Strategy to build India’s own treasury of 93 Trillion Earthlings

Strategy to build India’s own treasury of 93 Trillion Earthlings by building consensus across 192 countries.

I request Indian Government, all 29 State Governments, along with 1.32 Billion Indian citizens and all true Indian patriotic media houses to first UNITE in achieving the above objective. India must speak in a single voice.

Additionally, for the foreseeable future, collectively India must concentrate and focus on ‘Vehicle Color Change Technology’ Invention of mine, its global IP rights and the proposed solution which will be accepted globally by every nation and every citizen of the World. 

Strategy to be applied or acted upon:

I request Indian Central Government, to take up the activity of “Selling the Proposed Solution” which will not only resolve the global technology IP rights but will also improve the World from its current state. In this effort, India must form 192 teams (of 2 or 3 people in each team) covering the Non-Indian 192 countries. The teams must basically set-up discussions with all country EAM (External Affairs Minister / Foreign Minister / or delegate to UN) and pitch the following:

  • The proposed solution by Inventor Srinivas Devathi to resolve the 93 Trillion Earthling invention along with the ecosystem to resolve it in a structured way; while improving the World for better (from its current state).
  • Communicate the positives and the merits of the proposed solution and ecosystem (authored by Srinivas Devathi), to all 192 countries such that they agree to the proposed solution. We must build consensus across all 192 countries to implement the proposed solution along with the new recommended ecosystem.
  • If any country disagrees to the proposed solution with the transformative ecosystem; we must take this approach in communications with that country:
    • Question them: If you disagree to this, how do you suggest we resolve the global IP rights of this invention? Please give us a counter proposal or solution.
    • They must also remember that the solution they propose must be better than the solution proposed by Srinivas Devathi and additionally their solution must be accepted by all the 193 countries. If they have such a solution, they must let us know.
    • In order to try and find a better solution, they could be given a week or two (time); clearly marking a deadline.
    • If they do not have a better solution, then they can plain simply come onboard with the solution Srinivas Devathi has presented (which is collectively supported and endorsed by all of India).
    • By taking this approach, you automatically sell the proposed solution with the ecosystem (as recommended by Inventor Srinivas Devathi).
  • The strategy plain simply is “Challenge the 192 countries, or at least the ones that oppose my proposed solution with the ecosystem”; to counter-propose a better solution which is accepted worldwide, by all 193 countries. If they cannot counter-propose, then they must come on board with our proposed solution.
  • In this way, I recommend that Indian Government, along with Ministry of External Affairs and Indian United Nations team, completely sell the proposed solution to all 192 countries and ensure we have full mandate for the proposed solution.
  • The effort must be easy and smooth with relevant content (in documents or slides) built about my proposed solution along with the recommended ecosystem, so that countries agree to our proposal and we know that they will vote for the proposed reforms when the time comes for voting at United Nations. You can build such content by referring to the content on my websites, and
  • In this effort, I offer myself to pitch this at United Nations and build consensus across all 192 countries. I also offer myself to be put in front of any country (their UN team, EAM, PM or President) that needs to be convinced or challenged on the proposed solution.
  • I hope Indian Government acts in this direction. I will be happy to take any questions related to this strategy or proposed solution.

The proposed solution and key points to highlight are given in subsequent sections.

1. Price standpoint: Inventor Srinivas Devathi is claiming a conservative – realistic sale value of 93 Trillion Earthlings / $s for his invention’s global rights (covering 62 countries / 18 PTO jurisdictions). This paragraph is analysis of this sale value. The ‘Vehicle Color Change Technology’ when extrapolated to other sectors, factoring in the global economic activity created in terms of new products, new services and new list of supply chain businesses that it creates; and adding the individual sector growth across the World, and inflation of currency (against economic growth) across the World, easily creates economic activity of 2000 to 2500 Trillion over the next 100 year period. At 10%, this would mean Inventor claiming 200 Trillion or 250 Trillion wealth in 2019 currency terms. However, Srinivas Devathi has taken very low inflation numbers, very low sector growth rates, taken the Worst-case scenario over the next 100 years and set a very very reasonable and realistic claim of only 93 Trillion. The realistic claim in itself could easily be anywhere between 110 to 125 Trillion. Inventor and India can easily justify a claim of 110 or 125 Trillion. However, in order to demonstrate that Inventor and India are being very reasonable, very realistic and very responsible; we have chosen a conservative and yet very realistic claim of 93 Trillion only. So, no country should have a problem or concern with the global sale value proposed by Inventor and India. So, by this explanation, strategy and approach, you get all 192 countries on board with the “Sale Price” to begin with. This paragraph will get all 192 countries on board with 93 Trillion claim number.

2. Structured way of resolving the invention and its IP rights: Inventor Srinivas Devathi has brought focus / concentration on individual countries, their economies, their progress & development needs, their peace & prosperity needs. This is also in alignment with IP rights being enforced at a country / national level. Which also means that it is in alignment with the original intent, purpose of PCT, the Treaty; to deliver growth opportunities to individual countries by means of inventions which could be patented. In this approach, proposed by Srinivas Devathi, (after the USA fraud is resolved) a UN division called “Global Earthling Council – GEC” will be formed and that division will print the total value for the Inventor which will allow him to assign the Individual country IP rights to their respective governments (or PTO jurisdictions) or the companies nominated by them. In this solution, no country will have any reason to complain or deny or refuse the IP rights assignment. This very nicely, smoothly resolves the global IP rights subject of ‘Vehicle Color Change Technology’ rights for all 62 countries across 18 PTO jurisdictions. This will be accepted and endorsed by the Entire World (all 192 countries).

