Launch of technology by OEM’S

As Inventor to patent US 8,910,998 – ‘Vehicle Color Change Technology’, after the WIPO publication of the technology in October 2015, through the years of 2016 and 2017, I made efforts to introduce the technology myself. However, funding for me to pilot and launch the technology was refused at every available option locally and globally. Secondly, I wrote to most of the Automotive OEM’s structuring the deals in different ways. Several communications were made with many OEM’s to negotiate deals with ‘Exclusive rights for up to 3 years’ and ‘First to launch the technology’ and get a head start by blocking others for at least 3 years. Further, other creative options, scenarios and deals were explored. However, none of them materialized.

And since year 2018, the USA-UK fraud started to cause liability to me, by loss of IP rights. And as of today, with most of my global national stage applications having been lapsed or lost, USA-UK liability is at the full value of 93 Trillion $ or Earthlings (For Earthlings, refer my website link: ).

So, while I cash out with full value, the lure among OEM’S to ‘Cut a deal with me first’, ‘Be the first to launch their brand of color changing car’ and ‘Block the competition for a period of 3 or 5 years’ have all gone down.

I will distribute the global IP rights as per the defined 62 largest deals in the World. Given this, every OEM is by itself. Once the rights are assigned to individual country / IP jurisdiction, the OEM is free to work with their territory authority and launch their own ‘color changing cars’.

Simply put, upon the completion of the 62 sale agreements / 62 deals covering 62 country IP rights and their disbursement, each OEM can launch and work on their own ‘Color change technology’, after establishing paperwork with their own government or rights holding authority, and embrace the invention US 8,910,998 – ‘Vehicle color change technology’ to the full extent. Further, the IP rights holding authority (country or PTO jurisdiction or trade union) will execute contracts for 100 years for all the downstream businesses to the companies of their choice, obviously with first preference to their local corporations or newly incubated ones in their own territory. Why would any country want to give their downstream businesses to foreign companies?

This method of global rights sale, allows all the global automotive OEM’s to become fully free, with no dependencies, no rights restrictions in their home country; which allows them to exploit the technology to its fullest potential and  thus make, launch and export their pilot or concept Color changing vehicles; and showcase them at the global motor shows.

You would see that, once the first automotive OEM rolls out a car, all the others will follow within the subsequent 6 to 12 months.

The technology global IP rights sale allows the unrestricted adoption of the technology and manufacture at least in the home country of the OEM. Each OEM could also engage in their own “Automotive manufacturing plant(s) transition” plan at an individual plant level, at a national, regional or global level.  

Once the 62 largest deals in the World are completed, all the global automotive OEM’S can work with their government or authority that bought rights from me; and simultaneously embrace, exploit the technology rights and roll out their color changing vehicles. Further, engage in plant transition at an individual plant, national, regional and global level.

Collectively, the World is looking at the following steps:

  • The introduction and going live of Project Earthling©.
  • The execution of 62 sale agreements / largest deals in the World cumulating to 93 Trillion Earthlings in value, assigning the IP rights and downstream businesses to each of the 62 countries where I have IP rights.
  • All automotive OEM’s are then free to embrace and exploit the invention US 8,910,998 – ‘Vehicle color change technology’ to its fullest potential, by working with their local authorities. Its introduction, marketing, promotion and their manufacturing plant(s) transition to producing 100% color changing vehicles.
  • The introduction and going live of United Nations Global Governance Model 2020©.

POV 14 from ‘Right perspectives for the world’ webpage.

I am Mechanical Engineer by education which included Automotive subjects, I am an Automotive Industry outsider, and inventor. This fact has augured well to contain automotive industry competition and soften the race to be the first to embrace the invention patent US 8,910,998 B1. Given the financial benefits, all OEMS could move in, embracing the invention / design around about the same time. 

An Industry insider patent would have created a chasm within the automotive sector with raging rivalries and lost competitive market share. Me, the inventor of patent US 8,910,998 B1, being an industry outsider has had a very positive effect on the Automotive industry as the industry can adopt the technology that drives humongous cost savings, financial benefits, and business benefits, by keeping the brand rivalries to minimal.

The OEM brands need not go against each other or have rivalries in introducing ‘color change cars by adopting my invention design’. All OEMS can adopt my invention / design and realize the full financial and business benefits from it. Further, all OEMS can also plan the transition of production plants one at a time in parallel streams / waves, to manufacture ‘color changing cars’, by country, and cover all countries they manufacture in.

I request all the world automotive OEM’S to accept the fact that I am an industry outsider and thus also accept the fact that given the caused liability, I must cash out of my invention by executing 63 agreements in all. This will ensure, the entire world automotive industry, all brands included will adopt my invention seamlessly with minimal brand rivalries or friction while doing so. I would feel good if all world OEM brands roll out color changing cars within a block of three to six months without having to claim who was the first. The largest Automotive industry transformation would be a welcome by the world countries and citizens. The consumers have the full spectrum of colors to choose from for their car.