Foundational legal principle followed across the world, which is a hurdle to my public enemies.

USA-UK and their allies who have attempted to use negative tactics against me must understand one thing very clearly.

Most of the judicial organs, courts across the world allow ‘Party-in-person’ representation since the fundamental law / principle they adopt is ‘people are presumed mentally fit and normal (sane) unless proven otherwise in the court in the presence of the subject and the Honorable judges’. The onus to prove such a thing is on people who are attempting to do so against any person.

This is precisely the reason as to why USA-UK or any of their allies have not shown up or confronted me in any court till date. They know that their fraud will be exposed in front of the Honorable court and judges. Further, I also state that I have always been a person of sound mental health and in that a very high achiever, with success stories to script all across my life. My inventions and globally transformative subjects speak for themselves.

I presume the same legal principle would be applied at ICJ, if they were to allow lawsuit filing by individual parties / inventors. According to my communications with them, they take in lawsuits only from country governments (their MEA).


One of the negative tactic used by USA-UK and my public enemies, in an attempt to target me and in an attempt to steal my inventions in one or more countries, is by establishing confidential communication with every person I have ever known or ever interacted with from birth until now, and bribing them in USD (with their own identified havala exchangers for USD recommended to the bribe takers) and asking them to state lies, fabricated negative stories, create imaginary stories, distort facts, and events to target me to achieve the following:

  • to distort facts related to my life, from birth / childhood until now.
  • stating lies about me, my life, or events in my life, from birth / childhood until now. 
  • defamation attempts on me, in public or media.  
  • block my objective of building Indian national treasury of 93 Trillion in Earthlings.
  • block my goal of making India a developed country and achieving ‘Goal Year 2050’; which by law constitutes anti-India activities.


Bribes given by USA come in many forms. They could be in the form of bonus, vacation package, promotion, a gift an expensive car, bribing business deal, franchisee grant, or just a suitcase filled with USD. I shall be able to clearly establish which person received what, for stating lies about me and going against me after Q1-2007 when I invented the ‘repeatable vehicle color change technology’ patent US 8,910,998. Their (each individuals) profession, financials and income tax returns filed, travel records of the last 14 years will clearly indicate the rewards and prizes doled out by USA to them, for going against me. If such a situation arises, on a case-by-case basis, I shall be able to establish this fact to the honorable court.





LEGAL STATEMENTS ON NEGATIVELY FRAMING AUDIOS / VIDEOS / AUDIOVISUALS / MOVIES, (presented by USA Corporations, USA defendants (in Court case) or their allies who have taken bribes), presented to any authority or anyone in India or abroad:

