While I made efforts to file a lawsuit at ICJ – International Court of Justice, one of the existing current day UN organs, their response was that they operate according to statute 34 of agreement with UNSC, and hence cannot take up lawsuits from individuals and can take only country VS country lawsuits.

Read about Judicial Council in the macro-governance reform authored by me, United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c).

India’s Legal & Treaties team within MEA – Ministry of External Affairs has been informed

On dates 30th June 2020 and 1st July 2020, some of the key members within the MEA team and ‘Legal & Treaties’ team have been informed by hand-delivering the binder of lawsuit OS 2613 of 2020, and a hand-out comprising the sections of Project Earthling(c), United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c) and Strategy to build India’s own national treasury of 93 Trillion in Earthlings currency.

MEA Legal & Treaties team obliged with over an hour discussion by going into the full details of the subject and the globally visible fraud.

Abuse of Interlocutory Applications Protocol, if such provision is available at ICJ – International Court of Justice

Due to the conservative valuation of my ‘Vehicle Color Change Technology’ invention (USA patent grant US 8,910,998 granted on 16-12-2014, recognized worldwide by PCT application PCT/US2014/046619) global IP rights at 93 Trillion Earthlings or $, there is a possibility that several parties may have filed frivolous IA applications in higher courts in an attempt to block the wealth from coming to me and India.

While I do not have any factual evidence to the filing of such IA applications, and I have not received any ‘Legal notice’ or ‘Court summons’ pertaining to such IA applications, I have proactively sent communications to International Court of Justice of United Nations and the Supreme Court of India. Such frivolous IA applications could have also been filed at all the state High courts within India.

The above attempts to file frivolous IA applications could have been made by any petitioner.

I state that all such attempts are desperate falsified (filled with lies) baseless attempts made out of greed to block my wealth or steal some of this wealth. These actions also qualify as ‘anti-India activities’ or ‘anti-development (of 100 other countries in the World) activities’ or anti-humanity or anti-progress & development activities.

Foundational legal principle followed across the world, which is a hurdle to my public enemies.

USA-UK and their allies who have attempted to use negative tactics against me must understand one thing very clearly.

Most of the judicial organs, courts across the world allow ‘Party-in-person’ representation since the fundamental law / principle they adopt is ‘people are presumed mentally fit and normal (sane) unless proven otherwise in the court in the presence of the subject and the Honorable judges’. The onus to prove such a thing is on people who are attempting to do so against any person.

This is precisely the reason as to why USA-UK or any of their allies have not shown up or confronted me in any court till date. They know that their fraud will be exposed in front of the Honorable court and judges. Further, I also state that I have always been a person of sound mental health and in that a very high achiever, with success stories to script all across my life. My inventions and globally transformative subjects speak for themselves.

I presume the same legal principle would be applied at ICJ, if they were to allow lawsuit filing by individual parties / inventors. According to my communications with them, they take in lawsuits only from country governments (their MEA).

ICJ Communications

Efforts to get an ICJ – International Court of Justice lawsuit filed are underway. You can access the file related to early communications about it.

Dear Mr. Phillip Gautier,
Hon’ble Registrar @ ICJ, Hague.

To begin with I must admit that I am not an elected politician in India and not part of the Indian Government. I am an Indian citizen born & raised in India. I am a private inventor to the ‘Technology of Vehicle Color Change’ which has relevance, importance and most importantly economic benefits to every country in the World. However, all these benefits have been denied by USA, to hold their supremacy and control on Earth and its 192 other countries.

Though I am not part of Indian Government, I have kept Ms. Uma Sekhar, Mr. Manish Chauhan and Mr. S. Jaishankar of India United Nations team fully informed about this. They are all marked on this e-mail as well.

I think it is you, me and Ms. Uma Sekhar to get on a telephonic discussion to figure out how we structure the entire lawsuit.

Ms. Uma Sekhar & Mr. Phillip Gautier,

I would like to structure the case to be filed at ICJ as follows. I need your help to get it filed and put me in the ICJ (Court) against USA so that I can fight for my rights (as per Patent Cooperation Treaty) and get justice that I deserve.

The suit shall be:

INDIA (on behalf of Inventor & Author Srinivas S. Devathi)
USA (on behalf of Capgemini USA, Hulsey lawyers USA, USPTO, Janssen Pharmaceuticals USA & HSBC Bank USA).

