USA-UK Negative Tactics


United States Patent and Trademark Office – USPTO has committed the ‘Breach of Patent Cooperation Treaty’ (Articles 18 and 19 of PCT), and have been caught with documented evidence that proves their worldwide fraud ‘beyond any reasonable doubt’, by fabricating prior art of Cobb (fabricated number US 7,516,764) and Price (fabricated number US 5,636,669) (by using / stealing one of the five designs outlined in my invention patent US 8,910,998, shell design, illustrated in figure 4 of my patent), and issuing a fabricated ISR – International Search Report, with a fabricated past date to ensure the two-month window to file article 19 amendments with IB-WIPO is lost. This fraud of USPTO is to steal a total of at least 93 Trillion $ / Earthlings (refer my website webpage to read about Earthlings) by conservative estimate from me, India, and Hindus living in India. And further, to block the economic growth, progress, and development of country India and 60 other world countries where I have sought IP rights protection.


A visual illustration of USPTO fraud and breach of Patent Cooperation Treaty.

The USPTO fraud and breach of Patent Cooperation Treaty that has been signed by 153 countries.

The expected resolution of USPTO fraud and conclusion of the distribution of IP rights to 62 countries by executing 62 sale agreements.

Fraud elimination and distribution of IP rights to 62 countries.

Visit the webpage for the full break down and details of the 62 sale agreements / 62 sale deals that will be the final resolution of USPTO fraud and breach of Patent Cooperation Treaty that has been signed by 153 countries. The webpage is in the dropdown list of CJI tab in the menu options at the top of the page.

USA-UK refused to believe that Srinivas S. Devathi and his work are real and in the present.

The defendants in the court case OS 4961 of 2018, collectively USA and UK have gone out of the way, almost onto a different planet of their own to grip and control this planet called Earth, every country in it and every human being on it.

In fact, what they have done is create a microcosm of their own new world or a “safe zone” kind of insulated world in their minds; and have attempted to completely exclude me out of that imaginary microcosm of world they have created.

This microcosm of world created by USA & UK, is making them feel and have “Happy thoughts” or “Imaginary thoughts” that they can continue to rule and control the World as they have done in the past 600 years. This imaginary world (wherein they have tried to exclude me) allows them to have these “Wishful thoughts” of Srinivas Devathi was never born (on March 11, 1977), Srinivas Devathi never became a Serial-Inventor, Srinivas Devathi never invented ‘Vehicle Color Change Technology, valued at 93 Trillion by conservative estimate’, Srinivas Devathi never authored Project Earthling© and Srinivas Devathi never authored United Nations Global Governance Model 2020©; and we will steal all of these from him because the other 191 countries are sleeping, they cannot understand, they cannot talk, they cannot communicate, they don’t have a voice at United Nations, the current one, we have it in our grip. This person Srinivas Devathi is only my imagination or dream. Nothing has changed since 20th century.

This is the imaginary microcosm created by USA-UK as a safe hiding spot for themselves. To their discomfort, their imaginary world is unreal and a delusional one.

These negative tactics to “HIJACK” the invention and 61 other country IP rights from Srinivas Devathi have met with the reality.

All world nations are aware of Patent Cooperation Treaty. It shall prevail.

All world nations have a voice at United Nations. If voices are subdued in the current United Nations controlled by USA-UK, the control will be broken in the new one authored by me.

All world nations know about the unbelievable good reforms that Project Earthling© will deliver to the World.

All world nations know the benefits, the economic activity that the ‘Vehicle Color Change Technology’ will deliver to their own countries and their own people. Why will they give up all that economic activity to USA-UK?

Finally, the reality will shatter this imaginary microcosm of a world that USA-UK have tried to create by fully excluding me or isolating me until now. The reality will win. The imagination will end. The 191 countries will achieve their freedom and independence. Welcome to the real 21st century.

When they realized Srinivas S. Devathi is real, and all his work will change the status quo on Earth. They used every negative tactic that is out there at him.

The negative tactics:

USA and UK have used every negative tactic that has ever been used by human beings on planet Earth, all at Srinivas DS, in an attempt to steal 93 Trillion valued invention and its IP rights (wealth) from him.

In the webpage ‘APPEALS TO THE WORLD’ at this website there are a total of 18 videos, of which 15 videos are about the ‘Negative Tactics’ used by USA and UK against Srinivas DS. I request you to visit that webpage and watch all the 15 videos pertaining to negative tactics.

In an attempt to take control, take guardianship of his property, Intellectual property (IP) or inventions in India, in USA, in any other territory (PCT country) in the world or a bunch of PCT countries; USA, UK and USA defendants attempted the following:

  • to distort facts related to Inventor’s life, from birth / childhood until now.
  • stating lies about Inventor, Inventor’s life or events in Inventor’s life, from birth / childhood until now. In this effort, they might have attempted to meet every person I have ever known or interacted with from my birth until now and offered them bribes to make them state lies, fabricate never occurred stories, create unreal imaginary stories, and distort facts. Bribes given by USA come in many forms. They could be in the form of bonus, vacation package, promotion, a gift an expensive car, bribing business deal, franchisee grant, or just a suitcase filled with USD. The bribe value must be considered in relation to the valuation of my invention.
  • defamation attempts on Inventor, in public or media.  
  • block inventor’s objective of building Indian national treasury of 93 Trillion in Earthlings
  • block inventor’s goal of making India a developed country and achieving ‘Goal Year 2050’; which by law constitutes anti-India activities
  • to achieve the above, they have dug up Inventor’s entire life from birth / childhood until now and fabricated lies, created imaginary stories, distort facts and events of his life to frame him and portray him as a negative person. They have also used a select set of 4 or 5 photographs from his childhood or student days to create their own imaginary stories.

It is possible that USA-UK might have attempted ‘Identity theft’ to steal this invention, by finding another Srinivas Devathi (my full name is Srinivas Satyanarayana Devathi) or creating one.

To their discomfort, their attempts have failed completely and no one in the world will buy their imaginations which have stemmed out of greed. Specially the global organizations and World countries cannot be sold such fabricated crap and imaginary stories, to make decisions that impact the entire World and are related to invention worth Trillions in wealth.

