USA sale agreement for 22.5 Trillion

Here are the details of Srinivas-Hirshfeld agreement. USPTO, by the actions of Mr. Drew Hirshfeld, after they eliminate the worldwide fraud (by eliminating fabricated prior art of Cobb, Price, Saenger, and Hale; and by eliminating the fabricated ISR issued with a fabricated date, to my PCT application PCT/US2014/046619), will execute this USA sale agreement, as first of the 62 sale agreements to finish the distribution of IP rights to my invention across 62 countries. The elimination of USPTO fraud and then the execution of this sale agreement will provide the exit to USA from their fraud, in front of the 193 countries.

At the same time it allows them to procure any other IP pertaining to their territory (USA) that they are interested in, which is in my name (Srinivas S. Devathi). The execution of this agreement will ensure that USA as a country moves away from the ‘Breach of PCT’ that they have committed and go back to their own home country USA, with IP they want to control and benefit from, for decades to come from within their territory of USA.

USA patent US 8,910,998 sale agreement: Srinivas – Hirshfeld agreement.

USA two-party patent US 8,910,998 sale agreement:

This is the only expected two-party deal executed in $ currency.

Name of the deal: Srinivas – Hirshfeld Deal.

Value of the deal: 22,500,000,000,000 $.

Sale deal is executed in: $ currency (USD).

Seller:  Inventor Srinivas S. Devathi, Inventor to patent US 8,910,998 ‘Systems and methods for altering the color, appearance, or feel of a vehicle surface’.

Property being sold: Patent US 8,910,998 and continuation application 14/535,867; including all rights to 100-year downstream businesses that emerge from my invention, for USA territory.

Recipient of IP rights and buyer: USA, represented by Mr. Drew Hirshfeld, Director of USPTO, or represented by President of USA, Mr. Joe Biden or his designated signatory or their UN delegate. No third-party payor in this deal. It is a sale agreement between the seller and buyer.

Country: USA receives and controls economic activity and wealth of 202,500,000,000,000 Earthlings. 

By executing Srinivas – Hirshfeld agreement, the leadership / government of USA will receive full control of intellectual property and full ownership of downstream businesses for their country / territory, the value of which is at an estimated 202,500,000,000,000 Earthlings of economic activity expected to be created over a 100-year period by a conservative estimate. This economic activity received via this agreement will translate to wealth for usa, and contribute to building and growing their national treasury reserve wealth held in Earthlings currency. 

Conservative sale price set for USA sale agreement. The sale price valuation range for my invention US 8,910,998 for USA territory is given here. I have chosen conservative as apposed to realistic or aggressive.

The conservative sale price is set at 22.5 Trillion $.

I do not intend to have any operations in USA in future. Hence, I do not want to own any assets in USA. Given this, I am offering the following ‘Freebie’ and a purchasing option for USPTO, when they execute the Srinivas-Hirshfeld agreement.

Freebie for USPTO – USA

Patent application 14/610,195 for Next generation version of American Football Sport; AND
the Governing rights to Next Generation American Football within USA territory for the patent application tenure of years 2015 to 2035. A net 100 Billion value, will be given as a FREEBIE by executing a separate sale agreement A for agreement value of $100.

By year 2034, USA must establish a legal binding with the Next generation American Football governing authority established by me in India, which shall have member meeting assembly in Nepal the only other Hindu country in the world. The Legal binding options could be to join the 50-50 financial model described in the PCT application webpage; OR to procure the governing rights for the Next generation American Football sport for USA territory for a block of 100 years starting with year 2015, which is the filing priority year to my PCT application. The sale price for the same shall be provided up on their inquiry to procure.

These agreements will allow Srinivas S. Devathi to fully sell any property he owns against his name, which is in USA. And further these agreements will allow USPTO and USA to exit the life of Srinivas S. Devathi so that he could now pursue ‘Goal year 2050’ for India.

Full details of the 62 sale agreements / 62 deals to my invention of US 8,910,998.

List of 62 sale agreements totaling to 93 Trillion.

Projected two-year timeline for the execution of 62 sale agreements, to be tracked and followed by the entire world

Projection of timeline to conclude the execution of 62 sale agreements for the full value of 93 Trillion Earthlings. I am working towards achieving this timeline. However, I am bound by the procedures of Indian judiciary, introduction of Project Earthling© at WIPO, coordinating the schedules of 62 country leaders and designated signatories, media publications, broadcast, and discussion of the subjects. I plan on coordinating and working with all these stakeholders to achieve the following timeline. I am optimistic that the world (all 193 countries) will go along with me in this objective of delivering ‘Real independence and freedom to all countries’, and for the combined good and brighter future of all of humanity.

The 61 tri-party sale agreements will be executed in a way to bring approximately 20% of the value in first year of the sale agreement, with the balance (approximate 80% of the value) distributed to come in as payments payable to me in the balance IP tenure years. The last payment would come in year 2033, and the final checks for wealth distribution according to my Living will shall be issued in Q2 of 2034.

The streams of activities defined in the two-year plan submitted to the Honorable court.

My invention US 8,910,998, worldwide (62 country) IP rights sale price range in expressions of conservative, conservative-realistic, realistic, aggressive, and exaggerated.

My invention of ‘Vehicle Color Change Technology’ has global impact. It has relevance to all 193 countries in the World, especially from the downstream businesses it will generate in years to come. Each country will get an economic boost by adopting my invention. Each automotive manufacturer will realize significant benefits, both logistical and financial. Each automotive dealer will benefit from simplified inventory management. Each buyer of a car will have the choice of changing its color repeatably whenever they want. My invention is USA patent number US 8,910,998 granted on 16-12-2014, recognized worldwide by PCT application PCT/US2014/046619 filed on 15-07-2014. I have IP rights protection to this invention across 62 countries which are the main car manufacturing countries in the World. Over 99% of car manufacturing is done in these 62 countries that I have chosen to file applications at.

The 100-year economic activity of my invention and its downstream businesses across the World, can be put into the ranges given in this table. As mentioned above for USA territory, the same percentage of 10% is claimed as my IP rights sale price for all 62 country invention rights sale. In that I have chosen conservative sale price of 93 Trillion Earthlings / $ as my final sale price for 62 country IP rights sale.

Estimation Ranges

Depending on ‘Competent authorities’ input, the final liability claim could be reset to a higher final sale price. The breakdown of the higher sale price if chosen is given in these two files.