Born – Bangalore, India

Schooling – Hyderabad and Bangalore in India

Engineering – RV College of Engineering, Bangalore

Height – 5’9’’

Weight – 53 Kgs as of 21/2/2020

Skin tone – Copper / Honey tan

Eye color – Brown

Chest – 38’’

Waist – 28’’

Penis – 6’’ in erection. This is my puberty natural erection length. This is a detail I am mentioning as usa Corporations attempted to ‘kick me under the belt’, to harass me and frame me negatively. With the current day penis length doubling or tripling drug, I would measure 12” or 18” in erection.

About Srinivas Devathi

I was an active and sharp kid right from a very young age. My father identified my liking to ride a bicycle when I was in 5th grade and set me a simple goal to score above 70% and if I did, he would buy me a cycle. For the love of having my own cycle and riding it, I read more and worked hard in that year and my father bought me a cycle. From then, there was no looking back in studies and it showed in excellent academic results. It continued through my school days, college days and I finished engineering with eight semesters distinction. I participated in science fair projects a few times, quiz few times and got a couple prizes as well. Participated in sports competitions. Underwent one-year ‘National Cadet Corps’ training. I was regular with playing sports with local friends (not professionally). I followed sports regularly. My analytical skills were very strong and off the charts (one way of saying it). I was creative and solving problems came naturally and effortlessly to me. I excelled at work. My inventions list is enviable to most people in the World. My authored content transforms the World as we know. I have ended the power, control and reign of USA and UK on world nations. They envy my work the most.

Medical and health related statements

Physical health

I had a full physical health evaluation and detailed check-up in year 2010. Everything checked out as normal, healthy, and fit. That was the last physical health check-up I have had. I have similar physical health reports from years of my stay in usa.

Mental health

Mental health doctors / psychiatrists would tell you, there is no ‘mentally fit’ certificate that is issued by them to anyone.

I spoke to a psychiatrist in year 2020, to request an evaluation and certify me fit. He explained that they do not issue any such certificate for anyone. After detailed discussion, the doc stated that I was sane, and mentally fit, and even the courts would consider the same. And he explained that for people who are attempting claims of ‘unsound mind’ in courts, the onus is on them to prove so to the Honorable court in the presence of the subject. This is also legally corroborated by courts in India and world.

Mention of inheritance laws pertaining to Intellectual property such as Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright.

According to Indian laws and most of the world country laws; Intellectual property in my name CANNOT BE inherited upwards in the family tree, nor can be inherited by my siblings or their families. The inheritance of intellectual property can only be downwards in the family tree, such as spouse and children. I want to state that I do not have any legal heirs, as my divorce with Smt. Vindhya Yalmuri concluded in July 2012 with us not having any children. In effect, my deceased father, mother, sisters cannot inherit my intellectual property. Because of the divorce the same applies to the divorced ex-wife. Given this, I established the ‘LIVING WILL’ that could be accessed at this website webpage 93 Trillion – LIVING WILL.

Legal statements from first circle of blood relatives.

Excerpts from a document executed by my first circle blood relatives, which includes my deceased father Mr. D. Satyanarayana, my mother D. S. Premaleela, my elder sister Mrs. D. Sridevi, and younger sister Mrs. Shirisha Mohan.  

I am the father/mother/elder sister/younger sister of Mr. Srinivas D. S. I have known Mr. Srinivas D. S. for 40/40/40/36 years. He has always been a very good and level-headed person. Being intelligent and innovative, he has in his personal capacity accomplished many goals and achievements throughout his life. I always felt that he is a positive thinking, optimistic, and very healthy and active individual.

As an individual Srinivas is very well qualified and his global work experience has helped him understand international business (economics, patenting process, etc.) very well, which is being channeled fruitfully into fresh business ventures (selling IP rights to invention patent US 8,910,998).

Few statements about my first circle of blood relatives.

My father and mother, are Indian citizens who very much belong to their generation. Born in villages in 1942, and 1952 respectively, and having only basic village primary school education, they do not understand world subjects, international lawsuits, or intellectual property. They are unaware of the meaning of patent, trademark, and copyright. Given this, many people have attempted to take advantage of their ignorance in these subjects and cheat them, in an attempt to steal some of my wealth. Suddenly if called on by american citizens with authority or power, they could easily succumb to pressure. One must question the very act of any american citizen to go around me and talk to them about my work?

My sisters are educated, degree holders, and do their day jobs. They are not familiar with inventions, international intellectual property protection, WIPO patenting procedures, Patent cooperation Treaty signed by 153 countries, or generally they are clueless about patents, trademarks, copyright, their valuations and financial planning that must come with it. Some americans might have attempted to use them or their families to steal some of my wealth, or work. One must question the very act of any american citizen to go around me and talk to them about my work?

Given the scale of my work, my biographers will detail my life. If and when I get time, possibly many years from now, I will author my auto-biography, given the curiosity of world population about me and my life.

Select photographs from childhood till now. Posted in chronological order by time.

As a kid.
Getting prize in school days.
Getting prize in school days. A book again.
On a trek in college days.
On a trek in college days. Relaxing at the top.
Early work days.
Early work days.
Work days.
Work days.
More recent – As Inventor & Author.
More recent – As Inventor & Author.
As global economist – Ready to execute 62 largest deals in the World.

Srinivas Devathi’s 10th, 12th and Engineering Marks cards along with his Degree certificate.

10th Marks Card
12th Marks Card
Mechanical Engineering First Semester Marks Card
Mechanical Engineering Second Semester Marks Card
Mechanical Engineering Third Semester Marks Card
Mechanical Engineering Fourth Semester Marks Card
Mechanical Engineering Fifth Semester Marks Card
Mechanical Engineering Sixth Semester Marks Card
Mechanical Engineering Seventh Semester Marks Card
Mechanical Engineering Eighth Semester Marks Card
Degree Certificate