USA-UK Illegal Claimants Tactic

USA-UK out of desperation and unable to digest the fact that an Indian citizen Srinivas S. Devathi, has invented / created something worth 93 Trillion (by a conservative estimate), have attempted desperately to make illegal claims towards his invention. In various fraudulent techniques, using imaginary thoughts like in a conversation I had discussed about cars with Srinivas; maybe my conversation with him was the inspiration! Maybe my friendship, acquaintance and our conversations were inspiration to his invention! And so on.

There is no shortage of such Illegal credit seekers in the World. USA-UK have paid people to make such illegal inspiration to invention credit claims. This could span any person that I could have interacted with from my birth until now. Many people have been bribed and asked to make fake, fraudulent illegal claims to my invention as if they were the inspiration.

This is nothing but derived from an old saying – “Success has a lot of claimants”. The truth behind the saying is that “All such claimants are fraudulent. The person whose creations, work, actions resulted in the success is the only true owner of the success.”

Here is my answer, advice and response to such illegal claimants.

Knowledge through education is foundational to achieve success. I credit my parents for putting me through school, college, putting me on track with education and taught me to follow and live by law. I credit my teachers through school and college for having taught me the subjects I learnt. In this context ‘Mechanical Engineering’. It is the education which is the foundation; and my analytical and creative abilities to solve problems (on top of the foundational education) resulted me in coming up with the invention.

So, to all illegal claimants who are not Indian citizens, give up your fraudulent claims and go back to your day job and earn your living. If there are any illegal claimants among Indian citizens living in India, I request you to find your future (job) in my ‘Earthling Foundations’ work with the end goal – objective of Goal Year 2050 for India. This is my advice – Find a meaningful job and give up your fraudulent illegal claims.

Test-tube babies and possible illegal claimants:

During my stay in USA between 2007-2010 and again in 2014, USA captured all my information and detail to the last body cell or blood cell. They have all my finger prints, both palm prints, foot prints, have collected my urine, stool samples, my hair follicles, skin cells, scalp cells, blood, retinal scan, dental records; for DNA, they have my spit sample, mucous sample, tear drops. They have mapped my DNA, RNA and have all medical scans, images, x-rays of all organs in my body, head to toe.

A doctor will have to corroborate this fact. I believe at room temperature, sperm cells in semen die within seconds or maybe minutes after release. Semen left over in discarded condoms may not be useful to create ‘Test-tube babies’. This is my guess. Doctors will have to corroborate this.

I have tried hard to remember how many times I have discarded used condoms with my semen floating in it in the trash can, and immediately after left the house or motel? And what are the chances that someone entered my house or motel and picked up those condoms and froze the fluid to create test-tube babies? This has been difficult retrospective analysis. If semen discarded hours before (in room temperature) could be used to create test tube babies, I am 100% positive that I may have many test tube children in USA. As far as my biology knowledge goes, this seems not possible (at least after hours of exposure to room temperature), however a medical expert will have to answer this. And add advanced pharmaceutical technologies on top of this, and I would have to think, how many test tube children do I have in USA, who will become illegal claimants of my wealth in future.

Legal implications if I have many test tube children who will come to claim wealth when they become 18 years old, along with their mothers:

My answer would be that they would not be my legal heirs (despite DNA match reports). Let me explain myself. The test tube kid’s mother has not physically slept with me, not had sexual intercourse with me and has not satisfied me physically. Nor does she have my approval to have my child. Given these facts, I do not consider such test-tube children as my legal heirs. My current active Living Will clearly states that I do not have any Legal heirs as of today and that is a factually correct statement, despite USA having created test-tube babies out of my stolen semen.

A ‘Neutralize negative tactics lawsuit’ has been filed to eliminate and neutralize all negative tactics adopted by USA-UK, their corporations to support the fraud committed by USPTO. The full suit (140 pages) is accessible as a pdf file at the webpage: The webpage ‘Neutralize negative tactics lawsuit’ is in the dropdown list of CJI tab in the menu options at the top of the page.

Foundational legal principle followed across the world, which is a hurdle to my public enemies.

USA-UK and their allies who have attempted to use negative tactics against me must understand one thing very clearly.

Most of the judicial organs, courts across the world allow ‘Party-in-person’ representation since the fundamental law / principle they adopt is ‘people are presumed mentally fit and normal (sane) unless proven otherwise in the court in the presence of the subject and the Honorable judges’. The onus to prove such a thing is on people who are attempting to do so against any person.

This is precisely the reason as to why USA-UK or any of their allies have not shown up or confronted me in any court till date. They know that their fraud will be exposed in front of the Honorable court and judges. Further, I also state that I have always been a person of sound mental health and in that a very high achiever, with success stories to script all across my life. My inventions and globally transformative authored subjects speak for themselves.

I presume the same legal principle would be applied at ICJ, if they were to allow lawsuit filing by individual parties / inventors. According to my communications with them, they take in lawsuits only from country governments (their MEA).

ANOTHER NEGATIVE TACTIC USED. Superseding Estimates Higher Than 93 Trillion.

My patented invention of US 8,910,998 – ‘Vehicle Color Change Technology’ has global impact. It has relevance to all 193 countries in the World, especially from the downstream businesses it will generate in years to come. Each country will get an economic boost by adopting my invention. Each automotive manufacturer will realize significant benefits, both logistical and financial. Each automotive dealer will benefit from simplified inventory management. Each buyer of a car will have the choice of changing its color repeatably whenever they want. My invention is USA patent number US 8,910,998 granted on 16-12-2014. I have global IP rights protection to this invention across 62 countries which are the main car manufacturing countries in the World. Over 99% of car manufacturing is done in these 62 countries that I have chosen to file applications at.

The 100-year economic activity of my invention and its downstream businesses across the World, can be put into the ranges given in this table.

Estimation Ranges

What USA-UK did was to apply ‘Isolation strategy’ at me and they made ‘alliances-partnerships’ with several groups of people in India. They divided India in many ways and chose segregated groups and made alliances-partnerships with three different groups.

