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A charter or directive when UNGGM-2020 goes live:

When United Nations Global Governance Model 2020 goes live; with the high level structures of GI-50 (Group Influential 50 executive decision team or security council) and G-193 (Group – 193 countries for decisive voting); it will be a historic moment for planet earth and the 193 World nations. The fallacy, abuse of the old world order would be eliminated and a brand new World order would be enabled; which would deliver equality among nations, give all world nations equal competitive landscape to earn their wealth, gives all world nations a level playing field to compete in businesses, delivers progress & development to all world nations, and delivers peace & prosperity to all world nations. Most importantly, it will bring sustainable ‘Law & order’ in international waters (transactions between countries) as they say.

I would share my views with the UNGGM-2020, GI-50 and G-193 when the new World order is being rolled out. I would also guide by recommending the organization and team structures within the UNGGM-2020.

I would provide a few pages of “Direction setting write-up” to UNGGM-2020. This may be etched in history as a prominent Charter or Directive. Some of the possible names for this Charter could be:

  • Samudri Nyay reform – Samudri Nyay Suljhav – In Hindi language. Also translated to all Indian languages.
  • Justice across oceans – Transformation or Reform – JAO Transformation or Reform. In English language.
  • =193= – A numerical and symbols title. Will be translated to all World languages.

Other names thought off – World on correct orbit reform, Equal World reform, or similar. The translators must use the right words, phrases to bring the correct essence, meaning and expression of the Charter or Directive.

A strategy document as outlined for a UNITED INDIA. This unites Indian Government, Its Ministry of External Affairs, Indian UN Team, 1.32 Billion Indian citizens, 29 State Governments, Union Territories and Patriotic Indian media houses to build India’s treasury of 93 Trillion in Earthlings, by building consensus across 192 countries, on the proposed solution and transformative ecosystem as recommended by Inventor & Author Srinivas S. Devathi.

History and preamble to the problem definition:

Over the last 300 to 600 years, the World (now 191 Non-USA, Non-UK countries) and its population (now an estimated 9.5 Billion people) have been governed the wrong way.

USA and UK which have lead the World (all its countries) and people over the last 300 years (USA) and the block of 300 years before that (USA and UK together); have only put their interest, their wealth, their supremacy, their domination on the World as priorities all this while; and completely ignored the needs of the individual countries and people.

While doing so, they have controlled every country in the World with an engineered lever of control.

While doing so, they have eliminated any competition in the World, at a national level (competitive country), at a corporate level and at individual human level that showed promise and talent.

While doing so, they have hosed up many World nations with ‘Drug trafficking’ by creating demand for it, other nations with ‘Constant fights after dividing them’ by supplying arms and ammunition to fight, other nations with ‘Economic control by keeping their wealth in USD ($) in USA Banks’, other nations with ‘Poverty with no outlet given to come out of it’, other nations with ‘Illiteracy and ignorance, to steal their natural resources’, other nations ‘Declared as rouge nations or terror sponsoring nations with no option of redeeming themselves’, other nations ‘designed as sex capitals to encourage sex trade or slavery, with no methodical way to manage it’, and so on.

Similarly, they have hosed up all Non-USA and Non-UK corporations / companies by controlling them by their currency (USD or Pound) and by their command / order.

Similarly, they have eliminated talented people, talented couple and talented groups of people across the World, to eliminate any competition or threat to their supremacy and control on the World.

They have done all the above, retained control and grip on entire world (all countries) and all its population, with sole intent to keep the world suffering in problems, deny progress & development and further deny peace & prosperity; so that they retain the leader status, pole position on all parameters in the World.

Simply put USA and UK over the last 600 years of governing the World, have made the World a bunch of slave nations which are captive to them and must abide and follow their orders. This is a slave planet by design and engineering of USA and UK.

