This website consists of information about my invention US 8,910,998, the sale price of my inventions IP rights across 62 countries, executing 62 sale agreements, events from Q1-2007, transformations such as Project Earthling© pertaining to macro-economics, and new world order transformation such as United Nations Global Governance Model 2020© pertaining to macro-governance. It also consists of information about making India a developed country by year 2050 (Goal year 2050), Earthling foundations work, and this works cascading effect to at least 100 other countries in the world to drive their own country’s progress and economic growth.

I have inventions, publications, projects, and work which have been (or will be) put on their own individual websites. This has been done to segregate information depending on near term work against long term, and by sectors, verticals of related work.

Inventor to Cool Car Technology.
Author of Project Earthling© , Global Earthling Council, United Nations Global Governance Model 2020© , Goal Year 2050 for India, Earthling Foundation, Indian Economic Council. Visit www.Coolcartechnology.com to know more about the technology.

Srinivas S. Devathi finished his Mechanical Engineering in year 1998, and he had keen interest in Automotive engineering and technology. Srinivas S. Devathi goes on to invent Cool Car Technology with which you can change the Color of your car from any color to any other color in under 10 minutes, repeatably. USA (USPTO) issues patent on invention with patent # US 8,910,998 B1 on Dec 16, 2014 (The grant is valued at 22.5 Trillion Earthlings / $). He is currently driving this technology to realize the vision of ‘Live color change of an automobile, in under 5 to 10 minutes’. You can find all details pertaining to ‘Cool Car Technology’ at his website WWW.CoolCarTechnology.Com.

An interesting situation put Srinivas into a position to buy his third used silver car in USA, which pushed him to solve the problem of color changing of the vehicle, as he was looking for a different colored car at the time. He solved the problem and then applied for a patent in March 2014 and within 9 months of the filing, USPTO granted the patent (# US 8,910,998 B1) on Dec 16, 2014. The concept of color changing of vehicle (cars, motorcycles, other), from any color to any other color in under 5 to 10 minutes opens up so many possibilities. It allows consumers to choose colors from 1800 or more shades that are available in the market today. Further this technology has tremendous benefits to automotive industry, polymers/ plastics industry, paints industry, chemicals / additives industry, robotics industry (to design and implement robotic color changing stations or Colorium®’s) and micro valves industry. Outside of this, the technology would drive a lot of new business opportunities and influences global economics positively. Srinivas is upbeat about his invention / technology, and has already demonstrated the technology on vehicle panels. However, as he has not been able to raise funds to invest in the technology (due to USA blocking his work); and do a full vehicle color change demonstration at a major motor show; he is looking to sell / assign the Patent, IP rights, along with 100-year downstream businesses to each individual country in a full technology rights sale or full cash out model. That process is underway right now. The global rights to the technology is valued at a whopping 93 Trillion Earthlings / $ by a conservative estimate. Competent authorities valuation could set the sale price of the invention to higher sale prices such as 220, 230, 240, or 250 Trillion Earthlings / $.

One thing the Automotive industry has tried for decades, is to change the color of a vehicle live. That code has been cracked by Srinivas Devathi, an Indian citizen born, raised and a resident of Bangalore, India. Srinivas has spent 11 years working in IT industry, managing large accounts, providing business, system and IT consulting services.

In order to enable the ‘World Largest Deal’ of 93 Trillion Earthlings / $, he authored a global macro-economic reform and a world banking reform called ‘Project Earthling©’. Further, he has also authored a futuristic macro-governance model called ‘United Nations Global Governance Model 2020’, in which a GI-50 (Group Influential 50) and G-193 decisive voting technique on all world subjects will take effect; and govern the World in the right way. With such wealth, he has also defined the right purpose and objective, by authoring ‘Goal Year 2050 for India’, which is a visionary goal to make India a developed country by year 2050. To get to Goal Year 2050, he will be rolling out a series of ‘Private side development initiatives’ through his ‘Earthling Foundations’; the first initiative of which is expected to be rolled out by mid 2023. His work as part of the Earthling Foundations in India, is likely to be followed World-over and particularly by all other poor and developing countries. It is likely that they may look to emulate the work based on the work driven by Earthling Foundations in India. He is also looking to form ‘Indian Economic Council’ very soon and lead from the front to make India a economic superpower in a decade or two.