While I came on file (record) with a conservative 93 Trillion claim and simultaneously authored the ecosystem (Project Earthling© and United Nations Global Governance Model 2020©) to implement such a deal, the alliances and partnerships were being made in the last 13 years. I know all the numbers in detail and initially I wanted to come in the range of 110 Trillion to 125 Trillion. Further I know that 125 Trillion to 150 Trillion is fully justifiable and defendable. I went with the conservative claim due to the following reasons:

  • Being an individual inventor and making the world’s largest ever invention sale price claim, I wanted to come in the zone which will be seen as reasonable, conservative and responsible, given the entire World dynamic is being subjected to a shift and drastic change. I am rewriting the world order while executing this deal.
  • India considered a developing / poor country at 2.7 Trillion GDP with no national treasury reserve up until now. And there are 100-other World countries that want development and progress. So, I defined ‘Goal Year 2050’ for India (given my claim of 93 Trillion wealth) which will be followed and emulated by at least these 100 other countries in the World.
  • USA-UK have controlled the world. So, I came in conservative by applying a restrictive clause (putting a higher limit) on the second ranked country on their opening GEC national treasury balance entry, which would be USA coming in at 1 Trillion including their Fort Knox gold reserve or lower (subjected to decisive voting of 193 countries). With a 92 Trillion Earthlings (or more) positive differential in national treasury reserve, I felt myself and India will be comfortable at number one position.
  • The most important reason for me to go conservative with 93 Trillion estimate is to get unanimous support from all the World (193) countries for my 93 Trillion claim, with a 92 Trillion positive differential from the second ranked country. I think all the World countries will support my claim (and also India) even if I were to come in the conservative-realistic range numbers of 110 Trillion or 125 Trillion.

While the above was my thinking and approach, USA-UK with their fraudulent tactics made the following three groups of alliances, to supersede my estimated claim and attempted to go against me in multiple ways. Filing false Interlocutory applications in higher courts with lies. And targeting me in multitude of ways.


USA-UK have used an NRI family to file a superseding estimate at 120 Trillion. They wanted to throw 15 Trillion to some select people in India by making alliances and then take and control the remaining 105 Trillion directly from USA-UK. It is a futile attempt, as it is legally not possible. The alliance takers in India do not know that USA-UK will control them, kill them, and take all the wealth in the end.

USA-UK selected another group of people in India and made alliances to go for 125 Trillion claim. The alliance takers in India do not know that USA-UK will control them, kill them, and take all the wealth in the end.

USA-UK selected another group of people in India and made alliances to go for 150 Trillion claim. The alliance takers in India do not know that USA-UK will control them, kill them, and take all the wealth in the end.

USA-UK themselves (the white racist supremacists) may attempt to make a claim by themselves at the aggressive 200 Trillion or 250 Trillion and override all the above.

USA-UK and a few of their banks have gone for 300 Trillion estimate and claim. They want to control, destroy all humanity, every country (with financial lever), every human (with drugs to control their life and body functions) and kill everyone and take it all.

I repeat – There is only one inventor to patent US 8,910,998 (me – Srinivas S. Devathi) and there is only one sale price to worldwide IP rights, the 93 Trillion claim made by me. Hence all the above alliances-partnership attempts by USA-UK have failed.

All the above attempts have failed. Because the people in India have come to see my ‘Executed & Legalized Living Will’. It can be accessed at my website page ‘93 Trillion – Living Will’. Now the choice for the alliance or partnership takers in India (in the above groups) is to join hands with USA-UK and die or come on to the side of me and demonstrate patriotism. The choice decision is a no-brainer. Indian citizens will save themselves by joining hands with me in ‘Goal Year 2050’ for India. They will also serve the global economy positively by doing so.

All the above alliances-partnership attempts by USA-UK have failed:

Because there is something called as ‘Patent Cooperation Treaty’ signed by over 150 countries. According to Patent Cooperation Treaty, no one else except me (the true inventor) can legally claim the wealth from the invention from across the World. Thus, all negative tactics and negative alliances-partnerships with USA-UK have failed miserably on the World stage.

Finally, USPTO Director Mr. Drew Hirshfeld can respond and speak to me directly in the court.

While I am claiming 93 Trillion with a 92 Trillion (or more) positive differential from second position, here are two images showing the breakup of other total claim values within realistic range broken into 62 deals. Range total values shown are 93T-110T-120T-125T-140T-150T.

93T-110T-120T-125T-140T-150T broken into 62 sale agreements.
93T-110T-120T-125T-140T-150T broken into 62 sale agreements.


Before you read about the negative tactic, try to answer the following questions. 

Should India breach Patent Cooperation Treaty? 

Should India cheat 151 world countries that are PCT contracting states, by committing a worldwide fraud?

Should India cheat 60 non-USA countries where I have enforceable IP rights to my invention patent US 8,910,998 recognized worldwide by PCT international application PCT/US2014/046619?

Should India commit worldwide fraud and cheat 191 world countries? 

Should India go into a fraudulent alliance with a rouge nation USA, and cheat the rest of the PCT contracting countries and rest of the world countries?

MY ANSWER TO ALL THE ABOVE QUESTIONS IS NO. If your answer is also NO, you will capture this negative tactic with full clarity. 

USA corporations, combined USA, the bribed fraudulent anti-India terrorists NRI-ABCD of USA and where applicable any alliances with UK for additional lobbying into the fraud; they have attempted to form various alliances with some people in India; in an attempt to ‘construct a fraudulent alliance between usa-India’ by promising some insignificant share of the wealth to India, and eating or taking the rest of the wealth for themselves / their own country. Basically use the historic domination and money power out of USD monopoly on India and force them into submission into a forced alliance to commit worldwide fraud or breach of PCT; that has been signed by 153 countries. I am confident that India has come to its senses and never took up such offers or joined such an alliance. This would constitute to:

– Cheating 151 other countries that are part of the same Treaty. 

– Destroying India and its image on world stage. 

– Fraudulent alliance with a rouge nation, and committing ‘Breach of PCT the Treaty’. 

– Committing and being part of international fraud or conspiracy. 

– Breaking the trust of world countries, and committing fraud against the world. Fraud against 191 world countries. 

– Go against WIPO, an organization that has all 193 country members. 

– Destroy and break everything India has ever stood by. Destroy what Indian freedom fighters have ever stood by. 

SUMMARY – India must never go into any kind of fraudulent alliance with USA which plain simply amounts to committing worldwide fraud, international conspiracy, breach of patent cooperation treaty signed by 153 countries, and cheating the rest of the world countries. 


They attempted to cut fraudulent deals which are below 22.5 Trillion Earthlings / $, which is below the value of Srinivas – Hirshfeld agreement; and somehow get India to succumb under pressure and take a smaller offer for India. This is shorting a deal negative strategy. This is also called as shunting a deal. In such a global worldwide conspiracy attempt, they have attempted to give various bribe offers, rolled out in suitcases filled with USD-$ into India. 