They have achieved the above by ‘Financial control’. Financial power / muscle is the strongest lever that controls the World and is the source to create all other levers. A suitcase of USD ($) or a suitcase of Pounds will get anything done in any part of the World, when thrown as a bribe. They have used unlimited printing and unlimited bribing (they promoted the law breaking, bribing culture across the globe (which they have termed as lawless international waters) for their benefit) to achieve whatever they want across the World. This bribing is the source to their control and dominance.

In order to achieve all the above and retain grip on the World, they have controlled all Global organizations, all Global Treaties, Global Pacts; and further manipulated and twisted them to take and follow their orders; and work for them / in their favor.

UN Global Governance Model 2020 is the right way, the correct way to govern today’s World; so that the needs, aspirations, progress & development needs, peace & prosperity needs of all World nations and its people are met. 

Problem Definition

History clearly suggests that USA (UK in some cases, situations) has used their currency USD ($) (as Project Earthling is yet to roll-out, by this year-end) to pay for all global organizations and executing, maintaining and enforcing most global Treaties. While, paying for them, they have controlled, manipulated and engineered all these global organizations and treaties to their benefit and advantage alone, at the expense of the benefits to the World. The true essence of these global organizations and treaties has been lost, diluted and rendered ineffective; by USD based capitalism model driven greed, generated across the world, which was used as a manipulating factor.

Launch and roll-out of Project Earthling© will change all of this and bring true legitimacy to all global organizations and treaties. The ‘United Nations Global Governing Model 2020’ will truly govern the World in the right way, upholding the real purpose, intent and objectives of Global multi-country treaties and all the Global organizations; as it should have been in the last several centuries.

This model is inevitable to the World. It should have happened a long time ago. It brings credibility, reliability and real/true enforceability to all global organizations, all global multi-country Treaties. Example of global organization: World Bank, unable to fund my project/invention though my invention was global in nature. Example of Treaty: PCT – Patent Cooperation Treaty. They (USA and UK) have shown no respect to PCT, the Treaty.

Background Thinking

Project Earthling©, a global macro-economic reform and a global banking reform is another authored work of mine. When this goes live, USD ($) will become USA only local currency. Pound will become UK only local currency. And Earthlings will be the international trade, foreign exchange and national reserve currency.

When this happens (Project Earthling© going live), the financial control of USA and UK is taken out of the equation. I don’t have to explain that financial control is the strongest lever USA and UK have used to control the World. The backbone, the true lever behind all other levers, is the financial lever. When this financial muscle is taken out of the equation, USA will become just another country, one of the 193 countries in the World. UK will also become just another country, one of the 193 countries in the World. This means USA = UK = Tonga (an example) = Any other country in the World.

Once the above is achieved, USA or USA in combination with UK cannot control or govern this World anymore. The World will become a bunch of equal nations. 193 countries that are all equal, and because of which, each country can attempt to control their own future and destiny. All World nations can truly hope to drive progress & development in their country, achieve peace & prosperity in their country, with the roadblocks called USA and UK eliminated / removed out of their way.

The World Order

For the last 600 years, everyone in the World, every country, every organization (global in particular) has reported to USA and UK. This is the old and outdated world order that does not meet the demands / needs of the current world. United Nations is paid by USA and hence reports to USA. They operate on the command and order of USA. Primarily because they are paid in USD ($). Five out of the six main UN organs are located in New York, USA and they operate upon the orders and command of USA Corporations and USA Government (White House / President).

The correct World order must be the opposite of the above. An all equal 193 countries reporting to a ‘United Nations’ body which must be the True independent governing body for the World, delivering unbiased and equitable governance to the World. This is the future – United Nations Governance Model 2020 with GI-50 (Group Influential 50) and G-193 (Group 193) as main two organs / mechanisms to govern the World. This is the New World Order, and it shall become a reality very soon.

The new World order that is inevitable. This is the correct way to govern the World.

USA and UK like all other countries will report to UNGGM-2020. Their currency will work in their own respective countries and will become useless in any other country. This will put an end to most illegal activities across the World, which are sponsored by USA and UK.