  • Think from an investigative angle, who installed these audio recording devices, who installed these video cameras, who did this privacy invasion to record or shoot such material?
  • Every such audio / video / audiovisual / movie is preceded by one of my inventions. Depending on the date / timestamp of the audio / video (and assuming that it is not fabricated or graphically created or edited), it is preceded by another of my invention, that you might be unaware off (Lot of people do not know about my inventions list).
  • Further, it must be understood that every such audio / video / audiovisual / movie might have been shot after I was drugged or in some cases severely drugged, to frame me negatively to steal the invention(s) I had prior to the date-timestamp of such content.
  • The invention defines the motive. Each invention has wealth linked to it or invention credit which the ‘Privacy Invaders’ were looking to steal, by framing me negatively. Such efforts by USA corporations have certainly been made since Q1-2007, however, could have been attempted from the time I joined Capgemini.
  • My inventions define clear motive to the entire World, on any negative tactics used by USA, UK, their corporations, their citizens or their allies (bribe takers in India).
  • All such negative tactics were used in an attempt to steal or gain control or gain guardianship of my invention(s). The motive is clearly defined here, for all law & order enforcement agencies.
  • USA corporations have attempted to:
    • Distort facts and events related to my life from birth until now, including early life and student life.
    • Fabricate lies and stories to show me in negative light, and attach such lies and stories to my life from birth until now.
    • Defame me by framing and attaching negative stories to my life, from birth until now.
    • All such attempts have failed. Truth has and will prevail.
  • One example of USA Corporations attempt to distort facts and fabricate lies about Inventor is given here. Random allegation made – ‘Inventor is a ‘Moon watcher’. They created such random allegations and deliberately created situations to that effect. Many women were paid to parade in Inventor’s line of sight, in front of him.
    • This negative tactic comes from King Chandra Gupta Maurya of Mauryan dynasty who was of Inventor’s religion and country. Chandra means moon in a few Indian languages. As a way of abusing the Inventor, his nationality, his religion; USA corporations attempted to frame him as a ‘Moon watcher’. This approach involved several women who were paid to act, by parading in front of the Inventor deliberately, to negatively frame him. Inventor categorically states that he was never and is not a ‘Moon watcher’. It is evident from the list of his favorite heroines.
    • USA Corporations took inspiration from a Telugu movie called ‘Chanakya Chandragupta’; to frame the Inventor negatively, by using the Panchatantram taught by Chanakya and the character shown as Visha Kanya in the movie.
    • This negative tactic is linked to some of the rouge programs run by usa such as C/See program, Ass program, and C-hinese program.
    • These rouge programs have had financing from usa, white house since middle of last century.
  • USA corporations might have also attempted an ‘Identity theft’ approach. There is a possibility that there could be a Srinivas Devathi other than me in India (or one created) in a futile attempt to steal my invention by way of ‘Identity theft’.                
    • This attempt would have miserably failed for a couple reasons. My full name is ‘Srinivas Satyanarayana Devathi’, represented as Srinivas S. Devathi in the granted patent and all other applications. There is no other ‘Srinivas Satyanarayana Devathi’ with my co-ordinates (permanent address listed in my passport) in the world. Secondly, if a duplicate Srinivas Devathi has been identified to steal my invention, he would be nowhere close to justifying such an invention in the world stage; which I being the true inventor would claim and justify my invention (by qualification, track record, other inventions, copyrights, and work) in front of the entire world with ease. So, such an identity theft attempt has failed.


1 – My divorce with Smt. Vindhya Yalmuri concluded in July 2012. The two pages of Divorce Decree are attached here. We did not consummate (a mutual decision) and hence I have no legal heirs from that relationship. It must be noted that the invention did happen when we were married (Q1-2007) and some events post invention (in my marriage) were questionable. Unless, legal introspection (of some events I mention), is required into the married life following the invention, the divorce is well documented. Additionally, I would like to add that “PRIVACY INVASION IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW”.

If by any chance my divorced ex-wife Smt. Vindhya Yalmuri (or her Indian citizen family members) have taken bribes USA (or anyone in USA) to frame me negatively, it constitutes ‘Treason against India’. She and her family would be considered and branded traitors who are anti-India.

1A – A sub point to my married life and divorce is a speculative encroachment of ‘Hollywood’, some people in California with the backing, support and finance of USA Corporations (HSBC Bank USA, Capgemini USA, Janssen Pharmaceuticals USA – The people include Ken Harvey, Heidi Pote, Chris Anetz, Bill Schreiner, Roy Stansbury, Mike Comprelli and Randy McDaniels) and involvement of several NRI’s working in these companies or related to or friends of Smt. Vindhya Yalmuri (understand that an NRI by nature and citizenship is an anti-India person or can even be termed as an anti-India terrorist). There is a possibility that Smt. Vindhya Yalmuri was bribed or forced to approve a ‘Contraception technique’ of having me shoot outside, which I went along happily with. And further this possibility could go into negatively framing me globally (or at UN), by USA. I am not aware of such attempts as no one has confronted me with such video footage. However, given the rampant lawlessness of USA, wherein minorities are used as porn trash, and that USA corporations, their executive teams, White House, USA Presidents, first families do rampant ‘Privacy invasion by using nixon technology, nanotech cameras installed at most homes in usa, a construction standard’ and peep into (mostly) minority family bedrooms and bathrooms; such a possibility does exist. It is one possible way of framing me negatively at United Nations (in front of 193 countries) to target my invention or IP rights. However, if such a possibility exists, I shall hold the right to provide my response (at United Nations to all 193 countries) to such ‘privacy invasive content’ shot in USA by Americans to steal my inventions. The motive is crystal clear to all World nations and all 9.5 Billion humans. It is possible that, to steal 93 Trillion wealth, such attempts (privacy invasion into bedroom, bathroom, drug the subjects and frame them) are very much possible given the greed of USA and UK.