Efforts between 2015-2019: Srinivas attempted to raise capital from investors, VC’s or Banks to launch the ‘Cool car technology’ by himself by doing ‘Live color change demonstrations’ on a full car by getting the necessary systems designed and built (e.g., the systems to be installed on the vehicle and robotic color change system). However, USA and some of their corporations relentlessly went around him and communicated with all the investors, VC’s and Banks (including World Bank); not to fund or finance the invention launch work. After efforts for multiple years were blocked, he decided to abandon the ‘Live demonstration efforts’ and is now looking to complete a one time settlement of the worldwide IP rights, in a full ‘Cash out model’ and will execute contracts worth at least 93 Trillion Earthlings / $ within the next couple years. The complete wealth of at least 93 Trillion Earthlings / $ will be brought into India over the IP tenure years ending in year 2034, by annual payment plan sale agreements, with 61 World countries of 17 PTO jurisdictions, where his invention IP rights are enforceable, subsequent to the execution of Srinivas-Hirshfeld agreement. By this he will be building the World’s largest treasury of wealth in Earthlings currency as India’s own treasury, which will be in our own control.

Here are three videos, 1 – about how and when the invention was done, 2 – about other sector applications not being separate inventions, and 3 – how the 93 Trillion valuation of the invention’s worldwide IP rights was calculated.

How the break-through invention was done.
It is one single invention and not multiple inventions by different sectors of application – A common misconception.
How was the conservative sale price of at least 93 Trillion calculated for the inventions worldwide IP rights.

Here is a one slide visual on how the Invention was done.

A one slide visual on how the Invention happened.

A Patent is only strong as its claims. Some relevant information about patent claims and their drafting.

Some ‘Patent law’ details are given here. The Claims in a patent form the ‘Legal language’ of the patent on which infringement suits are fought in the court. The claims begin with the words – I claim or it is claimed: following with the sentences that legally define the invention and its infringement related legal sentences. Every word, every sentence will be drilled to its meaning, supported by the drawings, summary, detailed description, the entire non-claim text in the patent, for fall back or reference to the sentences and words in claims.  

In summary, a patent is only as strong as its claims in court. This brings me to the 23 claims in my patent US 8,910,998 which are exactly the same in PCT international application PCT/US2014/046619. The claims have been drafted, refined, strengthened, and made bulletproof by me, after multiple iterations, and reviews; to make them impenetrable by automotive OEM’S across the world. Simply put, all automotive OEM’S across the world cannot like not infringe when they embrace my technology to their vehicles at production / manufacturing plants. However, my invention is now beyond that point of infringement of patent or IP rights. Myself and India are upon full liability claim and settlement by distributing invention IP rights and downstream businesses to each of the 62 countries by way of 62 sale agreements.

The drafting of 23 claims comprised of three independent claims and 20 dependent claims.

I give some specifics on how I structured the claims in my invention. I divided the 23 claims into three Independent claims and 20 dependent claims. The three Independent claims 1, 16, and 23 were each authored to target a set of infringers.

Independent claim 1 is specific to Automotive manufacturing plants / OEM’S when they build the vehicle with my invention technology / design. I kept the claim 1 as broad as I could and the limitation in what is going to be the popular design adopted was moved into dependent claim 2.
Independent claim 16 is specific to Automotive manufacturing plants / OEM’S and/or dealers selling the vehicles. Here the first chosen color is injected at the point of sale. Claim 23 is for the downstream businesses that provide color change services to vehicles, which include the steps listed in the claim. If you have understood this, you are aware of good claim drafting technique.