India must understand, that such accepted illegal USD-$ bribes will never be exchanged for accounted money anywhere in the world, and cannot become legal INR – Indian rupee currency. If India wants such wealth (numbers listed below) in Indian currency – INR, we can print the Indian currency ourselves. WE NEED NOT ATTEMPT TO TAKE BRIBE OR ATTEMPT TO SELL ANYTHING. ESPECIALLY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THAT BELONGS TO ME. The shorting deals offered by USA below 22.5 Trillion in an attempt to stop me from executing the 62 sale agreements with 62 world countries, include: 

– 500 Billion $ offer for a fake fire scam in currency or in the form of ‘Gold reserve’; while stealing at least 93 Trillion or more from me and India. 

– 2 Trillion $, 5 Trillion $, 7 Trillion $, 10 Trillion $, 17 Trillion $, 18 Trillion $, 19 Trillion $, 21 Trillion $ offers; to steal at least 93 Trillion or more from me and India, or to distract me and India from the main invention of patent US 8910998. 


I WILL STRAIGHT AWAY EXECUTE THE SRINIVAS-HIRSHFELD agreement as the first agreement in court, followed by 61 other agreements. This is the ideal course of action for me, and India who will get 45% of the full wealth given my executed Living Will. 

Another negative tactic used. Blocked the four asset valuation companies in usa from delivering services to me. 

After my invention was patented on 16-12-2014 with patent number US 8,910,998; and it got published in October 2015 by WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization; in early 2016, due to lack of an asset valuation authority in India, I approached all four usa asset valuation organizations kpmg, e&y, delloitte, and pwc. I wrote and spoke to their head-offices; and their leaders to India or Asia region; discussed the work-activity with some of them, and realized they were all controlled and commanded from nyc, usa; and in particular the ‘public enemies listed at my website’. While I offered to pay for their estimation services and work, they refused to provide services to me. Given this, the valuation by an ‘estimating authority’ anywhere in the world has not been taken up. From the interaction with these four organizations it was very clear that their loyalty and work is only in the interest of usa. I did bring up the question of ‘patriotism and economic growth of India with the leaders to India or Asia region; and it was like all their India offices were slaves to usa, and the so called leader himself was a slave to usa. 

There are no registered asset valuation authorities in India. So I approached a select list of institutes who have competence in doing ‘asset valuation work’ with in India, and asked them to take up the valuation work to identify their sale price to my patent us 8,910,998 and its worldwide IP rights. 

I am waiting for the response of these competent authorities identified in India. 

Now the same four organizations whose loyalty is only with usa; must value assets owned by usa, usa legal entities, and usa citizens in any of the 192 countries, since the 192 countries will look to offset the value of these assets by seizing them, against usa debt to their country because of the ‘Import bill fraud’ that usa has committed by manipulating USD-$ for nearly 250 years (Visit my webpage for Project Earthling(c) for more details). It must also be observed if the 192 countries will use the valuations given by these organizations or use their own country auction sale price for these usa owned assets, as opposed the quoted market value due to unavailability of buyers. 

ANOTHER NEGATIVE TACTIC USED. Abuse of Interlocutory Applications Protocol.

Due to the conservative valuation of my ‘Vehicle Color Change Technology’ invention (USA patent grant US 8,910,998 granted on 16-12-2014) global IP rights at 93 Trillion Earthlings or $, there is a possibility that several parties may have filed frivolous IA applications in higher courts in an attempt to block the wealth from coming to me and India.

While I do not have any factual evidence to the filing of such IA applications, and I have not received any ‘Legal notice’ or ‘Court summons’ pertaining to such IA applications, I have proactively sent communications to International Court of Justice of United Nations and the Supreme Court of India. Such frivolous IA applications could have also been filed at all the state High courts within India.

The above attempts to file frivolous IA applications could have been made by any petitioner.

I state that all such attempts are desperate falsified (filled with lies) baseless attempts made out of greed to block my wealth or steal some of this wealth. These actions also qualify as ‘anti-India activities’ or ‘anti-development (of 100 other countries in the World) activities’ or anti-humanity or anti-progress & development activities.

Court orders to dismiss all such ‘Frivolous IA applications’ will be received by law to neutralize such negative tactics.

ANOTHER NEGATIVE TACTIC USED. Cutting Edge Micro And Nano Technologies Used.

I would bring the attention of the entire World to the advances made by USA, UK and few other countries in the World in VLSI (Very large scale integration) techniques to take electronic and digital systems into micro and nano sizes, yet delivering high quality output.

The micro and nano tech systems I am referring to are systems which could be seamlessly integrated into the surroundings in such a way that they are invisible to the human eye. These are audio recording, video recording and audio-visual recording micro or nano systems which could be installed in homes, offices, public spaces, anywhere to observe, spy-on, track a person with malicious intent or heist plot or criminal intent.

USA-UK have used such advanced systems and have surrounded me for at least the last 13 years and attempted to manipulate and control my life.

I want to share this truth, fact with all 193 World countries. The reason for this is what has happened to me or has been done to me, could be done to any person in any of the 193 countries. I feel responsible to disclose the truth to the World, at least about such spyware invisible to human eye. This pertains to human privacy invasion, invasion into a family’s bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, or anywhere in the house to track and commit fraud against the person or family. Citizens have ‘Right to privacy’ in many countries in the World. USA-UK have breached this with no respect to law.

It is this technology (in USA they call this as Nixon technology linked to watergate scandal), and the abuse of it by using it worldwide that has gone out of control, and resulted in unbelievable number of mental diseases to USA as a country and its citizens. This technology is a threat to human beings across the world. It must be immediately brought into control and neutralized from being used for privacy invasion and breaking law.


ANOTHER NEGATIVE TACTIC USED. Divide and Destroy – Fire Scam Tactic – Gold Reserve Carrot Dangling.

USA-UK have divided entire planet earth and its countries (all 193 countries) by something called as “FIRE SCAM”. This is a strategy used to divide the World into two parts by the divisions of “Electric V/S OIL” or “RENEWABLE V/S OIL”.

They (USA and UK) have tried to pit me, my invention, India, and Hindus into this ‘FIRE SCAM’ to steal my invention, its global rights and the wealth of 93 Trillion linked to it.