If such law breaking, privacy invasive content is presented against me in the court, firstly such people must answer to the Honorable court for their rampant law breaking. If the Court for any reasons would request that I prove my sexual prowess, I shall be happy to do so in a private hearing, to rubbish any ‘lies and fabricated allegations’ made to target me or kick me under the belt. I shall also have my doctor submit a report to rubbish such allegations and the report will also include my measurements as response to attempts of kicking me under the belt. 


The divorce was completed through court orders by paying a one time settlement by Mr. DS Srinivas to Smt. Vindhya Yalmuri. The financial settlement is documented with the court. Without factoring the lies, fabricated stories stated by her and her family; and without factoring the parity in education, and earnings of the two of us; by her and her family’s calculations, the divorce settlement included all my earned / realized wealth up until the time of the divorce. According to Hindu marriage act, through the Indian family court the divorce was final. 

2 – POA issued to my father by me and then spouse Smt. Vindhya Yalmuri, only for a specific ‘Commercial Property in Ramagondanahalli, Bangalore’ purchase transaction in year 2009 and to handle any bank related activity. As per my knowledge, my father did not exercise (or use) this POA document for executing any other legal paperwork on my behalf between the years 2010 until his untimely death on Jan 1, 2018. He was admitted to ICU about four times before he passed away. I am putting this POA in public domain, as any and all legal papers or instruments executed by him from 2010 without my knowledge are ‘null & void’ despite him being the ‘nominee’ on few of my other legal instruments such as SBI bank account and LIC policies. I additionally state that he has not left a Living Will of his, nor mentioned anything about it to me. I also state that any legal instrument executed by him, without his signature, however, with his fingerprints must be considered null & void. The four-page POA is attached here. This POA has expired with his death and is non-transferable & non-assignable to anyone else.

2A – As mentioned above, my deceased father was admitted to ICU (Intensive Care Unit in Hospitals which has restricted entry and strict visiting hours in a 24-hour day), four times in the months before his death on Jan 1, 2018. He never mentioned that he gave a ‘legal statement’ or executed any legal papers or a will, in ICU at the time of his death or prior to his death. Nor any doctors at these Hospitals mentioned anything to such effect. Given this, if some legal papers, documents, or legal statements given or recorded prior to his death were to surface, it may actually open a criminal angle to his untimely death. It would mean that medical force or medical torture or medical threat or drug driven duress was applied on him to record such illegal statements or execute such illegal papers. I hope no such document or statement surfaces in future.

I only have three blood relatives, and they do not have any claim in my wealth that goes against my executed living will. Any property assignment to them, shall only be executed in a way of new and separate legal instrument. No one else in the World can get involved with me or my wealth legally. (BY LAW).

Mention of inheritance laws pertaining to Intellectual property such as Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright.

According to Indian laws and most of the world country laws; Intellectual property in my name CANNOT BE inherited upwards in the family tree, nor can be inherited by my siblings or their families. The inheritance of intellectual property can only be downwards in the family tree, such as spouse and children. I want to state that I do not have any legal heirs, as my divorce with Smt. Vindhya Yalmuri concluded in July 2012 with us not having any children. In effect, my deceased father, mother, sisters cannot inherit my intellectual property. Because of the divorce the same applies to the divorced ex-wife. Given this, I established the ‘LIVING WILL’ that could be accessed at this website webpage 93 Trillion – LIVING WILL.

Cheap tricks and cheap tactics attempted by usa corporations and my public enemies to frame imaginary stories and fabricate lies in an attempt to frame me negatively, by selecting some photographs from my student days, and possibly bribing my friends at the time.

My response to imaginary stories or lies created by using select few (4 or 5) photographs chosen from my student days.