How did Srinivas Devathi arrive at the 93 Trillion sale price number?

The sale price was computed by conducting a detailed ‘Automotive industry’ study capturing the manufacturing numbers by each manufacturing plant, each OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer) brand, and by each country.

He has chosen an undisputable “Conservative Sale price” of 93 Trillion for his worldwide IP rights. This number will be accepted, endorsed and agreed by all 193 World countries.

When all the different sector(s) (where color change technology is applicable) growth rates are considered and the inflation numbers across world countries as a result of development in developing countries and increase in purchasing power are factored in; he could easily justify a claim of 200 to 250 Trillion. This will be considered an realistic-aggressive number.

He has via a court proceeding sought the ‘independent valuation’ of 14 competent authorities in India which include Indian government, SIAM – Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, five IIM institutes, and seven Indian media houses. Depending on their independent valuation the sale price could be reset to 220, 230, 240, or 250 Trillion, or other.

Srinivas S. Devathi speaks about the magnitude, enormity, and the reach of his invention. His invention would impact the lives of every human being in the world by way of personalization and has positive economic impact to all 193 countries in the world.

His invention patent number US 8,910,998 would be called as the invention of the century. Many people think it will be recognized as the invention of the millennium.

Patent number US 8,910,998 will be called as the invention of the century. Many people think it will be recognized as the invention of the millennium.


The execution of the following 62 sale agreements is the expected outcome of the lawsuit OS 2487 of 2021. In conjunction with macro-economic reform Project Earthling©, the following 62 agreements will conclude the worldwide IP rights entanglement lawsuit, given the fraud of uspto in the capacity of ISA – International Search Authority. The 62 upcoming largest deals in the World are given here. The sale prices by territory have been arrived by using 2018 nominal GDP numbers of some of the countries. If the final total sale price is reset, the 62 sale agreements individual prices shall be adjusted proportionally.

For India territory, the Srinivas-Narendra deal will be renamed as Srinivas-Third Millennium deal. The understanding between me and Indian government is according to my LIVING WILL. I have pledged a total of 45% of the entire wealth to Indian central and state governments. Mr. Narendra Modi has in principle approved this understanding and arrangement.

After the Srinivas-Third Millennium deal is executed, I will give IP Licenses to Indian automobile manufacturers to exploit, use and launch the inventive technology. Simultaneously, I will outsource technology introduction in other sectors and necessary downstream businesses to thrive for next 100 years in India. It must be understood that, since I would have cashed out as Inventor with 2.25 Trillion Earthlings, I will look to build and roll out all downstream businesses as new companies and allow them to branch away to become independent new companies. I shall stay focused on Goal Year 2050 for India and its related work.

The final list of 62 sale agreements which will conclude the distribution of invention IP rights and 100-year downstream businesses to each of the 62 countries.

Image showing the 90% value being handed over to each of the 62 countries when the 62 sale agreements are executed.

90% value driven out of my invention is returned to each of the the 62 countries when the 62 sale agreements are executed.

Visit the webpage https://srinivasdevathi.com/details-of-36-sale-agreements-for-liability-claim-of-93-trillion/ for the full break down and details of the 62 sale agreements / 62 sale deals that will be the final resolution of USPTO fraud and breach of Patent Cooperation Treaty which has been signed by 153 countries.

Projected timeline for the execution of 62 sale agreements, to be tracked and followed by the entire world

Projection two-year plan to conclude the execution of 62 sale agreements for the full value of at least 93 Trillion Earthlings. I am working towards achieving this timeline. However, I am bound by the procedures of Indian judiciary, introduction of Project Earthling© at WIPO, coordinating the schedules of 62 country leaders and designated signatories, media publications, broadcast, and discussion of the subjects. I plan on coordinating and working with all these stakeholders to achieve the following timeline. I am optimistic that the world (all 193 countries) will go along with me in this objective of delivering ‘Real independence and freedom to all countries’, and for the combined good and brighter future of all of humanity.