The Real TRUTH – It is just a scam.

Neither USA and UK (the fake renewable proponents) nor Saudi Arabia and UAE (United Arab Emirates) (the oil exporters); want any new investments in R&D or finding a new renewable energy source. This scam has been used as a tool-idea-negative tactic to pit me, my invention, India, and Hindus in this fake, created, artificial scam to block my invention and its wealth from coming to me and in to India.

My response is very clear. Put such a ‘Globally relevant subject’ for decisive voting at UNGA, especially once it transitions into my recommended GI-50 and G-193 structures, which is a much better governance structure. All 193 countries must vote on this subject in a YES or NO option votes to get a decisive result on the question of ‘Whether the world countries must actively invest in more R&D or finding a new renewable energy source’? Depending on the outcome of the decisive poll, the United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c) can take action by formalizing such additional investments across the world countries.

In summary, the decision and action must come from United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c) after the combined 193 country ‘evaluation of the subject’ and their decisive poll results.

A visual about the ‘Fire Scam’ and how India must avoid the engineered ‘Fire’ trap, by handing it off to United Nations.

Illustration of Fire Scam and how I, my invention, Hindus living in India, and India must avoid and exit the ‘Fire scam / Fire trap’.

On behalf of India and all Hindus in India, I make the following statement. Unless, there is a world war III in the form of a nuclear war between Electric and oil; synonymous to nuclear war between USA-UK and Saudi-UAE; synonymous to nuclear war between Christianity and Islam; this effort of my public enemies, master-minded by USA-UK, by bringing in Saudi-UAE into their efforts; is nothing but a SCAM to block my invention IP rights from across the world, and its wealth from coming into India, and thus blocking the prosperity of India, blocking the prosperity of Hindus living in India and blocking me from becoming the richest man in the world.

I present the analysis of ‘Polymers’ demand due to my invention, and its related statistical analysis which must be considered by the scammers trying to cheat me, India and the World.

Polymer resins will be used to build the two-layer systems to be attached to the vehicle exterior surfaces. The requirement or demand for ‘polymers’ will increase however not in a way that it would be a burden to the industry.

The invention is not going to be a burden on OPEC nations or crude production or polymers industry or packaging industry or additives industry. Here is statistical analysis to understand the demand of polymers by automotive industry when they adopt my invention. This demand is expected to increase gradually over the next decade, as adoption of technology happens at an individual plant level.

For the purpose of annual calculations, let us approximate the annual production of cars at 100,000,000.

On each car upon optimization, the polymer resin two-layer system will be approximately 50 Kilos. It will eventually optimize to be in the range of 50 kilos to 30 kilos per car.

Scenario 1: Higher side estimate of polymers demand:

At 100 kilos per car, for 100,000,000 vehicles, annual polymer requirement will be: 10,000,000,000 Kilos = 10,000,000 Tons.

At 2,000 Earthlings / $ per ton, the cost of two-layer system installations on the cars per year:

20,000,000,000 Earthlings. (For Earthlings, refer ‘Project Earthling©’ page).

Scenario 2: Optimal estimate of polymers demand:

At 50 kilos per car, for 100,000,000 vehicles, annual polymer requirement will be: 5,000,000,000 Kilos = 5,000,000 Tons.

At 2,000 Earthlings / $ per ton, the cost of two-layer system installations on the cars per year:

10,000,000,000 Earthlings. (For Earthlings, refer ‘Project Earthling©’ page).

The automotive industry must view the above addition in the context of: Annual production value of cars which is in the range of 1.5 to 2 Trillion Earthlings. (For Earthlings, refer ‘Project Earthling©’ page).

Summary of demand increase: My invention will be welcomed by all oil exporting countries because it would cause an increase in oil demand by few percentage points, given the increase in demand of polymers, chemicals, and additives. An annual demand increase of polymers by 10 or 20 billion Earthlings will be considered as natural growth or progression in demand. It is not a burden to the crude industry.

My final response about R&D on renewable. The same is the stance of all of India and Hindus living in India. I speak for them.

My response to R&D on renewable.

The person responsible for Fire SCAM is Mr. Al Gore. He is a Democrat who has worked with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. He is the author of ‘The inconvenient truth’. He also received a Nobel prize for this work of defining a problem, which the other 193 countries have not seen as an ‘immediate present danger’.

I request Mr. Al Gore to take the stage at ‘United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c)’ and pitch this ‘Inconvenient truth’ to the other 193 countries, sell his theory, convince 193 countries of this ‘clear and present danger’, and do his campaign to get majority votes on the ‘Oil V/S Renewable’ decisive voting. This must happen after UNGGM-2020 goes live and is operating in the GI-50 (Group Influential 50) and G-193 models as described by me.

This opportunity will be available to Mr. Al Gore and other democrats or any other anti-oil, pro-renewable torch bearers after Project Earthling(c) has gone live, 62 deals worth 93 Trillion are executed by me and the ‘United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c)’ has gone live in the GI-50 and G-193 structures.

I think the entire World, all 193 countries must give them an opportunity to talk and sell their theory, before a decisive voting is cast on the subject.

Al Gore – Advising Democrats. He is the author of ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ – A renewable torch bearer. An anti-oil missionary.

At United nations (UNGGM-2020), the same opportunity must be given to the non-renewable team (oil exporters) to pitch and sell their side of the equation. After both sides have had a chance to speak and share their views the subject must be put up for decisive voting of all 193 countries.

Let a decisive vote of 193 countries take care of this subject.

Both (my invention and fire scam) are independent subjects and unrelated.

SOLUTION – Pay me (the Inventor to Vehicle Color Change Technology) and India the 93 Trillion in Earthlings. Then make your request for developing alternate energy sources, via a decisive voting at UNGGM-2020(c), in the model as described by me.

SOLUTION THAT MAYBE AGREED BY THE WORLD – I have nicely recommended, advised for an ‘Electoral – Voting Decision’ at my recommended futuristic governance model of ‘United Nations Global Governance Model 2020©’. When 193 countries are subjected for a decisive voting, you will get a united decision from the World. What is better than this? It will be a conclusive decisive voting which the entire World stands by. I recommend this for the “Global Consensus” on this subject.


