Renewable – Work only up on official request

My advise to 193 countries, and in particular the students in colleges / universities, and youngsters from all 193 countries. 

There is a history of nearly 75-years of drawing smart, brilliant, and talented youngsters into the ‘energy sector battle’ deliberately, to set you up between the oil against electric battle. After drawing the smart, brilliant, and talented students into such projects, initiatives they will be murdered. This might surprise many students and youngsters from across the world. Here is the truth and the fact set related to it. 

There are oil rich countries which have huge reserves of oil in earth within their territories. There are rich countries that consume oil. In fact I go on to say all countries in the world consume crude oil, primarily for the transportation sector. The crude oil economy within the world energy sector is the largest segment of the pie. This large segment within the pie does not want to shrink by any new technologies (new renewable energy sources) coming in and entering the pie thus shrinking their size, and market share. The crude oil sector is sitting on piles of cash, which is put to use to keep their current market share intact. One of the way they spend money is by drawing in smart, brilliant, and talented youngsters who show promise and inventive abilities into an intentionally created project of ‘creating or working on new renewable energy source’, and the ones who agree to it, will be killed in inexplicable ways. There is a history of 75 years to this. Many smart students and youngsters have been murdered by intentionally being brought into this energy battle. The incentive for the crude oil sector is ‘another smart guy eliminated’. This means their market share and pipeline of forecasted revenue and sales (of millions of barrels of crude oil) remains intact. They protect their market share for several decades by eliminating smart and brilliant students and youngsters. 

Do not fall for the ‘unofficial requests’ or projects thrown at you to work on ‘new renewable energy sources’. ASK FOR OFFICIAL REQUEST TO YOUR COUNTRY AND YOU TO BE MADE AFTER A ‘DEMOCRATIC VOTING AT UNITED NATIONS BY TAKING ALL 193 COUNTRIES’. When there is majority vote at UN out of 193 country decisive vote on the question ‘Should there be more investments made in creating and identifying new renewable energy sources?’ that becomes an ‘OFFICIAL REQUEST’ from the world countries and a real governing organization. 

When ‘OFFICIAL’, work on it otherwise DENY-REFUSE TO WORK ON IT. 

Additionally, it must be understood that ‘Toyota rolled-out the hybrid car Prius’ in year 1999. They filed a patent for the technology a few years before. Similarly, such work or technologies must be done with ‘official request’ or ‘say an established research facility’ or such wherein you have design, test results and technology to back-up and then first file a patent application in your local (and trusted) PTO and allow for the patent worldwide publication to happen at the 18th month point from filing the application. WIPO does publication of PCT applications at 18th month point from the priority date. Local publications may happen sooner. Only after such a publication must one go out in public with any such inventive technology. 

The official request gives you the permission to work on such project. And a proper technology protection patent application and PCT application publication will give you the necessary protection to the technology worldwide. If not for these steps, consider that you will be murdered when drawn into such a project. 

Visit to learn more about Patent Cooperation Treaty and the invention IP rights protection it provides to inventors from across the world. IF you work on new projects, do research in new sectors, ensure you do it the right way, in a way that it benefits you, your country and your people. The very intent of Patent Cooperation Treaty is this. To deliver progress and development to contracting states via the inventions of their citizens, and promote science and technology. 

Smart, brilliant, and talented youngsters must survive and live first, to do the right initiatives and projects for your country, yourself, and your people. 

Srinivas S. Devathi

Inventor and Author, who was targeted in so many ways by USA-UK-Saudi-UAE upon my patented invention of US 8,910,998. It will now bring the largest amount of wealth into India by way of executing 62 sale agreements. It will make India the richest country in the World. And Hindus living in India the richest religion in the World. Visit my website webpages:

Project earthling(c) – 

United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c) –

How should the 193 world countries approach this oil against electric battle? 

I recommend that the the question ‘Should there be more investments made in creating and identifying new renewable energy sources?’ be brought to the decisive voting in a NO or YES decisive voting options given to all 193 countries when my macro-governance reform of United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c) goes live in the GI-50 and G-193 model. This reform is expected to go live very soon, after my authored macroeconomic reform Project Earthling(c) goes live. 

Such a voting option must be presented to all 193 countries with say a gap of 10 years between polls if the previous poll outcome resulted in a majority ‘NO’. The poll on the subject must be considered ended when a majority vote of ‘Yes’ is reached by all 193 countries, when GI-50 will formally write to all the countries that have facilities, infrastructure, talent, skill, ability, and/or are ready to make such investments to work in this area. This constitutes a ‘Formal request’ from the 193 world countries. 

How to prepare for such a ‘Decisive voting’?

All 193 countries must work on the details of the following case study:

What is the near term, mid term, and long term economic impact, and quantified financial impact, jobs impact, and GDP impact to my country IF all cars, automobiles, or vehicles, that are driven in my country are 100 out of 100 electric vehicles? 

This case study will help your determine when you are ready to vote YES for the decisive question posed to you. 

I encourage all 193 countries to also attempt to additionally work on the case study: 

What is the near term, mid term, and long term global economic impact, and quantified financial impact, jobs impact, and GDP impact to the world IF all cars, automobiles, or vehicles, that are driven in the world are 100 out of 100 electric vehicles? 

Two categories of countries that have significant economic impact with electric vehicles taking over the market. 

Automotive manufacturing countries – There are an estimated 40 to 45 countries in the world that manufacture over 99% of vehicles / automobiles manufactured in the world. These countries with global brand OEM’S source the estimated 2,500 to 3,000 components that they assemble into vehicles that run on the current day combustion engines. This supply chain network yearly production output and the yearly OEM production output drives their countries economy and GDP numbers. They will want to slow the transition of market share into electric vehicles. 

OPEC countries – While there are 14 member countries in OPEC, there are an estimated 30 to 40 countries in the world that have significant oil reserves and export oil to other countries of the world. The oil trade and sale of these countries drives their countries economy and GDP numbers. They will want to slow the transition of market share into electric vehicles. 

These two categories of countries and other countries which are also integrated into the supply chain of oil trade, oil by-products, and integrated into the supply chain of OEM / vehicle manufacturing also have indirect economic and GDP impact. 

In summary working on the given case studies will prepare the country for the decisive voting at the G-193 assembly in my authored macro-governance reform model. 

Estimated statistical variance that must be expected by countries: 

While most of the countries in the world might have negative variance of their GDP by say an estimated 5% to 10%, the countries in the above mentioned two categories will have negative variance of their GDP anywhere in the range of 20% to 50%. 

The world economy will also take a negative variance by world GDP correcting by a estimated 30% to 40%. The counter boost to economy will come from the various different renewable sources that may drive these vehicles, main one in focus being battery operated vehicles that are electrically charged. 

Example country: 

An example I can give is usa that has significant automotive manufacturing within their country. Given their oil reserves, and oil import bill since they are one of the largest consumers of oil in the world, if usa manufactured vehicles in a financial year are all 100% electric, say Tesla, usa GDP will shrink by an estimated 50% to 70%. This means 50% to 70% of their GDP will be knocked off if they go 100% electric vehicles. So, the world must expect that they would vote a decisive NO in the very first poll conducted on this subject. 

The answer will be a decisive NO by Uk, Saudi, and Uae in the very first poll, taking these countries as few other examples.