Earthling Foundations

Earthling Foundations and their importance to India and World

As Inventor Srinivas Devathi drives progress & development in INDIA by putting the 45% of 93 Trillion wealth from the invention (US 8,910,998) into the right initiatives rolled out through Earthling Foundations. Many other poor, developing and economically backward countries will look to observe and where possible emulate the work in their countries. The 45% allocation will be split 50-50 (22.5% – 22.5%) between two Earthling Foundation Trusts, one a public initiative trust and a second private initiative trust.


Earthling Foundations (PRIVATE) TRUST will deliver economic growth by establishing private side corporations, to deliver specific initiatives for nation building, and also building necessary businesses in India to drive GDP growth.

All Businessmen, NGO’s, Patriotic citizens, Opportunity seekers, Business solicitors, Job solicitors, Work solicitors are requested to wait for the launch of the first Earthling Foundations initiative. Your attempts to contact me with power (e.g., Government network), financial muscle (money contribution) or influence will make no difference. I will be unavailable for all solicitors. I request that everyone relax and wait for the launch of the first Earthling Foundation initiative; and get ready for a 30 year journey and not an impulsive, fast track 3 or 4 year journey. I request the same with World nations looking to follow and emulate my Earthling Foundation work.

Projected timeline for the execution of 62 sale agreements, to be tracked and followed by the entire world

Projection two-year plan to conclude the execution of 62 sale agreements for the full value of 93 Trillion Earthlings. I am working towards achieving this timeline. However, I am bound by the procedures of Indian judiciary, introduction of Project Earthling© at WIPO, coordinating the schedules of 62 country leaders and designated signatories, media publications, broadcast, and discussion of the subjects. I plan on coordinating and working with all these stakeholders to achieve the following timeline. I am optimistic that the world (all 193 countries) will go along with me in this objective of delivering ‘Real independence and freedom to all countries’, and for the combined good and brighter future of all of humanity.

The 61 tri-party sale agreements will be executed in a way to bring approximately 20% of the value in first year of the sale agreement (year 2022), with the balance (approximate 80% of the value) distributed to come in as payments payable to me over the balance IP tenure years. The last payment would come in year 2033, and I shall distribute the wealth final checks according to my Living will allocations by Q1-2034.

Planned two-year timeline for the execution of 62 sale agreements.

Details of 62 sale agreements for liability claim of 93 Trillion are in the file attached here:

Access the full details at 62 sale agreement details own webpage:

Tentatively planned launch of the first Earthling Foundation (public) trust initiative, which will be broadcasted and followed worldwide: June or July of year 2023.

Initiatives / projects launched by Srinivas S. Devathi to achieve the visionary ‘Goal year 2050’ for India will have its cascading effects to 100 or more countries. A schematic visual showing how the cascading effect will work is shown here:

Cascading effect of work done in India for ‘Goal year 2050’ across 100 or more countries.

45% wealth allocation for Earthling Foundations. Here is a visual showing the wealth allocations by Srinivas S. Devathi for Goal Year 2050 according to his Living will in force.

45% wealth allocation for Earthling Foundations.

Links to Two Youtube Videos wherein Srinivas Devathi introduces Goal Year 2050 for India and early plans for his Earthling Foundations.

Srinivas Devathi introduces LIVING WILL for 93 Trillion Earthlings wealth. The LIVING WILL has been executed, legalized and submitted to the court.
Srinivas Devathi speaks of Goal Year 2050 for India and Earthling Foundations.

In Summary, the progress & development work driven by Earthling Foundations will have a cascading effect across the World, in many other countries, if they follow the work. Hence the entire World (191 countries) will support Earthling Foundations work of Srinivas Devathi.

Inventor & India to get unanimous world support.

Role and profile of Srinivas Devathi for next 30 years.

Profile of Srinivas Devathi for next 30 years.
90% pledged for India.
Cascading effect to entire World.
Role of Srinivas Devathi for next 30 years.

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