The 61 tri-party sale agreements will be executed in a way to bring approximately 20% of the value in first year of the sale agreement, with the balance (approximate 80% of the value) distributed to come in as payments payable to me over the balance IP tenure years. The last payment would come in year 2034, and I shall distribute the wealth final checks according to my Living will allocations by the end of year 2034.

Planned two-year timeline for the execution of 62 sale agreements.

Details of 62 sale agreements for liability claim of 93 Trillion are in the file attached here:

Access the full details at 62 sale agreement details own webpage: https://srinivasdevathi.com/details-of-36-sale-agreements-for-liability-claim-of-93-trillion/

Tentatively planned launch of the first Earthling Foundation (public) trust initiative, which will be broadcasted and followed worldwide: June or July of year 2023.

Links to Three Youtube Videos wherein Srinivas Devathi introduces three subjects (Largest deal and macro-reforms/transformations); speaks of three USA corporations and a negative tactic used by them called as ‘Fire Scam’.

Srinivas Devathi introduces three subjects – Worlds largest deal, macro-reforms / transformations.
Srinivas Devathi names his three public enemies.
How usa tried to cheat Srinivas Devathi and India with a FIRE SCAM. Srinivas referred it to UNGGM-2020 – GI-50 and G-193. This hands over the FIRE SCAM to UNGGM-2020 and GI-50’s executive decision. Srinivas and India are out of the FIRE SCAM; until a formal request is received from UNGGM-2020 (United Nations Global Governance Model 2020).

Youtube Video where Srinivas Devathi talks about an exemplary application to his invention of Vehicle Color change Technology which delivers energy savings to many countries in the world (specially the ones with extreme weather conditions); by reducing their heating and cooling costs to maintain ambient temperature in the insides of the buildings. Read PCT application # PCT/IB2016/050994 on WIPO Patentscope database. The same could be searched with publication ID WO2017144949. It must be understood that the two-layer system (with say glass wool filling) could be installed on the inside or outside of the building wall for thermal insulation. Depending on which side it is installed, the properties of the two layers must be suitably adjusted to deliver the required thermal insulation.

A file showing Thermal Insulation related statistics, about energy savings and 100-year downstream businesses for usa. The same when extrapolated to 61 non-usa countries where I have patent intellectual property rights, you will realize that the claim of 93 Trillion Earthlings / $ is conservative. 46 countries close to north pole are covered by European and Eurasian regional applications.

Links to Two Youtube Videos wherein Srinivas Devathi introduces Goal Year 2050 for India and early plans for his Earthling Foundations.

Srinivas Devathi introduces LIVING WILL for 93 Trillion Earthlings wealth. The LIVING WILL has been executed, legalized and submitted to the court.
Srinivas Devathi speaks of Goal Year 2050 for India and Earthling Foundations.


Images of the three USED Silver Cars bought by Srinivas Devathi; which resulted in the invention in Q1 of 2007. From top to bottom – Silver Honda Accord, Silver Acura RSX and Silver Nissan Altima.

In Q1 – 2007, I bought my third used silver car while in USA. This was due to lack of funds to buy a new car in the color of my choice. Used car market is very prominent in USA, unlike in India. Having had enough of driving Silver cars, I wanted to get the color changed, however it seemed to be an expensive job. That’s when I solve the problem of ‘Vehicle Color Change’; which automotive industry has tried to crack, since the industry inception, nearly 120 years ago. This caused greed of 93 Trillion across World and resulted in many events.

Here are the images of three silver cars. I bought the used silver Honda Accord in 2001 and drove it for about 5 years. Out of no other choice (availability in market versus my budget), I bought the used silver Acura RSX from a dealer in end of 2006, when I was looking for a car in different color. Then, I sold the silver Honda Accord and was looking to replace it with a different car in any other color (other than silver). However, out of no other choice in my budget range, I bought the used silver Nissan Altima in Q1 2007. Having had enough of driving silver cars, I was looking to get the color of Acura RSX or Nissan Altima changed. The color change job when done outside is not of OEM quality, is expensive and it may result in the car looking bad as compared to existing OEM finish. Trying to change the color in an easier way, I solve the problem and come up with the Invention – Eureka moment.