The UN Global Governance Model 2020 (atleast) comprises of

  1. GEC – Global Earthling Council. It is a division within UN, which will be the ‘Global financial control’ division. It controls and regulates the printing and purchase of Earthling currency by the World nations. You can read more about GEC in my Copywritten work of ‘Project Earthling©’. All the expenses of United Nations Global Governance Model 2020, its transition and future operations, will be paid by ‘Global Earthling Council’ – GEC in Earthlings currency in an annually reimbursable model against their (individual country) local currency expenses. This will enable UN GGM 2020 to grow, hire more, govern better and the right way.
  2. GI-50 – It stands for Group Influential 50; a group of 50 countries which by virtue of their population, GDP, Technological advancement, Economic growth potential, Natural resources or a possible Geo-strategic factor; enter the GI-50 group all of who together will govern, administer and run the World comprising of 193 UN member nations. This replaces G-7 and conventional G-20. And would certainly stop USA and UK from running the World. Another way of looking at this is a permanent expansion of UN security council from its current 5 permanent and 10 non-permanent rotational model into a permanent 50-member security council.
  3. G-193 – It is a method by which every important / significant decision pertaining to the World / Planet / Region in the World that needs decisive voting will be put up for a decisive vote at UNGA after introducing the subject, allowing discussions, debates and finally conducting a decisive voting on the subject. Such a model is a true ‘Democratic way’ of making real informed decisions on all important globally relevant matters / subjects. The current UNGA and its operational model could be tweaked to evolve it into a formal G-193 wing. This transition will certainly have its impact on the UN Secretariat and the team structures within the Secretariat.
  4. Economic and Social Council – The current EcoSoc unit within UN will expand and ensure coverage for entire world by regions, and where necessary operates at a national level.
  5. Trusteeship Council – Will very likely be de-commissioned within a couple decades.
  6. The Secretariat with its workforce will hire and expand outside USA and will eventually have teams in most regions and countries of the World.
  7. The projected plan is to move Security Council (which will become GI-50); Secretariat and Trusteeship Council to select cities in Europe. And to move General Assembly (which will become G-193); Economic and Social Council and set-up GEC (Global Earthling Council) and GEC mints in select cities in India.
  • 5 UN organs in NYC must be brought out of USA.
  • They must be moved to Europe and India; both of which are true democratic nations/regions.
  • After the UN Global Governing Model 2020 is implemented, the UN will invariably expand and spread across all the 193 countries to maintain, uphold all the global peace and prosperity objectives.
  • So, eventually, UN will span the entire World, so that it effectively governs the World in the right way. The Model eliminates greed, personal interests of only one country USA or their closest allies (UK, Canada, ANZ); and brings out the real global needs of people across the World into focus.
  • The Model will help deliver real, strong and effective governance of the entire World while delivering and moving the World towards Peace and Prosperity.
  • USA will freeze all UN hiring; as all hiring and expansion will be outside USA from this point onwards. USA will pass the baton to the new ‘UN Global Governing Model 2020’ and will plain simply send their UN Ambassador (and his/her team) as their voice and voting member on decisive voting subjects. UK shall do the same.
  • GI-50 together shall make all global governing decisions and as they feel necessary could subject any global subject matter / issue for a decisive voting at G-193.
  • The details of additional UN divisions, team structures at regional level and national level will all be discussed and rolled-out alongside with UN-Geneva and UN-India teams. I will be introducing and getting this transition plan voted in at UN G-193 (General Assembly). ​
High level team divisions. Details to follow.
GI-50 and G-193 will be the two main divisions to take any decisive actions on global subjects.

Key Factors during Transition; and the Roll-out Steps

UN-Geneva to PIVOT and enable the entire transition. They shall play the most important role to enable UN to become a true global governing body. I shall be involved as I will introduce the model at General Assembly (G-193) and get it voted in along with UN-India team.

A pre-requisite for ‘UN Global Governance Model 2020’; is the introduction and voting in of ‘Project Earthling©’. Ideally, it is expected to go live by 00:00 hours Japan time Jan 1, 2022.