3. And at the same time improving the World and Planet from its current state and governance:

The Solution proposed by Srinivas Devathi needs the following two ‘Global Transformations’, ‘Global reforms’ to be voted in and implemented. This is the new ecosystem that needs to be built to enable the smooth resolution of the inventions global IP rights. It must be understood that both of the ‘Global Transformations’ improve the World from its current state and make it better. Further these global transformations will avoid future Wars (Nuclear or other) between countries or religions. These transformations will result in lasting peace & prosperity for all World countries while delivering progress & development to them. The global transformations are:

a. Project Earthling©: A Global Macro-economic reform and a Global Banking reform. This implements a new global trade and business currency, which will also be national wealth / treasury / reserve currency for all countries; and not be a local currency of any one country. This will ensure that USD becomes a local USA only currency and Pound becomes a local UK only currency. This will make the World equal. This will make all countries equal. This will deliver a level playing field for all countries to compete and grow their economies; and improve their national wealth (treasury) reserves.

b. UNGGM2020©: As the needs, aspirations of the World population have reached new heights, with the technological advances over the last few decades, it is clearly visible and evident that one or two countries cannot manage or govern these global aspirations of 191 countries. I am referring to USA and UK’s time has come to an end, as they can only block the growth & development of nations to retain supremacy and cannot contribute to their growth. The time has come to deliver a much better, much stronger, much more effective ‘Global Governance Structure’; so that the 193 World nations are governed in such a way that there is no roadblock for these nations to progress & develop. This is the second proposed global transformation in which a group of 50 countries come together to form ‘GI-50’ (Group Influential 50); to take all decisions related to the World or regions of the World. This will also have a decisive voting division (on subjects that need decisive voting); in the form of a G-193 (Group 193). These divisions will be part of the evolved ‘United Nations’ which has been termed as ‘United nations Global Governance Model 2020©’. There are a lot more details pertaining to the structuring of this UNGGM2020, which shall be discussed and disclosed over the next several months at the relevant forums. Simply put, the World will be governed by the World. Or a good representation of 50 influential / trusted countries from across the World regions with a good spread. 

So, Indian Government must use these key points mentioned here (Reasonable pricing, structured disbursement of IP rights, with two global transformations called Project Earthling© and United Nations Global Governance Model 2020© which improve the world from its current state) to get the proposed solution sold to the entire World. I am very confident that all 192 countries will come onboard when this strategy / approach is taken. Further no country would challenge this proposed solution, unless they have something better to offer that will be accepted by all 193 World nations.

This strategy document will put India in the driver’s seat to roll out these global transformations and ensure we are successful in building our own 93 Trillion Earthlings treasury. At least a good portion of this number will be brought in by Q2 of 2020 with all related contracts executed before Dec 2020.

Once again, I offer myself to come in and pitch this solution at UN and build consensus across 192 countries. I trust the judgement of Indian government to drive this on their own or bring me on board to drive this. I look forward to your response comments or questions.

Once again, all the required content and information is available at my websites, and

Inventor & Author, SRINIVAS DEVATHI

Nov 1st, 2019.


A Non-Legal Strategy Document.

Worldwide economics study and financial analysis of the 93 Trillion Earthlings deal is expected to happen.

Study of this deal will be taken up by all World countries.

Projected timeline for the execution of 62 sale agreements, to be tracked and followed by the entire world

Projection two-year plan to conclude the execution of 62 sale agreements for the full value of 93 Trillion Earthlings. I am working towards achieving this timeline. However, I am bound by the procedures of Indian judiciary, introduction of Project Earthling© at WIPO, coordinating the schedules of 62 country leaders and designated signatories, media publications, broadcast, and discussion of the subjects. I plan on coordinating and working with all these stakeholders to achieve the following timeline. I am optimistic that the world (all 193 countries) will go along with me in this objective of delivering ‘Real independence and freedom to all countries’, and for the combined good and brighter future of all of humanity.

The 61 tri-party sale agreements will be executed in a way to bring approximately 20% of the value in first year of the sale agreement (year 2022), with the balance (approximate 80% of the value) distributed to come in as payments payable to me over the balance IP tenure years. The last payment would come in year 2033, and I shall distribute the wealth final checks according to my Living will allocations by Q1-2034.

Planned two-year timeline for the execution of 62 sale agreements.

Details of 62 sale agreements for liability claim of 93 Trillion are in the file attached here:

Access the full details at 62 sale agreement details own webpage:

Tentatively planned launch of the first Earthling Foundation (public) trust initiative, which will be broadcasted and followed worldwide: June or July of year 2023.

The wealth we bring into India, and the national treasury we build will have its positive cascading effects to the entire world.

Initiatives / projects launched by Srinivas S. Devathi to achieve the visionary ‘Goal year 2050’ for India will have its cascading effects to 100 or more countries. A schematic visual showing how the cascading effect will work is shown here:

Cascading effect of work done in India for ‘Goal year 2050’ across 100 or more countries.