Efforts to get a special court appointed in India.

Efforts to get a special court in India as one of the possible expedited resolution options are being explored. Chief Justice of India and Supreme court registrar have been informed. You can access the file related to early communications about it.

If Hon’ble CJI of India were to appoint a special court for this lawsuit proceedings, the benefits are many. Firstly, defendants will appear in the court. This can be achieved by having the ‘Special court’ designate physically travel to USA, and hand-deliver the summons to these parties, if such a step is necessary. The summons delivery will be recorded and the video clip will be shared with global media houses. This will ensure all defendants are in the court and the continuous (non-stop) proceedings will ensure quick resolution of the lawsuit.

A continuous proceeding is ideally suited for such a globally relevant and visible lawsuit. Such a continuous proceeding will deliver justice to the Inventor and India much sooner.

Secondly, it will expedite the entire liability payment to Inventor, thus bringing the wealth into India as per Patent Cooperation Treaty. This means the execution of 62 sale agreements / 62 largest deals in the World covering IP rights across 62 countries will be executed in the same special court, thus resolving this global subject of systematic IP rights distribution.

Lawsuit was given in the ‘Receipts’ section of Supreme Court to attention of Mr. Sharad Arvind Bobde, Hon’ble CJI.

On 29 Jun 2020, I dropped a package to the attention of Mr. Sharad Arvind Bobde which comprised of the following: 1) A cover letter informing the subject to him. 2) The full 294 pages binder of lawsuit OS 2613 of 2020. 3) The orders that were passed on OS 2613 of 2020. To present and file it in proper forum or proper court. 4) A hand-out which had the following three sections – Project Earthling(c), United Nations Global Governance Model 2020(c) and Strategy document to build India’s own national treasury of 93 Trillion in Earthlings currency.

I received an acknowledgement from the receipts section of Supreme Court. At least the Hon’ble CJI has been officially informed about the subject.

Foundational legal principle followed across the world, which is a hurdle to my public enemies

USA-UK and their allies who have attempted to use negative tactics against me must understand one thing very clearly.

Most of the judicial organs, courts across the world allow ‘Party-in-person’ representation since the fundamental law / principle they adopt is ‘people are presumed mentally fit and normal (sane) unless proven otherwise in the court in the presence of the subject and the Honorable judges’. The onus to prove such a thing is on people who are attempting to do so against any person.

This is precisely the reason as to why USA-UK or any of their allies have not shown up or confronted me in any court till date. They know that their fraud will be exposed in front of the Honorable court and judges. Further, I also state that I have always been a person of sound mental health and in that a very high achiever, with success stories to script all across my life. My inventions and globally transformative subjects speak for themselves.

The 62 sale agreements expected to be executed through the Indian courts for a full value of 93 Trillion Earthlings / $.

Attached here are the file and images of the current Living will of Srinivas S. Devathi which is in force.

Current Living Will in force – Page 1
Current Living Will in force – Page 2