Once Project Earthling© goes live, it enables the funding for the Transition to happen; so that an UN-Geneva Transition team, its leadership team are established and all the hiring and transition related expenses to roll-out the new model are paid for in a reimbursement model by GEC in Earthlings.

Then, the ‘UN Global Governing Model 2020’ will be introduced at UNGA (G-193) and will be subjected for voting. Once voted in, UNGA will initiate a ‘Advisory proceeding’ at ICJ, so as to get a judicial order advising the UN transition team to complete the full implementation and roll-out of the ‘UN Global Governing Model 2020’ within a definitive timeframe, so that the World is effectively and properly governed.

Roll-out in Two phases

Phase 1 – Complete Leadership teams’ transition must happen before Dec 31, 2022. All the new divisions will be formed outside USA and the leadership teams are completely established. The national team pay-roll set-up, employment procedures, operational procedures, secure systems to work with, data warehouses to hold global data are all set-up in this Phase 1. One point to note is that the United Nations Global Governing Model 2020, will hold the most important data of the World, and from across the World; and further will roll-out and manage the most important projects in many countries and hence the data security and data management will be a very critical point for the ‘Transition Leadership Team’. Especially, the GEC systems, baseline national economic data will be very sensitive data and must be maintained with high levels of security, so that no breach shall occur.

Phase 2 – Complete Transition must complete by Dec 31, 2023. With new offices set-up and expanded team hiring across the divisions. This phase will also include the complete / full team transitions and new regional and national team structures set-up; with all required technology, systems and data warehouses taken live.

Ongoing Governing Phase – By Jan 1, 2024; United Nations Global Governing Model 2020 must fully go live with all operations fully active and mobilized. Their real ‘Global progress & development’ and ‘Global Peace & prosperity’ projects can take off in all countries of the World as appropriate.

Working Protocol of United Nations Global Governance Model 2020:

UN-Geneva Once the model is rolled out, the GI-50 (Security Council) and G-193 will operate as follows; at a high level.

All subject matters related to countries, regions, world are segregated in two broad categories. Is that a ‘Subject to be reviewed, discussed, analyzed and acted upon by GI-50/G-193’; or is it a guidance matter for a single nation, as it is their internal subject?

Any topic that comes to UN, will firstly be evaluated by a team before it comes to GI-50. If the evaluating team thinks by law or nature of subject, it is an internal national subject to be dealt by the country, they will guide the country accordingly, by stating that it is an internal subject. Where applicable, if the country needs guidance on the subject, an expert advisory team will provide advice on the subject based on global past experiences from other countries, regions. This is providing guidance, support and marking/closing the subject as resolved.

The second category, once a subject is of a nature that it has multi-country, regional or global impact, it will be presented for the GI-50 Security council for debate, discussion and evaluation of the problem. At this point, it could take two directions. One, the subject could be resolved by an executive order issued by GI-50 or via an ICJ order (where applicable) to be implemented. The second direction is when GI-50 thinks that the subject needs debate, discussion and a decisive voting at Global level; it is referred to a decisive Voting at G-193 GA.

At GA – G-193; each such subject presented to them will be led by GA leadership team who will put out a calendar or schedule for decisive voting on the subject. For simpler subjects the decisive voting cycle could just be 1 week or a maximum of 1 month. Here are calendar entry examples or schedules for two globally debatable decisive voting subjects that I have already proposed. Project Earthling© and UN Global Governance Model 2020 itself after roll-out and implementation of Project Earthling©; as all ‘Transition Expenses’ can go against GEC Earthlings printed and reimbursed against Transition expense project codes.

Author: Srinivas Devathi; August 29, 2019

Here are two examples of ‘Discussion and Voting subjects’ at UN Security Council and UNGA G-193; in ‘Pre-UN-Global Governance Model 2020’ days. 