First used silver car that Srinivas bought – Honda Accord
Second used silver car that Srinivas bought – Acura RSX
Third used silver car that Srinivas bought – Nissan Altima

Role and profile of Srinivas Devathi for next 30 years.

Role for next 30 years.
Profile for next 30 years.

Status of 153 PCT contracting state applications, by virtue of PCT application PCT/US2014/046619 filed on 15-07-2014; and the sale price by expression of ranges.

Application numbers, filing dates, status and details by national stage and regional stage applications.

Status of 18 applications covering a total of 62 countries.

Sale price (Liability of USPTO) by individual national stage and regional stage patent application.

Earthling Foundations

Srinivas likes to work on progress and development of India. The foundations are a platform for him to do the good work that he has planned, as projects over the next 30 years, mostly as private side work in India, to achieve Goal Year 2050. The objective of the first Foundation is ‘Investing and improving the education system in India’. As per his current plans, the first project of his Foundation will be launched / inaugurated by middle of year 2023, in India. Visit the link related to Earthling Foundations to read more about it.

Recommended Principles for Start-Ups / Youngsters

  • Always push the limits of your goals and vision.
  • Keep your work / business 100% legitimate across the world.
  • Try to create wealth and jobs.
  • Build a great philanthropic side.
  • Enable positive transformation.
  • Knowledge is power.
  • Work is worship.

All Start-Ups must remember that ‘Evolution is Constant’

How my Inventions happened. A write up on source to creativity and inventiveness – Srinivas Devathi

To all media houses; to all law firms; everyone:

I had sent a document dated April 28, 2018; and some e-mail communications around that date about ‘How the inventions happened’. In that document, I speak off a two stage / two phase approach to my inventions; in an Inception and then Conception phase. However, I must say after much introspection, the Inception phase is a non-existent phase. It is just the Conception point, which is the Eureka moment when the invention happens; solving a particular problem. You must note, an invention always solves a problem and only when it does, will it have any market potential, business potential or revenue and income viability. I make this statement because typically for an invention to happen (solve a problem), there is a lot of earlier information, data, knowledge a person needs to have which kind of elaborates to multiple inception points / multiple data points of knowledge. Without all this prior information, knowledge and data, one will never be able to solve a problem or have a Eureka moment. Hence, this document about ‘How the inventions have happened’ overrides the earlier communications (of mine) about ‘How inventions happened’. I shall disclose the same to media houses when I formally talk about this and certainly there will be books written about this subject in detail as well.

In my case, most of my inventions have happened when I was trying to solve a problem that I was facing resulting in the invention. Among other inventions which could be called as accidental inventions by some (which happened when I was not consciously trying to solve a problem), by a process called “Thought crystallization or thought culmination, resulting in the Eureka moment”.

A simple way of explaining this is; a farmer is very unlikely to solve a mechanical engineering problem or come up with new Electronic system invention. Similarly, a computer science student is unlikely to come up with new economics theories / practices. You get the message / theme.

Essentially, there must be foundational knowledge pertaining to the field you invent in or have a Eureka moment in. The foundational knowledge comes by learning, studying the subject or at least capturing relevant information in the field / subject by your reading practices.

At some point all the information you have, all knowledge you have, all data you have, all thoughts from the data and knowledge, content you have (which could be everything you have studied in your school, College, read in papers, magazines, captured as information via news or other medium, etc.); might culminate in you solving a problem or having the Eureka moment (when you are not trying to solve a problem). Without the content, it is unlikely that you will ever solve a problem, invent anything, or have a Eureka moment.

My study in field of Mechanical engineering was prerequisite for my Vehicle Color Change Technology invention in Q1 (Quarter one) of 2007.