  • Nearly 50 countries in the World have a sizeable oil economy. They drill oil and use it for their needs, or export to other countries where there is demand. That is a good number of countries which produce oil.
  • Millions of jobs in each country are depending on ‘Oil based Economics’.
  • 100’s of Millions of jobs worldwide depend on ‘Oil based Economics’.
  • If this is not a global subject, to be discussed, debated and subjected to decisive voting, then what is?
  • Hence my recommended solutions.

According to me (Inventor to US 8,910,998 – Repeatable Vehicle Color Change Technology) and India, we do not intend to act in this direction until we get full wealth of 93 Trillion into our country or until the 62 sale agreements / contracts are executed in this year and next. Rest is subject to global discussion and decision based on global country voting. Here are a few videos on USA-UK ‘DIVIDE AND DESTROY’ tactics.

Srinivas Devathi talks about ‘FIRE SCAM’ employed by USA-UK to derail his work and block wealth from coming to India. In the video as written above, he nicely refers this ‘FIRE SCAM’ to United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c), for a decisive voting.

How USA tried to cheat Srinivas Devathi and India with a FIRE SCAM. Srinivas referred it to UNGGM-2020 – GI-50 and G-193. This hands over the FIRE SCAM to UNGGM-2020 and GI-50’s executive decision. Srinivas and India are out of the FIRE SCAM; until a formal request is received from UNGGM-2020 (United Nations Global Governance Model 2020).

Series of videos on negative tactics employed and adopted by USA and UK. The first video is the ‘Negative Tactics’ summary video, followed by the series. The Negative Tactics Video 4 is the one where Srinivas Devathi speaks about how USA-UK attempted to divide and destroy India with Fire Scam and a 500 Billion $ gold reserve used for carrot dangling. You can see all the ‘Negative Tactics’ videos in the Appeals to the World webpage.

USA-UK negative tactics summary video. You can find the series of videos in this page.

Negative Tactics Video 1

Core Reason – Insecurity of USA-UK.

Negative Tactics Video 2

Globally used negative tactics.

Negative Tactics Video 3

Divide and destroy tactics used by USA-UK.

Negative Tactics Video 4

Tactics used globally and with India.

Negative Tactics Video 5

Divide and destroy tactics used against Srinivas.


This very ‘Gold Reserve’ was used for ‘Carrot dangling’ by USA corporations to divide & destroy India. It was used as a tool to sell ‘Fire scam – to create a new renewable energy source’, as a way of stealing my inventions.


In my journey towards ‘Goal Year 2050’, to make India a developed country, I plan on launching and operationalizing two or three (of many to come) Earthling Foundations Initiatives, form ‘IEC – Indian Economic Council’ and provide guidance to Indian government & state governments; launch and operationalize several companies as part of ‘First Trillion’ and ‘Third Millennium’ groups of companies. This is the beginning to achieve ‘Goal Year 2050 for India’. This work is expected to be followed globally (and possibly emulated) by many countries.

In a few years (say by year 2025), once the course & direction towards ‘Goal Year 2050’ is set, I would look to form a ‘Gold Reserve of 500 Billion Earthlings’ in India, out of my personal wealth, unless government wants to build one on their dime out of the 45% proceeds I pay them. I will have relevant conversions when the time comes. At that point, it would be a mere conversion of a portion of my wealth held in Gold bonds into physical gold to build a gold reserve.

While the ‘Gold Reserve’ will be built in India over the next few years (say by year 2025), I hand-off the ‘Fire Scam – Create a new renewable energy source ’ initiative for the discussion, decision & voting of GI-50 & G-193 groups within the ‘United Nations Global Governance Model 2020©’. You can read the page (weblink) for ‘United Nations Global Governance Model 2020©’, at this website to know more details.

Negative Tactics Video 6

How Johnson & Johnson and McDonald’s – Two USA global brands have gone out of their way to frame me negatively on a global stage.

The potent combination of these two corporations of usa, can threaten the very existence of humanity.

The potent combination of these two corporations of USA, can threaten the very existence of humanity.  Food, drugs, and their combinations in varying proportions, targeting / concentrating on various organs, can target every cell of any organ of a human being. While their ambitions are to harvest human organs to get second lives in usa, they also fancy the idea of controlling human beings in a way to restrict their intelligence (or keep them dumb), or wipe out / erase their memory by controlling various regions of the human brain. Janssen pharmaceuticals division of J&J concentrates on human brain and human control; and would want to keep the population of 192 countries at low IQ. Other subsidiaries of J&J work on all other human organs and they also include bio-pharmaceuticals. To stop usa from attempting to mix the two and deliver potent poison to people all over the world through their food chains / corporations, it is the immediate priority of all the 192 world countries to take the macro-governance reform United Nations global governance model 2020(c) live, immediately after taking the macro-economic reform Project Earthling(c) live. The governance reform will define and provide access to international law and justice through the Judicial council. 

These two usa corporations J&J and mcDonalds wanted to do predictive analytics to know my upcoming work, inventions, transformational work, by negative tactics explained by me in negative tactics videos 7 and 8. Despite all their efforts they have only been able to anticipate my daily schedule, depending on pattern, where I eat food and what I generally eat, etc.; and never anticipated any of my recent work, a subset of which includes macro-economic reform Project Earthling(c), macro-governance reform United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c), My executed living will for the current value of 93 Trillion Earthlings / $, Goal year 2050 for India with 30 years of upcoming work / transformative initiatives, and their cascading effects to at least 100 poor countries of the world. Further they never anticipated the approach by which I diffused the death trap they put me into with the ‘Fire scam’. Certainly they did not anticipate the organizations of GEC, Judicial council that I have defined with the macro-governance reform, giving a very preliminary look into the new organization which will be fully defined and detailed by me. These corporations, along with all the other usa corporations, and citizens can now do all the predictive analytics about how many of the 192 countries will file legal claims according to law against usa for ‘crimes against humanity’ which they have committed against their country, over the last 240 years. These claims will be made in Earthlings currency with the Judicial council with a neutral bench of judges presiding. They can do all the number crunching and calculations and will be occupied for years to come. 

Negative Tactics Video 7

USA – UK using spyware and latest technologies to track Srinivas DS 24 by 7 over the last 13 years.

Negative Tactics Video 8


USA-UK corporations using movie industries in USA and India by paying them for a variety of projects and work.

