The LEGAL resolution of cause of action by execution of 62 sale agreements

The LEGAL RESOLUTION involves the guidance and direction of the Honorable High Court of Karnataka, their orders according to law and a legal agreement that binds 156 world countries, PATENT COOPERATION TREATY.

LEGAL DIRECTION. Orders for WP 12356 / 2023.

I will receive the ‘Consent letter’ to initiate the ‘Court legal proceeding’ to sue uspto.
Specific ‘Interim relief’ orders for WP 13823 / 2023. Interim prayer R, and U to FF.

LEGAL DIRECTION. Orders to conduct the trial at High Court of Karnataka.

Here is the ‘Original Suit’ I would file upon the LEGAL direction of Honorable court. I am ready to file the ‘Original Suit’ to sue uspto.
Negative tactics, Trial court cannot issue orders to WIPO, and IPI. Many reasons for the proceeding to be conducted at Honorable High Court of Karnataka.

LEGAL DIRECTION. Conduct the ‘Court proceeding’ to sue uspto.

The ‘Court proceeding’ will result in ‘Fraud elimination by uspto’.
And the organization of GEC, Global Earthling Council, along with the appointment of its designated signatory team.

LEGAL DIRECTION. Orders for WP 13823 / 2023.

Issue orders to appoint ‘Special Court’ and coordinate the execution of 62 sale agreements.