Media interactions


Planned introduction of Project Earthling(c), a global macro-economic reform and a global banking reform, at Bangalore Press Club. The information may introduce some of the other related subjects which have been the driving factors for me to author Project Earthling(c). The Project Earthling(c) promotional flier is attached here.

The documents which are additional supportive documentation for Project Earthling(c) outside of the immense list of benefits the reform delivers are attached here.

The importance of the reform and my work to the entire world can be recognized in this file A7 which shows the cascading effects of my work to world countries.

Press release to worldwide media houses on 18-3-2021 from Bangalore Press Club:

Press release on Project Earthling(c), a macro-economic reform. 

A macro-economic flaw that has made all importers in the world (importers from all 192 non-USA countries) pay more than what they should have due to a manipulated USD ($ – US Dollar that has been artificially kept strong against all other world currencies) has gone unnoticed for 240 years, and it must be fixed right now. THIS IS AN ONGOING FRAUD / FLAW DUE TO WHICH ALL IMPORTERS FROM ALL 192 NON-USA COUNTRIES ARE PAYING MORE ON THEIR IMPORTS THAT ARE PRICED IN USD ($). IT IS SAME AS THE 192 COUNTRIES PAYING MORE FOR THEIR IMPORTS. Realize that USD is the local / domestic currency of one country USA, which has been intentionally monopolized across the world as a global transaction / deal making / bribing / commodity pricing currency (several commodities). Hence, I introduce a new currency that is not a local / domestic currency of any one country, and is purely a international trade and business currency, foreign exchange currency, and national reserve currency. This new currency is named as ‘Earthlings’. Symbol of Earthling is given in the attached document A1. Earthlings currency will put an end to two varying frames of reference and all commodities will be priced in Earthlings which will in turn hold its value for a period of 10 years, at the end of which its value will be reset (either strengthened or weakened for the benefit of world economy) to a new value which shall remain for another period of 10-years. 


95 slides of information presented to Indian media houses on 13 Jan 2020, at Mumbai Press Club.

The content covered my invention, its worldwide IP rights sale price valuation, the global transformations of Project Earthling(c) and United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c).

JULY 2017

The invention US 8,910,998 and technology details were presented to Indian media houses at my office in July 2017. Here are some newspaper publication images and photographs from media interactions.

By Deccan Herald, in their Wheels, Automotive Industry supplement, on July 19, 2017.
By Prajavani, in their Metro supplement, on July 19, 2017.