OS 4961 of 2018

USA fraud related case is filed in Bangalore City Civil Court in CCH-10, by jurisdiction. This fraud is linked to 62 World countries, wherein USA corporations and USA law firm have collectively granted a national patent for USA territory; while in a deliberate fraud of fabricating prior art and inserting it into USPTO database and issuing a fabricated ISR – International Search Report with a fabricated date, have blocked Inventor’s global IP rights and its benefits from 61 Non-USA countries. By monetary value, USA’s fraud has granted only 22.5 Trillion $ value to the Inventor (hence India) and have blocked wealth of 70.5 Trillion Earthlings (or $) from Inventor’s IP rights from the rest of the World – 61 Non-USA countries.

Specifically, the defendants include Janssen Pharmaceuticals USA (A Johnson & Johnson USA division), HSBC Bank USA, Capgemini USA and Hulsey Lawyers USA.

All these Corporations and their employees are anti-India, anti-progress and anti-humanity. They are pro-deflation of 62 country economies by blocking the adoption of my invention and from reaping economic benefits from it.

Status of the lawsuit: Disposed – Orders passed are attached below.

The Court has passed the following Orders, and Disposed the lawsuit. D2 and D4 were marked ex-parte. They had to legally answer for the fraud and they never showed up in the court and have been absconding. Court did not see ‘Cause of Action’ on D1 and D3, despite D3 having processed my Green Card in 2007-2008 time frame and were fully involved in the fraud; and D1 being the communication channel with USPTO due to their regular ongoing relationship with them. Further D2 was the financial muscle that paid for this global fraud. D4 is neck deep in the fraud and must answer the plaint in the Court. However, D2 and D4 have been absconding and did not respond to the plaint. Hon’ble Court has captured the roles of D1, D2, D3, D4 clearly in the orders, as you would read in the link below.

Hon’ble Court has also ordered that the Cause of action is against USPTO and that plaintiff must look to make them a defendant.

These orders resulted in Plaintiff filing OS 2613 of 2020, in the court with USPTO and Hulsey PC as D1 and D2. Attached below are the final court orders as issued by the judge.

The prayer of the plaintiff remains the same in both the original suits. OS 4961 of 2018 and OS 2613 of 2020.

The Court orders are attached here:

Attached are all the documents submitted to court through the dates of the lawsuit.

Here are all the documents submitted to the Bangalore city civil court in sequence from the date of filing the plaint. Most of the documents attached were scanned before signatures and notarizing were done. However, the content in the documents is as submitted to the court.

Objections to IA’S of D1, and D3 filed by me.

IA’S filed by D1 and D3.

All prior content put online while the case was active.

Inventor, India and the entire World – 192 other countries are waiting for USA to clean up their fraud and not be a roadblock to rest of the World and global economy. Entire World, all 9.5 Billion humans are waiting for USA to act and clear their fraud, so that we move into a brighter & better future.


The execution & completion of the following 36 deals are the correct & expected outcome of the global lawsuit OS 4961 of 2018, linking 62 world countries. In conjunction with Project Earthling©, the following 36 deals will conclude the global IP rights entanglement lawsuit. The 36 upcoming largest deals in the World are given here. These sale prices by territory have been arrived by using 2018 nominal GDP numbers of some of the countries. We may adjust the sale prices of the territories by factoring in 2019 actual nominal GDP numbers, once they are officially available with United Nations. The number of deals went up from 35 to 36, post Brexit conclusion on Jan 31, 2020. 

For India territory, the Srinivas-Narendra deal will be renamed as Srinivas-Third Millennium deal. The understanding between me and Indian government is as per my LIVING WILL. I have pledged a total of 45% of the entire wealth to Indian central and state governments. Mr. Narendra Modi has in principle approved this understanding and arrangement.

After the Srinivas-Third Millennium deal is executed, I will give IP Licenses to Indian automobile manufacturers to exploit, use and launch the inventive technology. Simultaneously, I will promote technology introduction in other sectors and necessary downstream businesses to thrive for next 100 years in India. It must be understood that, since I would have cashed out as Inventor with 2.25 Trillion Earthlings, I will look to build and roll out all downstream businesses as new companies and allow them to branch away to become independent new companies. I shall stay focused on Goal Year 2050 for India and its related work.

The final 36 deals that will conclude the global fraud committed by USA.

The Ecosystem authored by Srinivas Devathi to enable the 36 largest deals in the World, to systematically resolve and settle the global IP rights for the invention of ‘Vehicle Color Change Technology’. These 95 slides of information was presented to Indian media houses on 13 Jan 2020.

The following 95 slides content gives details of the ‘Ecosystem’ I had to author to enable this ‘Largest ever settlement for my Invention and its global rights’. The ecosystem comprises of Project Earthling© and United Nations Global Governance Model 2020©; and by way of these two transformations, the ‘Vehicle Color Change Technology’ invention global rights will be resolved and settled by way of 36 Largest deals in the World. You can also read about these transformations at the respective links in this website.


