions or business with Muslim countries that may not have conducive business environment. This is a ground rule I am establishing as a precaution such that India is seen as a very business friendly country, where in the wealth is managed and spent with great responsibility.
  3. The above statement is no reflection or opinion about any Muslim country in the world. I wish them well and encourage them to be more business friendly for financial transactions on projects or work. I have established this ground rule to demonstrate that wealth is channeled into India’s development and progress work alone. And that we take this matter with maximum seriousness and responsibility.
  4. To engage Indian minorities in nation building I shall be using select separate corporations and foundations in India thus driving Earthling Foundations work.
  5. Note that all NRI’s report to White supremacists in their respective countries. They and their families/relatives residing in India will have no role to play in my work. The reason is simple, India’s wealth shall remain within India, and when an NRI is involved the wealth has a chance to leave the country, rendering India that much poorer. So, all work will be done by engaging Indian citizens living in India and who would never leave this country and die here. That way, India’s wealth shall always remain in India and would not leave the country. To this effect a ‘National Indian Wealth Bill’ should be passed in the Indian Parliament that recognizes Indian wealth and addresses ‘Inheritance laws’ pertaining to people who apply for citizenship in a different country and leave India.
  6. I shall be directly engaging the Indian majority Hindus (80% of the country’s population), in the work pertaining to Earthling Foundations; over the next 25 to 30 years.
  7. As the first and only ‘Multi-Trillionaire’ in the World, I will set-up my companies and will also look to do M&A of some key target companies in India to build my group of companies. I may also look to buy out some companies and look to rebrand them selectively.
  8. ​The M&A is also to ensure Indian citizens and Indian entities (owned by Indian citizens) will hold more than 51% ownership of all legal entities listed in the country. This will include skill and competence building where necessary.
  9. I shall also start my own ‘Start-up incubation’ division within the group.
  10. Earthling Foundations work will be done as ‘Private side’ initiatives with wealth pledged for the development of the country. This means, I will hire people, train them as required, form human chains across country and execute work. All the Earthling Foundations work, projects, expenditure will be on a public internet portal for everyone to access and see. Simply put, the wealth spent will be fully transparent to all Indian citizens.
  11. The first Earthling Foundations initiative is planned for launch in year 2023. This will have multiple dimensions involved in it, one of which would be ‘Improving the Education system in India’. All the details of this initiative will be given out on its launch day.
  12. The Earthling Foundations initiatives are many and have been sequenced in a pre-planned approach / strategy to ensure all work or at least most of the work to make India a developed country will be completed by year 2050.
  13. There are many sequenced Earthling Foundation initiatives to follow; each one launched by me with gap of 1 or 2 years between initiatives. The gap is to fully mobilize and operationalize the one initiative that has been launched across the country.
  14. An example of what is to come in future is: ‘Super World Class Business district or downtown’. I plan on building a minimum of 5 across India. These will emerge as brand new ‘Super cities’ in India. A Super World Class Business district is defined as a district comprising of at least 50 skyscrapers which are of 50 floors or more. Some skyscrapers would cross 100 floors in each business district.
  15. Another example could be ‘Smart city initiative’ to invest in the 100 cities selected by the Government.
  16. I request every Indian citizen living in India, to take pride in being an Indian, stay optimistic and be energized to follow my initiatives and join hands when the time is right.
  17. Note that while we build India, we will do it in a way to be ‘World class’ or beat the ‘World class’ and define a whole another class, by raising the bar.

While we team up and do all the above, if other developing countries or least-developed countries can emulate our work to their country’s benefit, that will be our way of giving back to the World.

Srinivas Devathi, October 2018.

Image showing division of 3 Trillion $ / Earthlings fund between 29 states and 7 union territories

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