USA corporations tried to portray me as the following, based on lies created by using random student day photographs (4 or 5). My college friends were probably bribed to state lies and push these false stories as an attempt to frame me negatively. If they have indeed taken bribes to frame me negatively, it constitutes ‘Treason against India’. They would be considered and branded traitors who are anti-India. Did usa corporations bribe Bangalore university or its students from my batch to state lies and fabricate negative stories about me? I have not been legally confronted yet with such attempts against me in court, however there is a strong possibility given the wealth linked to my invention. 

  1. Inventor is a drunkard.
  2. Inventor is a smoker.
  3. Inventor is gay.
  4. Inventor likes seeing or watching shin or calf muscles.
  5. Inventor sat and stood (in one photo each) cross-legged. Let’s portray a negative picture / image about him.
  6. Inventor is having his hands folded and seems uneasy in a presentation or on stage.
  7. Inventor seems to slip in a relatively simple trek.
  8. Inventor looks sweaty in Yana trek. Some photos have come dark.
  9. Inventor has done drugs or alcohol abuse. Inventor looks skinny and has got six-pack abs in one photo under waterfalls.


This write up is for people (all over the World) to come to the right perspective and frame of mind about Inventor:

  1. Inventor has an approximate 1000 plus pictures from his childhood until now. These are (film roll clicked and) printed handheld paper photos. The digital pictures taken from year 2003 are way too many even to count. Bulk of the earlier paper photos were also available with friends and relatives, as was generally the case in 80’s, 90’s photos. All were printed multiple copies for relatives and friend’s collections. Off these 1000 plus photos, Inventor may appear in say 300 or more photos. A random selection of 4 to 5 photos was taken to fabricate and create negative, unreal and imaginary stories. What about the other 295 photos? They all are normal regular looking photos. Why don’t USA corporations create stories off them?
  2. Inventor categorically states that he is a heterosexual male. He likes attractive young women (above 21 years of age). He would prefer staying single (without sex or intercourse) rather than being gay or homosexual. That is how clear Inventor is on this subject.
  3. Inventor likes to address seeing shin or calf muscle in this point. It was the inferiority complex of his friend (at the time) about his own legs (shin / calf muscle) that was the laughing point of an accidental photo. His friend was uncomfortable about his own legs and mentioned that Inventor’s legs were sexy at an earlier date. Inventor usually has some traces of water-logged in his ears after taking a shower (head bath). Inventor generally empties the ears by using his fingers or buds after shower. This accidental photo was used to negatively frame Inventor.
  4. Inventor did a rapid 180-degree turn resulting in a dance pose for a photograph called out by another friend of his at the time. Resulting in him standing cross-legged for the photo shot. His testicles bag and penis were arched well above his legs. This was used to portray negative stories about Inventor. After a long day of presentations, Inventor is sitting in auditorium cross-legged leaning on his friend (at the time). All faces look tired due to a long day of presentations. Inventor’s penis and testicle bag were well above his crossed legs. This photo was used to negatively frame Inventor. Many celebrity men sit cross legged on TV shows and interviews. Not sure what is so special about this photo?
  5. Inventor was intently observing the audience reaction to their project presentation and how it was being received. Inventor has never been uneasy on stage or never had any stage fear. In fact, Inventor was the one who gave the finishing 5-10 minutes talk after the other four completed; resulting in a loud applause from audience and many came up the stage and congratulated and appreciated Inventor for his speech / talk. This is the truth.
  6. Inventor back in the college days did not know the existence of different types of shoes – running, trekking, sprint, jogging, hiking, etc. Today, technology has such high grip soles to shoes that you could stand on the edge of a cliff with full confidence of not skidding. Inventor wore his old worn-out sole less (actually the sole was slippery smooth), to a local trek. The mountain was easy to climb, but the previous monsoon water flow had rendered several portions of the mountain slippery smooth. The slipper smooth shoes on slippery smooth portions of the mountain caused him to nearly fall into a small ditch on the side causing him to grip himself to the mountain by his hands. This is no lack of trekking skill. Inventor has trekked the toughest mountain already, with super gripping shoes. This photo was negatively used against Inventor.
  7. During summer break, we went to coastal Karnataka trip. It was a week or 10-day trip. We visited many places. The Yana trek day was in particular humid and sweaty. We ran up and down the hill twice (as compared to others) to get a film role from a store down the hill. This resulted in me looking sweaty as compared to others. And lighting in some photos, camera quality, its settings rendered some pictures darker than usual. Why is the Inventor to be blamed? Also, a fact of life, is when any person is outdoors in sun, doing physical activity such as trekking all day, the effects of sunlight and heat render the persons skin tone darker. The day of trek, we were outdoor in the trek all day, and the photograph was taken late afternoon. I was dark and I have no complains about it. I have always liked my own skin tone, and would never want to change what I have been born with. I do not worry when I look darker like every person in the world after being outdoors in sun all day. I look like an Indian and would like to stay that way for the rest of my life. I would never in my life would want to ever look like an american caucasian.
  8. The group visited the falls in the morning hours. Inventor was never used to open waters and the water at the falls was freezing. It took a few minutes for the Inventor to get adjusted to the temperature of the water. When he got into the water, his body froze for a minute, which resulted in him stiffening his muscles. The photo was taken during this time. As the minute passed, inventor got adjusted to the temperature of the water. By body nature, Inventor did not easily put on weight and was thin, bony with lean muscle and yet strong during his college days. His food intake and appetite were good and like any other youngster his age.
  9. Inventor is not a smoker. Inventor has never done drugs in his life. Inventor has never abused alcohol in his life. Alcohol consumption is a culture in USA. During my work days, given the local culture, I blended in during business outings or get-togethers as a social drinker with 1 or 2 drinks maximum. No one could term me as a ‘alcoholic’. During college days, it was maybe a couple times Inventor tried beer with his then friends. There is a photo with Inventor eyes half open and slightly red. This was due to his hectic schedule and lack of sleep, and he woke up late. Further, the camera quality and its settings are also factor’s in this photo. The photo was shot when his eye lids were in motion. This is Inventor’s response to fabricated imaginary stories / lies created by USA corporations by bribing some of his friends or relatives.