The break-up of sale price by all 62 countries is given here. In these images you see the break-up of 27 EU / EC countries sale price also. However, the expectation is that EC will execute a single deal on behalf of all its 27 member countries. These numbers are break up of sale price in proportion to 2018 nominal GDP numbers of the countries based on Wiki World bank data source. The final numbers based on 2019 actual nominal GDP numbers proportion will be used to execute the final deals.

Image one of the list of 62 country IP rights sale price breakdown.
Image two of the list of 62 country IP rights sale price breakdown.

Srinivas DS speaks about the 22.5 Trillion USA deal (First of the 36 deals to be executed) and the three freebies he will throw to USA-UK corporations and buyers.

Srinivas DS speaks about the 22.5 Trillion USA deal and the three freebies he will throw to USA-UK corporations and buyers.

The expected 18 largest deals in the World totaling to the full value of 93 Trillion Earthlings / $s. USA is expected to resolve the fraud outlined in the lawsuit, and complete the 22.5 Trillion deal first. Following this, the other 17 large deals will be executed. The deals sorted by ‘Deal value’ are given in the image here.

18 Largest deals totaling to 93 Trillion value.

Sequence of deals as expected in the 12 months of year 2020; in conjunction with decisive voting of Project Earthling(c), formation of Global Earthling Council, GEC to execute contracts and complete the 17 Tri-party deals with non-USA PTO jurisdictions; given in two images here.

USA deal to complete first. Followed by introduction, discussion and decisive voting of Project Earthling(c). While PE live activities are still ongoing, GEC organization would be established and its designated signatories will execute the agreements on behalf of GEC. The 15 individual country deals to finish as Tri-party agreements next.
Page 2 – The multi-nation PTO jurisdiction deals to go last. This allows the European Commission and Russian Federation to work with their PTO jurisdiction countries and decide the structure of the sale agreements.

The red boxes in the above image indicate executing sale agreements / contracts at the (group) PTO jurisdiction level. As an alternate option, say for EAPO (Eurasian Patent) jurisdiction, the sale agreements / contracts could be broken down into 8 independent agreements / contracts, one each with the eight EAPO countries (Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan), with the combined sale price broken down in proportion to their individual country 2019 GDP numbers. The same analogy could be used for 38 EPO countries; however, I trust that EU Commission is well positioned to execute such agreements despite EPO jurisdiction having 10 countries that are not part of EU Commission. These ten countries are Albania, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, San Marino and Turkey.

Two images which show the ‘Breakdown’ of payments to be received by Srinivas Devathi (and hence India); first starting with the USA deal payment (paid in USD) and then the other 17 Non-USA deals paid in Earthlings, with upfront 20% payment in first year and the other 80% paid over 15 years. The second image shows GEC annual yield payment on the 80% value paid over 15 years at 0.5% yield rate.

Deals broken down to payments.
GEC annual yield at 0.5% rate, on the 15 year payment plan built into the sale agreements or contracts.

If EPO deal is broken down into EC deal covering 28 countries, and 10 Non-EC countries as separate deals or contracts; it would result in a total of 11 deals out of EPO application. The breakdown of this is shown in the two images given here. The breakdown (of the sale price) is done in proportion to GDP numbers of individual countries. GDP numbers from Wikipedia were taken for calculations. The data source on Wiki stated that it was World Bank data of 2018 actual nominal GDP numbers. The largest deal would still be Srinivas-Ursula (EC – 28 countries) deal at a whopping 24.37 Trillion. Similar approach (breaking down the sale price in proportion to GDP numbers) was taken to break down EAPO deal into 8 independent deals. Excluding the USA deal, this approach would result in a total of 34 Non-USA contracts / deals. EPO and EAPO combined would result in 19 contracts / deals.

EC – 28 countries numbers breakdown.
EPO and EAPO deals breakdown.


One page summary of the USA global fraud which is the ongoing lawsuit in Bangalore city civil court as OS 4961 of 2018. With the fraud, USA is blocking global economic growth and India’s progress & development.

Global Fraud impacting 61 Non-USA countries. USA blocking global economy.

Inventor and India will get unanimous support from the entire World for the 93 Trillion wealth claim (Conservative realistic estimate). All 191 non-USA, non-UK countries will vote in favor of Inventor & India. On the same lines, all 191 countries will vote for Project Earthling(c) and United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c), unanimously.

191 Countries full support expected in decisive voting subjects.

Inventor linking all of India to the lawsuit OS 4961 of 2018.

The method by which 93 Trillion value contracts will be executed over the next couple years. The only way the Cool Car Technology invention, its IP rights and 100-year downstream businesses will be smoothly disbursed to 61 Non-USA countries, by Inventor Srinivas Devathi.

Execution of contracts worth 93 Trillion and disbursement of IP rights and downstream businesses to 61 Non-USA countries.