First calendar entry / schedule example – Project Earthling©

Second calendar entry / schedule example – UN Global Governance Model 2020

Three images showing UN organs in current and future (UN Global Governance Model 2020) structures. Along with a Transition image. These show only HIGH LEVEL view (Geographic only) of UN Main Divisions

ICJ to be replaced by a new ‘Judicial Council’.

Todays ICJ would be replaced in the reformed governance structure in which a ‘Judicial council’ will be formed which will be lead by 193 judges, one from each country; with the divisions leadership set on a rotation model. Where the country cannot nominate their own country judge to the council, they might call upon their GI-50 local ally to nominate a judge from their country on their behalf. The council will take in lawsuits that are country VS country, and also allow select other lawsuits that are not necessarily country VS country. I shall define the full span, judicial ability, and control of this organization when I get to that stage of detailed organization structure definition. This council will be able to take in all the ‘Import bill fraud committed by usa lawsuits by intentionally manipulating and strengthening their currency against all the world currencies over the last 240 years’. They will be 192 suits. The council will also have the capacity to handle a few thousand lawsuits. The council will see volume of lawsuits in the next couple decades, however in the long term given the international law enforced by the new governance model across the world, the volume of lawsuits are expected to taper off and reduce significantly. The council staff numbers might be adjusted, however under all circumstances the council will have 193 sitting judges, one from each country as explained above ready to deliver justice. 

In the next two decades, usa must expect lawsuits against them from the other 192 countries of the world. The first of which is the ‘Import bill fraud lawsuit’ as mentioned above. Some examples of the other lawsuits the 192 non-usa countries might consider filing against usa are:

– Crimes against humanity lawsuits. For war crimes, or death inflicted. The liability claims will be made in Earthlings. 

– Privacy invasion lawsuits. For breach of private space, or personal life. This might further result in manipulation of the persons life. Claims for damages or liability will be made in Earthlings. 

– For many ways usa has targeted their country, racially, using divide and destroy strategy, supplying arms to kill each other by created internal conflicts, carrot dangling to create internal conflicts to kill each other, illegal trade forced on the country, or imposed slavery on the country. Claims will be made in Earthlings. 

– Human rights violation, forced medical malpractice, using humans for organ harvesting, or illegal clinical trials. Claims will be made in Earthlings. 

The 192 non-usa countries might consider claims spanning the last 240 years which represent the usd-$ monopoly years. However, substantiating their claims with full evidence and proof to the Judicial council might make these countries concentrate on last 100 to 150 years depending on the availability of documented evidence and data. 

I request the 192 non-usa countries to consider the following facts:

The countries could approach the Judicial council in this new world order, seeking justice and/or monetary compensation. The lawsuit could have a non-monetary relief claim and / or a monetary claim which could be liability claim or damages claim in Earthlings currency. The lawsuits will be presided by judges from neutral countries.

You must also clearly understand the fact that the current day ICJ controlled by usa and indirectly paid by usa, can never deliver real justice to 192 non-usa countries. History itself is a fact set that confirms this. Hence ICJ must be replaced by my proposed Judicial council in new world order.

I have numerous case studies wherein countries across the world would like to exercise a REAL legal option against usa. Judicial council will provide this option to the world countries.

All monetary liability or damage claim payments will be given in Earthlings currency which will be your national treasury currency.


Medical Council will be formed and will have 193 country members in the council. Each country will have their own independent medical expert team as member delegation team at this council. In each country delegation there will be expert / senior doctors who specialize in each of the dozen main organs of human being. Medical Council will end any and all medical malpractice and end the following negative tactics used by usa corporations in the past. Here are the threats to humanity that will be ‘legally banned’ and eliminated by this Medical Council.