Negative Tactics Video 9

USA-UK corporations using their India offices, Indian IT Industry and Nasscom for their greed. Indian citizens used against the interest of India. I question – challenge Indian citizens to determine their loyalty, after reading my LIVING WILL at this website.

Negative Tactics Video 10

USA-UK Corporations and their usage of NRI in USA and UK against Srinivas DS to negatively frame him. Srinivas DS provides some guidance to NRI population.

Negative Tactics Video 11

USA-UK Corporations using (past) friends of Srinivas and Bangalore University against him, to negatively frame him with lies and fabricated stories. Srinivas DS gives a message to students all across India.

Negative Tactics Video 12

USA-UK while attempting to negatively frame Srinivas DS, have exposed their own mental situation and psychological status to the entire World and USA. Srinivas DS advises balanced life for USA and UK, and requests the rest of the World – 192 countries to help USA and UK come out of their troubled situation.

Srinivas DS provides his final conclusive response to USA and UK for their negative tactics used against him for 13 years to destroy his life. He also clearly presents the only way, the right way, the perfect method to resolve these ‘Global IP rights’ across 62 countries, valued at 93 Trillion, for everyone in the World to understand. He has not heard of a ‘Counter-proposal or counter-solution’ from anyone across the World. His remark about ‘Nobel laureate’ was targeted and very specific to an American Nobel award winner who was part of the USA team that attempted to destroy his life over the last 13 years.

Srinivas DS final remarks on negative tactics and the final solution to be implemented across the world for the global IP rights disbursement. He has not received a counter-proposal or counter-solution from anyone in the World, despite several inquiries and communications. Srinivas DS presents the final solution to the 93 Trillion valued global invention rights problem. He speaks of the inevitability of the New World Order.

A ‘Neutralize negative tactics lawsuit’ has been filed to eliminate and neutralize all negative tactics adopted by USA-UK, their corporations to support the fraud committed by USPTO. The full suit (140 pages) is accessible as a pdf file at the webpage: The webpage ‘Neutralize negative tactics lawsuit’ is in the dropdown list of CJI tab in the menu options at the top of the page.

THE WAY THE WORLD MUST HANDLE THE ABOVE NEGATIVE TACTIC. Renewable – Work only up on official request.

My advise to 193 countries, and in particular the students in colleges / universities, and youngsters from all 193 countries. 

There is a history of nearly 75-years of drawing smart, brilliant, and talented youngsters into the ‘energy sector battle’ deliberately, to set you up between the oil against electric battle. After drawing the smart, brilliant, and talented students into such projects, initiatives they will be murdered. This might surprise many students and youngsters from across the world. Here is the truth and the fact set related to it. 

There are oil rich countries which have huge reserves of oil in earth within their territories. There are rich countries that consume oil. In fact I go on to say all countries in the world consume crude oil, primarily for the transportation sector. The crude oil economy within the world energy sector is the largest segment of the pie. This large segment within the pie does not want to shrink by any new technologies (new renewable energy sources) coming in and entering the pie thus shrinking their size, and market share. The crude oil sector is sitting on piles of cash, which is put to use to keep their current market share intact. One of the way they spend money is by drawing in smart, brilliant, and talented youngsters who show promise and inventive abilities into an intentionally created project of ‘creating or working on new renewable energy source’, and the ones who agree to it, will be killed in inexplicable ways. There is a history of 75 years to this. Many smart students and youngsters have been murdered by intentionally being brought into this energy battle. The incentive for the crude oil sector is ‘another smart guy eliminated’. This means their market share and pipeline of forecasted revenue and sales (of millions of barrels of crude oil) remains intact. They protect their market share for several decades by eliminating smart and brilliant students and youngsters. 

Do not fall for the ‘unofficial requests’ or projects thrown at you to work on ‘new renewable energy sources’. ASK FOR OFFICIAL REQUEST TO YOUR COUNTRY AND YOU TO BE MADE AFTER A ‘DEMOCRATIC VOTING AT UNITED NATIONS BY TAKING ALL 193 COUNTRIES’. When there is majority vote at UN out of 193 country decisive vote on the question ‘Should there be more investments made in creating and identifying new renewable energy sources?’ that becomes an ‘OFFICIAL REQUEST’ from the world countries and a real governing organization. 

When ‘OFFICIAL’, work on it otherwise DENY-REFUSE TO WORK ON IT. 

Additionally, it must be understood that ‘Toyota rolled-out the hybrid car Prius’ in year 1999. They filed a patent for the technology a few years before. Similarly, such work or technologies must be done with ‘official request’ or ‘say an established research facility’ or such wherein you have design, test results and technology to back-up and then first file a patent application in your local (and trusted) PTO and allow for the patent worldwide publication to happen at the 18th month point from filing the application. WIPO does publication of PCT applications at 18th month point from the priority date. Local publications may happen sooner. Only after such a publication must one go out in public with any such inventive technology. 

The official request gives you the permission to work on such project. And a proper technology protection patent application and PCT application publication will give you the necessary protection to the technology worldwide. If not for these steps, consider that you will be murdered when drawn into such a project. 

Visit to learn more about Patent Cooperation Treaty and the invention IP rights protection it provides to inventors from across the world. IF you work on new projects, do research in new sectors, ensure you do it the right way, in a way that it benefits you, your country and your people. The very intent of Patent Cooperation Treaty is this. To deliver progress and development to contracting states via the inventions of their citizens, and promote science and technology. 

Smart, brilliant, and talented youngsters must survive and live first, to do the right initiatives and projects for your country, yourself, and your people. 

Srinivas S. Devathi

Inventor and Author, who was targeted in so many ways by USA-UK-Saudi-UAE upon my patented invention of US 8,910,998. It will now bring the largest amount of wealth into India by way of executing 62 sale agreements. It will make India the richest country in the World. And Hindus living in India the richest religion in the World. Visit my website webpages:

Project earthling(c) – 

United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c) –

How should the 193 world countries approach this oil against electric battle? 

I recommend that the the question ‘Should there be more investments made in creating and identifying new renewable energy sources?’ be brought to the decisive voting in a NO or YES decisive voting options given to all 193 countries when my macro-governance reform of United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c) goes live in the GI-50 and G-193 model. This reform is expected to go live very soon, after my authored macroeconomic reform Project Earthling(c) goes live. 