All negative stories created by using these chosen set of 4 or 5 pictures are imaginary and garbage / trash stories at best. They have no truth to them and have been used to frame Inventor negatively. Basically, creating stories based on photographs are imaginary and could be unreal, specially when you use 4 or 5 out of 300.

My response given above is true. And if any person who has known me or ever interacted with me from birth until now is making statements otherwise, they have done so by taking bribes from my public enemies to set me up or frame me. This must be clearly understood by everyone in the world.

Legal statements from first circle of blood relatives.

Excerpts from a document executed by my first circle blood relatives, which includes my deceased father Mr. D. Satyanarayana, my mother D. S. Premaleela, my elder sister Mrs. D. Sridevi, and younger sister Mrs. Shirisha Mohan.  

I am the father/mother/elder sister/younger sister of Mr. Srinivas D. S. I have known Mr. Srinivas D. S. for 40/40/40/36 years. He has always been a very good and level-headed person. Being intelligent and innovative, he has in his personal capacity accomplished many goals and achievements throughout his life. I always felt that he was a positive thinking, optimistic, and very healthy and active individual.

As an individual Srinivas is very well qualified and his global work experience has helped him understand international business (economics, patenting process, etc.) very well, which is being channeled fruitfully into fresh business ventures (selling IP rights to invention patent US 8,910,998).


As the old saying goes, “Success has a lot of claimants”. “Failure has no claimants”. In my case, over the last decade (since the Vehicle Color Change Technology invention in Q1-2007), many people have attempted to become “Illegal claimants”, “Unlawful, unjust claimants”, “False claimants”, “Claimants by creating & fabricating lies, false stories, false audios, false videos, false audio-visuals, created videos post drugging me”. The list of people involved in this “Illegal false claimants” begins with every American Citizen, every UK citizen (thanks to the coordinated way they all work and dance to the tunes of USA Corporations who are defendants in the court case) and due to their bribes in India, the USA defendants have tried to influence many from Bangalore University, many from Indian IT Industry, they may have influenced my childhood friends, possibly college friends, might have influenced even my divorced wife & her family. They might have even tried to reach out to some of my cousins & their families to influence them negatively. Do not believe illegal claimants and/or their illegal, false statements. Stick to the true fact of me being the true inventor to Vehicle Color Change Technology.

