9.3 Trillion – My Personal Wealth

I request everyone to read my Executed and Legalized ‘LIVING WILL’ at this website. The last point on second page of the Living Will states that (after pledging 90% of the wealth towards Development & Progress of India), I only take 10% of the total wealth – 9.3 Trillion Earthlings as my personal wealth.

Kindly make a note of the expiry date on the Executed, Legalized LIVING WILL – 31/12/2022. A new, upgraded version will replace this with additional details.

However, I want people all over the World to understand that the FRAME – SHELL allocations of these LIVING WILLS will not change. 90% shall remain pledged for India in a 50-50 share to government(s) and my private foundations work. 10% will be my personal wealth.

In my recent discussions with my Bank management, I had to discuss the 10% personal wealth of mine. As I do not have any legal heirs, this wealth will go to my mother, if I were to die in the period between years 2022 to 2034 (20 years from the patent filing date).

For the period between years 2022 to 2034, I make the following legal statement. If I were to die in the period between years 2022 to 2034 (20 years from the patent filing date), my personal wealth of 10% will be pledged for my ‘Private side progress & development work allocation of Earthling Foundations’. The registration of the Earthling Foundation in India will happen within the next few months. I make this statement, in order to de-risk my mother from inheriting such wealth, which will put her life at risk.

When I choose to, I will execute specific projects and initiatives in the names of my parents, out of this personal wealth of mine. Such projects and initiatives will be executed by my own team, after the completion of 62 largest deals totaling in value to 93 Trillion Earthlings.


ONCE THE PERSONAL WEALTH IS REALIZED, AFTER THE EXECUTION OF 63 AGREEMENTS, I MIGHT consider the following wealth allocations to my first circle blood relatives.   

10 Billion Earthlings each to my mother (DS Premaleela), elder sister (Sridevi Devathi), and younger sister (Shirisha Mohan). Like it is stated in my Living Will separate legal documents will be executed to this effect. This is subject to them not going against me or against India or against my objective of Goal Year 2050 for India, in any way. 

My divorce with Smt. Vindhya Yalmuri concluded in July 2012, with a one time full settlement paid according to court orders. I do not owe her anything legally. However, subject to her not going against me or against India or against my objective of Goal Year 2050 for India in any way; and making a legal claim through court, requesting ‘Higher settlement since I have come into such wealth’, I may entertain some pay out to her. The pay could range from 100 crores INR and could go up to 2 Billion Earthlings. It depends on multiple factors and her legal claim in court. 

Test-tube babies and possible illegal claimants:

During my stay in USA between 2007-2010 and again in 2014, USA captured all my information and detail to the last body cell or blood cell. They have all my finger prints, both palm prints, foot prints, have collected my urine, stool samples, my hair follicles, skin cells, scalp cells, blood, retinal scan, dental records; for DNA, they have my spit sample, mucous sample, tear drops. They have mapped my DNA, RNA and have all medical scans, images, x-rays of all organs in my body, head to toe.

A doctor will have to corroborate this fact. I believe at room temperature, sperm cells in semen die within seconds or maybe minutes after release. Semen left over in discarded condoms may not be useful to create ‘Test-tube babies’. This is my guess. Doctors will have to corroborate this.

I have tried hard to remember how many times I have discarded used condoms with my semen floating in it in the trash can, and immediately after left the house or motel? And what are the chances that someone entered my house or motel and picked up those condoms and froze the fluid to create test-tube babies? This has been difficult retrospective analysis. If semen discarded hours before (in room temperature) could be used to create test tube babies, I am 100% positive that I may have many test tube children in USA. As far as my biology knowledge goes, this seems not possible (at least after hours of exposure to room temperature), however a medical expert will have to answer this.

Legal implications if I have many test tube children who will come to claim wealth when they become 18 years old, along with their mothers:

My answer would be that they would not be my legal heirs (despite DNA match reports). Let me explain myself. The test tube kid’s mother has not physically slept with me, not had sexual intercourse with me and has not satisfied me physically. Nor does she have my approval to have my child. Given these facts, I do not consider such test-tube children as my legal heirs. My current active Living Will clearly states that I do not have any Legal heirs as of today and that is a factually correct statement, despite USA having created test-tube babies out of my stolen semen.

Mam Program:

Given my ‘Intellectual Property’ and its conservative valuation at 93 Trillion, of which my personal wealth is at 10%, 9.3 Trillion, I can very confidently state that ‘Marriage’ (again) is ruled out in my life.

This has made me define the ‘Mam Program’, which is a ‘paid Internship program’ to my choice of select Indian citizen (living in India) Hindu young women (20 to 25 years of age) who would spend one-month time with me, for an internship payment of 10 million Earthlings per month. This will be a legally run program by law. Though unlikely, only time will tell, if I build a mid-term or long-term relationship with any of these interns. Even if I did, it will be a repeat / renewal of the same monthly arrangement. In the recent past several young women have attempted to draw my attention in a competitive manner. I request that young women do not get into fights over getting into the Mam program. This program would be run as a very secure and private program in order to avoid fights out of competition.