Such a voting option must be presented to all 193 countries with say a gap of 10 years between polls if the previous poll outcome resulted in a majority ‘NO’. The poll on the subject must be considered ended when a majority vote of ‘Yes’ is reached by all 193 countries, when GI-50 will formally write to all the countries that have facilities, infrastructure, talent, skill, ability, and/or are ready to make such investments to work in this area. This constitutes a ‘Formal request’ from the 193 world countries. 

How to prepare for such a ‘Decisive voting’?

All 193 countries must work on the details of the following case study:

What is the near term, mid term, and long term economic impact, and quantified financial impact, jobs impact, and GDP impact to my country IF all cars, automobiles, or vehicles, that are driven in my country are 100 out of 100 electric vehicles? 

This case study will help your determine when you are ready to vote YES for the decisive question posed to you. 

I encourage all 193 countries to also attempt to additionally work on the case study: 

What is the near term, mid term, and long term global economic impact, and quantified financial impact, jobs impact, and GDP impact to the world IF all cars, automobiles, or vehicles, that are driven in the world are 100 out of 100 electric vehicles? 

Two categories of countries that have significant economic impact with electric vehicles taking over the market. 

Automotive manufacturing countries – There are an estimated 40 to 45 countries in the world that manufacture over 99% of vehicles / automobiles manufactured in the world. These countries with global brand OEM’S source the estimated 2,500 to 3,000 components that they assemble into vehicles that run on the current day combustion engines. This supply chain network yearly production output and the yearly OEM production output drives their countries economy and GDP numbers. They will want to slow the transition of market share into electric vehicles. 

OPEC countries – While there are 14 member countries in OPEC, there are an estimated 30 to 40 countries in the world that have significant oil reserves and export oil to other countries of the world. The oil trade and sale of these countries drives their countries economy and GDP numbers. They will want to slow the transition of market share into electric vehicles. 

These two categories of countries and other countries which are also integrated into the supply chain of oil trade, oil by-products, and integrated into the supply chain of OEM / vehicle manufacturing also have indirect economic and GDP impact. 

In summary working on the given case studies will prepare the country for the decisive voting at the G-193 assembly in my authored macro-governance reform model. 

Estimated statistical variance that must be expected by countries: 

While most of the countries in the world might have negative variance of their GDP by say an estimated 5% to 10%, the countries in the above mentioned two categories will have negative variance of their GDP anywhere in the range of 20% to 50%. 

The world economy will also take a negative variance by world GDP correcting by a estimated 30% to 40%. The counter boost to economy will come from the various different renewable sources that may drive these vehicles, main one in focus being battery operated vehicles that are electrically charged. 

Example country: 

An example I can give is usa that has significant automotive manufacturing within their country. Given their oil reserves, and oil import bill since they are one of the largest consumers of oil in the world, if usa manufactured vehicles in a financial year are all 100% electric, say Tesla, usa GDP will shrink by an estimated 50%. This means 50% of their GDP will be knocked off if they go 100% electric vehicles. So, the world must expect that they would vote a decisive NO in the very first poll conducted on this subject. 

The answer will be a decisive NO by Uk, Saudi, and Uae in the very first poll, taking these countries as few other examples.  


I request people to watch all the negative tactics videos in my website webpage: There are a total of 15 videos about negative tactics. To summarize their negative tactics, they have used an ancient technique of ‘Divide and destroy both sides’ tactic extensively in so many ways, and at so many levels. This strategy of ‘Divide and destroy both sides’ has been employed by usa-uk across the world, with hundreds of citations, pretty much targeting all the world countries over the last 250 to 600 years. 

They used ‘Divide and destroy both sides’ strategy at worldwide, regional, and national level to build pressure on India, which Delhi has now come to mitigate and neutralize it by using my authored macro-economic reform of Project Earthling(c). The macro-economic reform has neutralized all the ‘Divide and destroy both sides’ attempts made by usa-uk. They attempted ‘Divide and destroy both sides’ strategy when applied to one person, which could also be called as ‘isolation strategy targeting one individual’ on me, by intentionally building a gap with all the people who I knew in India, from past friends, to relatives which include first family and extended relatives. In this context, usa-uk, and especially the public enemies listed in the website webpage have met almost all people that I have known from my birth until now. And they have attempted to bribe them (Bribes given by USA come in many forms. They could be in the form of bonus, vacation package, promotion, a gift an expensive car, bribing business deal, franchisee grant, or just a suitcase filled with USD.) asking them to state lies, fabricate negative stories, and frame me negatively where possible. This might include all my school and college friends also. While none of these people have gone against me legally in the court, such attempts have been made. All such useless, frivolous attempts must be expected to fail in the Honorable court given the clearly defined motive. 

Johnson & Johnson usa and McDonalds usa given their presence in many countries of the world might have been used by usa-uk to negatively frame me. They have not legally confronted me yet. Their brand name and reach to most countries might have been used to target me. Since Q1-2007 after my invention of patent US 8,910,998 usa has been observing me 24*7*365 with their famed ‘eagle eye’ program of using nixon technology installed everywhere around the subject, and all his devices hacked and in this case at an os level. I have continued to pursue my goals and objectives despite all of this. All the film industry in India has been used to target me in multiple different ways by making targeting videos, or movies. They might have received bribes for such work. A full fledged tie up seems to have occurred in year 2009 when many of the Indian film industry people were in LA, usa. 

All the Indian branch offices, and their employees of the usa corporations listed in my public enemies page, have all been used like slaves. Along with them, all the Indian IT industry Indian employees and Nasscom have been used as captives and slaves. The fraudulent, India selling, India backstabbing, fake patriotism showing nri-abcd population of usa-uk have played a key role in throwing suitcases of usd-$ into India to target me through their network, while they themselves consuming significant amounts of these bribes. They want to destroy the country India, burn, kill, and destroy Hinduism in India. In summary, usa-uk have exposed their own mental diseases, mental vices, usage of illegal nixon technology, in India, in usa, and to target me, and further they have exposed all of these to all 193 countries. Their law breaking, so many local and international laws across usa, across India, and across the world has come to the center of all 193 countries attention. Now, all 193 countries will examine every ‘Divide and destroy both sides’ strategy used by usa-uk over the last 250 to 600 years, evaluate it to full detail, and call out their law breaking, humanity targeting tactics, and will list all the ‘crimes against humanity’ committed by usa-uk. They will have to answer to the entire world for all the law breaking they have done across the world and across all the 193 countries for many decades now.