–    Breach of Patent Cooperation Treaty.
–    Breach of WIPO guidelines.
–    Global fraud pertaining to my invention of Vehicle Color Change Technology.
–    Blocking the global economic growth in a deliberate attempt to retain pole position as the richest country and retain power & control on the World nations.
–    Blocking economic growth prospects by adopting my technology in 61 Non-USA countries. And as a general remark, all world countries.
–    Blocking my global IP rights & royalty prospects from 61 other World nations.
–    Blocking economic growth, progress & development prospects of India and its 1.32 billion citizens.

Intellectual Properties (IP) on table:
1.    USPTO Patent grant # US 8,910,998 B1 and the continuation application # 14/535,867.
2.    USPTO Patent application # 14/610,195 with WIPO publication ID 20160220878, for next generation version of American Football sport.
3.    Governing (pilot, market, promote, introduce and launch) rights to the ‘Next generation Sports’ as defined by me in my WIPO Publication ID WO2016120766 (PCT application # PCT/IB2016/050325), for the ones USA is interested in. I believe those would be American Football, Baseball and Lacrosse. They might also show interest in few other sports like Ice Hockey, Racquetball and Basketball.
4.    Hands Free Shopping® Registered Trademark with registration # 5,438,473.
5.    I have another WIPO Publication ID WO2017125788, with PCT application # PCT/IB2016/050317. I did not pursue this application and never entered national stage as I was inspired by prevalent drone technology at the time. If USA is interested, they can procure this publication from me.

My Prayer:
–    To withdraw / delete the sabotaging ISR issued on the PCT application # PCT/US2014/046619.
–    To issue a correct / new / clean ISR, to the PCT application # PCT/US2014/046619; which is consistent with patent grant US 8,910,998.
–    To send out communications to WIPO and all 152 PCT contracting states in the world; to their respective PTO’s about the correction as defined in point above.
–    To issue a grant on the Inventor’s continuation application in USA, application # 14/535,867.
–    To procure IP 1 listed above for a non-negotiable sale price of 22.5 Trillion $.
–    To procure IP 2 listed above for a non-negotiable sale price of 100 Billion $.
–    To procure IP 3 listed. Sale price subjected to discussion in court.
–    To procure IP 4 listed above for a non-negotiable sale price of 10 Billion $.
–    To procure IP 5 listed. Sale price subjected to discussion in court.
–    To endorse the introduction of my authored global macro-economic & global banking reform of ‘Project Earthling©’ at UNGA and UN – Economic & Social Council, and for it to be subjected to a decisive voting for implementation & roll-out at UNGA.
–    To endorse the introduction of my authored new governance model of ‘United Nations Global Governance Model 2020©’ at UNGA and UN – Economic & Social Council, and for it to be subjected to a decisive voting for implementation & roll-out at UNGA.
–    To endorse the execution of 35 other sale agreements to 34 countries and European Commission (covering 27 countries), for a combined sale price of 70.5 Trillion, paid out in Earthlings, with GEC (Global Earthling Council) as the currency printer and payer. This will ensure the systematic disbursement of my invention’s global IP rights to all 62 countries.

I believe in the existing World, there is only one forum to resolve such a high value and globally connected subject. That is ICJ. I hope you agree to this and get this lawsuit filed and put me in the Court on the side of India. I will do the rest.

An alternative seems to be appointing a special court in India, to handle the same. However, given that this is linked to 62 countries, you all agree that we can get expedited resolution to all of this at ICJ. Let me know your comments. I look forward to our conversations / telecons to get this lawsuit filed and proceedings activated.

I am attaching my executed and legalized living will to clearly show my intent and responsibility for India. I am also attaching the image that shows the 36 deals to be executed. (Now 62 sale agreements).

Srinivas Devathi

The 62 sale agreements expected to be executed through the Indian courts, since ICJ does not register a suit from individual citizens despite it connecting 62 world countries and involving the execution of 62 sale agreements for a full value of 93 Trillion Earthlings / $.

As per the executed LIVING WILL, Inventor Srinivas Devathi and Indian Government will go into the ICJ with a 55:45 split of wealth understanding. Attached here are the file and images of the current Living will of Srinivas S. Devathi which is in force.

Current Living Will in force – Page 1
Current Living Will in force – Page 2