Welcome to decentralized world

The significance and importance of Project Earthling(c) going live in the world, cannot be overstated. The persistence of the current prevalent resident anomaly in the world has costed the world countries, and all of the humanity dearly. It has resulted in a broken, and chained world with slavery; ruled by rouge regime whose only intent was to use, abuse and keep 191 other countries as slaves. This will be put to an end when Project Earthling(c) goes LIVE.

Projected timeline for Project Earthling(c) to go live.

Q1 and Q2 of 2021 – Introduction of Project Earthling(c) in published and broadcasted media (Indian and worldwide).

June 2021 – Introduction of the reform at UNGA. Planned decisive voting for the implementation and roll-out of Project Earthling(c) by end of June 2021.

Q3 and Q4 of 2021 – Pre-rollout preparatory work, formation of GEC with 193 country delegates, setting up the mints, full procedure and operational detail documented, leadership team, and operational teams established. Q4 of 2021 replace USD holdings by Earthlings for each country. The opening national treasury balance of each country recorded for the first time by GEC.

Jan 1 2022, Japan time 00:00 – Project Earthling(c) go live event. A launch ceremony to be etched in history, remembered for centuries to come.

Timeline marker for planet Earth.