Additionally, I would like to add that “PRIVACY INVASION IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW”. The USA defendants (individual people names listed in court plaint) and their allies (some NRI’s who are experts in privacy invasion and generally used by USA defendants as pawns) might have attempted to invade my ‘Private life’ and manipulate it. They have not confronted me with such content, as their “RAMPANT LAW BREAKING” would become visible to the entire World, all 9.5 Billion people and all 193 countries at United Nations. I would be happy to expose their treachery to the entire World, all 193 countries at UN.

Anyone and everyone who have attempted to be “Illegal claimants” to my invention or its wealth, who might have done privacy invasion or attempting to do it, who might have or attempting to drug me and/or frame me, will all be taken for their mental evaluation and psychiatric treatment, to cure their diseases of lack of logical reasoning, for privacy invasion, attempting illegal fraudulent claims and most importantly anti-India (treason) sentiment or actions.

In case of ‘Privacy invasion’, law breakers are the ones who physically installed cameras or bugs or other devises to invade privacy. Such law breakers are firstly adults who are legally accountable and responsible for their own actions. And such law breakers cannot hide behind some fictitious stories, random stories, fabricated stories or lies that they seem to believe or make others believe. A law breaker is a law breaker who is punishable by law. Its like a murderer, criminal or thief justifying his actions (of law breaking) by citing random reasons. The truth is ‘you broke the law’, you cannot hide behind random reasons and will be punished by law.

The above legal statements have been made to provide clarity to everyone in the World about my invention of Vehicle Color Change Technology (patent US 8,910,998), and that I am the TRUE INVENTOR and the ONLY inventor. Many have tried lies, creating false stories, drugging me to frame me and much more to make ‘illegal claims’ and all such claims must be rubbished, and the truth must be known to the World. In the end LAW SHALL PREVAIL IN THE WORLD.

Test-tube babies and possible illegal claimants:

During my stay in USA between 2007-2010 and again in 2014, USA captured all my information and detail to the last body cell or blood cell. They have all my finger prints, both palm prints, foot prints, have collected my urine, stool samples, my hair follicles, skin cells, scalp cells, blood, retinal scan, dental records; for DNA, they have my spit sample, mucous sample, tear drops. They have mapped my DNA, RNA and have all medical scans, images, x-rays of all organs in my body, head to toe.

A doctor will have to corroborate this fact. I believe at room temperature, sperm cells in semen die within seconds or maybe minutes after release. Semen left over in discarded condoms may not be useful to create ‘Test-tube babies’. This is my guess. Doctors will have to corroborate this.

I have tried hard to remember how many times I have discarded used condoms with my semen floating in it in the trash can, and immediately after left the house or motel? And what are the chances that someone entered my house or motel and picked up those condoms and froze the fluid to create test-tube babies? This has been difficult retrospective analysis. If semen discarded hours before (in room temperature) could be used to create test tube babies, I am 100% positive that I may have many test tube children in USA. As far as my biology knowledge goes, this seems not possible (at least after hours of exposure to room temperature), however a medical expert will have to answer this.

Legal implications if I have many test tube children who will come to claim wealth when they become 18 years old, along with their mothers:

My answer would be that they would not be my legal heirs (despite DNA match reports). Let me explain myself. The test tube kid’s mother has not physically slept with me, not had sexual intercourse with me and has not satisfied me physically. Nor does she have my approval to have my child. Given these facts, I do not consider such test-tube children as my legal heirs. My current active Living Will clearly states that I do not have any Legal heirs as of today and that is a factually correct statement, despite USA having created test-tube babies out of my stolen semen.

A ‘Neutralize negative tactics lawsuit’ has been filed to eliminate and neutralize all negative tactics adopted by USA-UK, their corporations to support the fraud committed by USPTO. The full suit (140 pages) is accessible as a pdf file at the webpage: The webpage ‘Neutralize negative tactics lawsuit’ is in the dropdown list of CJI tab in the menu options at the top of the page.