a. Brain control and manipulation attempted by usa pharmaceuticals (e.g., Janssen pharmaceuticals / Johnson & Johnson pharmaceuticals), to control human beings all across the world and more importantly render them dumb or idiotic by manipulating certain regions of the brain. Every cell of human brain has been mapped and these pharmaceutical companies have attempted to manipulate brain functions. This is in their grand plan of controlling human beings, and most importantly rendering them dumber, or useless to their own countries. This must be presented to the entire world thus ensuring all world countries are fully informed. While a simple example is that they could make people forgetful by targeting certain regions of brain, the manipulation could be much severe, dangerous, debilitating, could even be fatal while being torturous and annoying. They can also induce impulsive, temporary, or sustained anger or thoughts of insanity in an attempt to frame a person negatively. USA pharmaceuticals (e.g., Janssen pharmaceuticals / Johnson & Johnson pharmaceuticals) have potentially paid KOL’S [Key opinion leaders] in the medical field to define new diseases, intentionally to frame a person negatively / psychologically. These are all frivolous negative attempts to forcefully frame a healthy individual as mentally ill / or psychologically ill. Such randomly defined diseases by paid KOL’S to target the wealthiest in the world must be put for evaluation in front of the 193-country medical delegation. Any such paid KOL defined disease will immediately be exposed to the entire world. The fraud of usa pharmaceuticals will be visible to the entire world.

b. Heart transplant is the new threat to humanity, and in particular for youngsters in their twenties or thirties. Medical fraternity have heard about bypass surgery, in that gastric, single, double, or even triple bypass surgery. Extend that to quadruple bypass and you have a heart transplant surgery. This is a threat to humanity and must be immediately presented to all 193 countries and ‘International law’ will be enforced by the Medical Council in this reformed governance model.

c. This Medical council will accept the fact that human beings [homo sapiens] born on Earth, have their life expectancy set around 90-100 years. Thus supporting ‘International law’ to ban ‘Human heart transplant’ which constitutes well planned, pre-meditated murder to kill a young adult and transfer his heart and the years that come with it to an older person.

d. Standardization of all main / vital human organs management will provide proper treatment procedures to doctors of all 193 countries. Organ management medical journals for standard treatment practices will be owned by the Medical council and will be accessible to doctors and human beings all over the world. The standard documented medical practices will curb medical malpractice in any of the 193 countries.

e. List of all inducible diseases will be listed by the medical council and shall be made available to the law enforcement agencies of all 193 world countries.

f. The medical council will also make medical journals, texts available to all 193 world countries regarding micro and nano particulate drugs / chemicals usage in food particles, identifying such adulteration, and taking legal action according to law. The law enforcement agencies of all 193 world countries will become aware of such medical malpractice and will also know how to curb it. The world countries will have a lot to thank the Medical Council for in decades to come.

Can one corporation in one country pose a security threat to the entire world?

The GI-50 or G-193 will take control of all the satellites that are used by Google – usa, to map the roads, terrain, satellite images, street view images of all the 193 world countries. They have the latitude / longitude information, precise locations of anything and everything in all the 193 countries. In the new world order, this constitutes ‘security threat’ and privileged information for one country or one corporation to have. The GI-50 and G-193 divisions in the new world order will own these satellites, information, maps, images, data, and will allow a ‘Map only function’ for delivery services, and tourists / travelers searching for destination addresses. This function will be given locally for each country by its own application. And potentially could be made available for international tourism service providers. The ‘Map only feature’ could also be allowed as a worldwide application upon a decisive voting of all 193 countries after they internally evaluate any related security concerns.

Youtube Video link – Srinivas Devathi speaking about ‘Fire Scam’ and how he nicely triaged it to be referred to UN-GGM-2020; wherein the GI-50 and G-193 can make the decisions on such global subjects.

How USA tried to cheat Srinivas Devathi and India with a FIRE SCAM. Srinivas referred it to UNGGM-2020 – GI-50 and G-193. This hands over the FIRE SCAM to UNGGM-2020 and GI-50’s executive decision. Srinivas and India are out of the FIRE SCAM; until a formal request is received from UNGGM-2020 (United Nations Global Governance Model 2020).

Role and profile of Srinivas Devathi for next 30 years.

Role for next 30 years.
Profile for next 30 years.

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