Earthling Foundations Initiatives

With reference to the wealth I bring into India, its allocation according to my Living Will executed on 22-8-2022, which is accessible at my website webpage, you will observe that I distribute 45% of the total wealth equally across Earthling Foundations Public Trust and Earthling Foundations Private Trust.

Earthling Foundations Public Trust will start its work, directed towards achieving Goal year 30 FE for India, upon the completion of execution of the 62 sale agreements. The first initiative will be launched after the execution of 62 sale agreements. Few of the initiatives by this Trust will go live first in what is going to be a series of initiatives across 30 years, even before the first Earthling Foundations Private Trust initiative is launched.

The Trusts must be registered first. It is work in progress. The necessary set of banks must be registered. It is also work in progress, and also connected with judicial orders.

Very soon I will provide additional details of the first initiative of Earthling Foundations Public Trust.