Lot of reading about businesses / corporate world / economics through papers, magazines and following them regularly was the prerequisite for authoring Project Earthling© and United Nations Global Governance Model 2020©; so that the 93 Trillion deal is enabled and completed. I authored this content when I was trying to solve the problem or answer the question ‘How do I enable the largest deal in the world covering many country IP rights to my invention of ‘Vehicle Color Change Technology’?’.

I endorse ‘Thought crystallization’ / ‘Thought culmination’ resulting in the Eureka moment; with the required knowledge to achieve the same; as the final core reason for inventiveness and creativity. However, it must be clearly understood that the following two scenarios are fairly normal in the World. A scholar with a lot of knowledge and information in one field may not be creative enough to deliver an invention or solve a problem. And at the same time, a naturally creative person may not have knowledge, required information in any field to come up with an invention or solve a problem.

Srinivas S. Devathi, Serial Inventor, Oct 27th ,2019; Bangalore, India.

Few Personal Life Details

Academic and Professional details.

In the above image D1, D2, D3, D4 refer to capgemini usa, hsbc bank usa, johnson and johnson pharmaceuticals usa / janssen pharmaceuticals usa, and hulsey IP lawyers / uspto.

In year 2019, he authored Project Earthling(c) and United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c). You can read about these in the corresponding webpages at this website.

Some details outside of the academic and professional life; as there might be a lot of curiosity across the world given the scale of my invention and related transformative work.

Other details.

Where did I live through my life?

  • 0-2 years – In a village called PenuKonda, in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh.
  • 3-6 years – In a rented house in Nallakunta, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
  • 7-9 years – In a rented house in New Nallakunta, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
  • 9-11 years – In own house (a bungalow built by my father with his own wealth) in Bagh Amberpet, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
  • 12-18 years – In a rented house in HBCS layout (Housing Board cooperative society layout), Basaveshwarnagar, Bangalore, Karnataka.
  • 19-21 years – In a rented house in Prashanthnagar, Bangalore, Karnataka.
  • 22-23 years – Moved to Pune, Maharashtra for work. Lived in (two) rental apartments.
  • 23-34 years – In USA. All rented apartments (four different) in New Jersey and one in (Boston) Massachusetts
  • 34-till now – Permanent address (own house built by my father with our wealth) in Prashanthnagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka.
  • 36-37 years – Nearly one-year in USA in temporary monthly stay arrangements and motels.

Deaths of relatives in my life. I am putting up this list as these events did alter my life. One death in particular resulted in our relocation. Two deaths made me experience sorrow. However, I must say they have nothing to do with my creativity, as most people in the World experience such events at some point in their lives.

  • Mr. Gopal Shetty – My father’s elder brother – A death that caused us (my family) at the time to relocate to Bangalore from Hyderabad. Incident occurred when I was 10 years old. Relocation happened based on academic calendar months when I was 12. This murder shook our family and relatives circle. As it was a brutal murder of Mr. Gopal right in front of his house at late evening by a local criminal/thief. He was caught by police and upon admittance to murder in court, he was hung to death. However, a person who posed as thief, burglar who asked Mr. Gopal for money, stabbing him 16 times to death was an unsettling event to most of the family and relatives at the time. Was there another larger story behind his murder is something my relatives wonder sometimes.
  • Mr. Prakash – My mother’s brother – A death due to ulcerative coloitis. Very strange as it was fully curable back in the day. I was 14 when his death happened.
  • Two aunts – one when I was 16 years old. Second died when I was 37. (Lakshmi & Manjula)
  • Mr. D Satyanarayana – My Father died when I was 40. From fully fit to dead in 18 months.
  • One other aunt – Sudden death in village. (Sundaramma).
  • Three other deaths of relatives in village which were relatively quick and sudden.

Because of Cool Car Technology; an artist’s rendition of the Blue planet Earth will be Colorful in future. Srinivas Devathi

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