Should the first Trillionaire live for 1000 years?

My direct answer is NO.

There are some people in USA who want to live to be 1000 years. They believe that their country medical science has come to a point to keep them alive for 1000 years, at the expense of others lives. I consider such attempts as inhuman and criminal. I will never endorse such actions and in fact will be guiding the new macro-governance model to have a strict international law curbing such thoughts and attempts.

I want to live into my 90’S, and that in a healthy way and with a balanced life style, certainly enjoying the luxury that comes with being the first Trillionaire.

I accept the fact that human beings life span is set at 90-100 years.

Also, why do I need so many more years, when I intend to achieve the goals / objectives that I have set to myself within the planned 93 years of my life. The goals being achieving ‘Goal year 2050 for India’ soon to be renamed as ‘Goal year FE 29 for India’; which will in turn have cascading effects on the economics of at least 100 or more world countries.

Capitalism must not kill humanity on planet Earth.

As observed by my statements above, international law will be made to curb any intended or planned medical murders of younger people to give a second life to some old person. If not, our planet would turn into an animal planet causing murders for absolutely useless, unproductive, zombie like life years for some old people. These years make no sense to the person or any one around the person.

Srinivas S. Devathi, in year 2016.